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Khurram Aziz2 days ago (edited)
TexasPsychoK The Truth is God, if we should still call him that (google ‘Epicurus Theodicy’), I prefer Demiurge, is on every side including theirs..and as in days of ancient heroes Zeus (EliYahweh) Sabaoth is playing 5D chess with the fates of us all, ‘playing both sides’ ,just like (s)HIS Chosenite 🔯Elite brats do, for the kick, waiting to see which side will be victorious.



Then let the Universe arrange the details for you..🙉

👼Work Smart instead of just hard!!
..and see the future the way you think we the GOOD© HUMAN© BEINGS could have it, with True Freedom, Justice for All in a Free World with Free Speech & Unlimited Prosperity for the Highest Good of All concerned❤

Chemtrails researcher and scientist Harald Kautz Vella said we can’t just defeat them but need to come with something better without selling out to them.🌞

I guarantee the Vision will be supported by the Universe (The Light Behind/ Beyond ‘God’ TLBG 👵✨) will be and keep you alive and supremely motivated lile it did Jesus, Gandhi ( Non-violent violence) & Chanukya 🌞
( BHAGAVAD GITA Think of Krishna & Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra where army lines are drawn.. or Olorin Gandalf (God on OUR Side!) in LOTR at the gates of Mordor ready to do battle .🌞

Make sure you don’t do a Boromir, Brendan, we❤ love you too much!!)

🎅His weak spot has always been this : He loves an underdog (Heracles, Dionysus,Jews, Jesus etc.)

Don’t just talk with God forget that meek and mild shit for awhile get loud and vehement if need be!!

The bratty Jews have their Kotel or Wailing Wall and Satanic sacrifices for just that reason…it’s always the nasty cunning brats with the loudest mouths in the family who up till now seem to get their way in life don’t you think ..while the meek mild well behaved good boys and girls get trodden upon like doormats..no more Mr/Ms.Nice Guy.Lay it on the line to God for his betrayal
This was High Angelic Advice👼
I received years back..
At least then you have a real relationship with the Demiurge Creator, instead of the fake ass Catholic & Calvinist Xtian doormat bullshit you were programmed with as a kid which they use to manipulate you from cradle to grave!

📌Demiurge Near Death Experience (Parts 1-4)

Greetz frOM FRODO👼 @I❤AMSterdam