{{{unholy koranic sharia laws}}}

The really strange thing that is going on here is that Talmudic Pharisee laws are almost identical to the unholy koranic sharia laws.

We are all wondering what it is that is causing our western leaders and governments to encourage the still ongoing islamic migration jihad that has been forced upon us without our consent. Despite our objections and the abundant evidence that shows that immigration is detrimental to our well-being and not solving the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is muslims practising their religious obligation to wage violent and/or stealth and migration jihad. This is found in the teachings of Mahomet, the false prophet. There is a strong possibility that the Talmudic Pharisee jews were the ones coaching Mahomet.

The goal being the annihilation of the Christians.

But not all Jews followed Mahomet, and they are the reason why Mahomet turned on the Jews and committed such abominable atrocities against these Jews.

He hated the fact that many Christians and Jews were friends, and felt that they were plotting against him. Mahomet’s Allah, which literally is the title “the god”, is racist, calling Jews pigs and monkeys, cursed and murderers of prophets. He called Christians polytheists, worshipping idols, associating others with God. This sin is called shirk in Islam, and it is the unforgivable sin.

Never mind the fact that Mahomet, the false prophet of arabia, committed shirk himself re: satanic verses.

The Talmudic Pharisees collaborated with muslims to oust and destroy the widespread Christian world.

Today, they are still doing this same thing. Then when the Christians turn around and reject and eject them and their evil ideologies, we are accused of committing wrongs against the Jews, and the Muslims. Not at all. We are simply defending what is ours. The muslims and the jews who are like this, are simply parasites that are sucking the blood of the Children of God and seek to destroy us.

Spain is a wonderful example, how, after the long period of 800 years, the Christians fought a war and reclaimed their land. We could have done this a long time ago to the rest of the world that has been stolen from us by the marauding and invading and colonising arab muslim nomads, whom the Jews welcomed as liberators and opened the gates for them.

It appears that there are Jews that still hate Jesus Christ the same way that the Pharisees of old did, and they despise Christians.

Talmudic Jews and satanists plus muslims in our government would certainly explain a lot of things about why the courts and police and the politicians are committing crimes against us. They don’t give a damn about the thousands and thousands of children that are being traumatized and degraded and therefore weakened. The coming generation.

It would explain the establishment of the EU and the open borders policies, and the rights and welfare that is provided to the masses of foreigners that are entering our countries. People who are alien and hostile towards us. Whilst our own have to struggle, when we could be enjoying a good standard of life, with far less crime going on around us. The leaders are destroying our European way of life and attempting to degrade our countries and economy and law and order to the standard of third world countries such as in asia and africa, communist islamic hellholes.

We have to ask who these people are, we have to hold the judges and the prosecutors to their job to execute justice. We must get to know them by name and find out everything about them.

Jews consider Islam not pagan, even though Islam serves satan, but they do consider the Christians idolators and therefore pagans, because we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The Torah itself is a prophecy about Jesus Christ. The messiah has come but he was nothing like the Jews thought he should be. The Talmudic teachings were the main reasons for the rejection and ejection that the Jews experienced from Christians. The Jews behaved this way towards Christians. Christians in turn saw the Jews as the nation that God chose to bring the redemption story to mankind. But it was the Jews whom rejected the Christians because they could not reconcile themselves with Jesus Christ.

This doctrine that God is a unified one appears to go over the tops of the heads of the Jews and the Muslims. Yet, they know and do acknowledge that Christians worship One God. http://www.bible.ca/trinity/trinity-oneness-unity-yachid-vs-echad.htm

Now the muslims have this same thing in their koran and sira and hadiths, about Christians having gone astray, just like the Jews have, and that there is only one God, and nothing can be associated with this one solitary God, but God is not solitary. God is love, therefore he has others to love and to love him, just like we do, for we are created in his image.

Muslims are committing genocide upon the Christians right now, worldwide, especially in Africa and in the Middle East, but it is happening everywhere. Muslims have realised that Islam and its muslims are never going to rule while the christians are around, so they are now murdering them.

A relentless jihad on the christians still leaves the christians ahead. We all know who Jesus Christ is and we know that we should love our neighbour not murder them.

Muslims however think murdering Kaffirs and apostates, is their sacred duty. Christians are the main target of massacres, a perpetual war, a slow genocide, perpetrated by muslims. Africa is under islamic jihad. The muslims war waging a war on the people of Sudan and Kenya and Ethiopia and Libya etc etc even as we speak. Mass displacement of innocent people, traumatized by the savage cruelty of these islamic jihadists. Children indoctrinated through trauma.

The Jews will continue to bear the brunt, and be the front for the muslims, while the 40% muslims are protected at all costs in the west from being deported and kept under surveillance, having their freedom and rights curtailed. Citizenship revoked.

It is a joke how we can’t use our resources and stamp out these islamic criminal gangs and do it fast and get it over with, and ban Islam as a crime against humanity.

The UK could well be overtaken by anti-kaffir anti-goyim jews, muslims and freemasons. The USA administration definitely appears to have been hi-jacked by the religion of peace and the Jews, and the freemasons.

So where are the christians? This woman has to scream her head off to make up for the fact that there are so few others supporting her. We need to make more effort while we can still claim our rights in courts of law.

Proud of you guys, out there. Our children are under assault by the forces of evil. They are devouring our children. Let us stop them. Begin with prayer.

Common Law has been replaced with Talmudic Law – Patrick Cullinane

Whereas I think the unwritten english Common Law, in reality has been replaced by Roman Civil Law, which is expressed as Codes. You will find everything is some Code or Political law. Political law is the right to use physical violence and compel a man to do what some legislative body says is law. Its made by a political body (the Roman Senate) and instead of the unwritten law such as the 10 commandments or my own version of law – Mama’s law. Mama’s law is what every child learned from mama or at the school yard. Before a youngster learns to read any written law, he learns 1) you cant hit the other kids, 2) you cant take the other kids property, 3) you cant lie or commit fraud about your acts with the other kids, and 4) you cant break your word (breach a valid contract). If…if you do break those unwritten laws, – THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES. But apparently all those Agents for Governments, believe and practice that they have immunity from any consequences for breaking those laws.
We know different.