‘Anti Illuminati’

Woody Harrelson


Bilderberg exposed as Paedophile Entrapment Agency – Tony Blair – David Cameron linked


C2CSI · Abel Danger 1-8-2014 · Death Threat


Comment:  “Peter Sellers was the illegitimate son of Paedophile  Louis Mountbatten who was assassinated in 1979,  related to heroin trafficking. Peter Sellers had an affair with Princess Margaret, and you can’t have an affair with a Royal, unless you’ve got strong Royal connections, or Royal Blood, or something close.  That’s how it was then.  It’s a bit less now with Commoner Kate and Prince William. The movie ‘Being There’ was a complete parody of Marcos Manoel (the true king of England) Peter Sellers was a Freemason so the rule amongst Freemasons is to hide things in plain sight, he watches a lot of TV in the movie, and all of the TV is pertinent.


Helen C;ark War Criminal

He’s even got a basketball team standing there with their numbers on their T-Shirts, numbers  are the birthday of Marcos Manoel  (Helen Clark NZ who’s got the most atrocious history, she’s known in New Zealand as “The Vampire”), and the age in which he went to the Isle of Wight to stay with his mother Queen Victoria, So what Peter Sellers left us with was a codification to reveal to us the true story as far as he knew it from Princess Beatrice’s letters – Queen Victoria’s letters, copied by Princess Beatrice, edited by Princess Beatrice, with the good stuff going to Lord Louis Mountbatten and to his son Peter Sellers. Those of us in the UK who are awake, know the so-called Royals are fake, same as Barry Soetoro. It’s always been this way. ONE BIG MAFIA. Controlled by The Jesuits and The black Pope.  ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME.  Mother of Harlots and Abomination of the Earth.”

An Interesting Maori Blog

“A blog filtered by Google, hacked by WordPress and censored by NZ gov.”


Archive for the ‘Helen Clark’ Category


https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/category/helen-clark/  Well real Badges of Honour fellas!

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