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Hylke Westerhuis
iNaZIO has complete&succesful-ly subvert&corrall&embedd&subdu-ed MainStreamMedia i/t pursuit of dictatori&tyrannic-al & author&total-itarian & absolutis&autocra&despo-tic NWO.

iNaZIO is currently i/t process of likewise subvert&corrall&embedd&subdu-ing AltMedia.

Hence ‘AdSense’, aka ‘Adpocalypse’, is neither motivated nor guided by money&finance; that being just&only a means to ‘its’ End: dictatori&tyrannic-al & author&total-itarian & absolutis&autocra&despo-tic NWO.

No-thing&body can obstruct&stop&defeat iNaZIO (anymore) in gain&achiev&establish-ing dictatori&tyrannic-al & author&total-itarian & absolutis&autocra&despo-tic NWO.

Pax Romana ==>> Pax Britannica ==>> Pax Americana ==>> Pax iNaZIOnica

The ‘iNaZIOprotocols’ & ‘Georgia Guidestones’ send their regards; so do Edward Bernays & Gustave Le Bon; the ‘Fabian Society’; the ‘Frankfurt School’; Benjamin Freedman; Yuri Bezmenov; etc etc.

Make certain&sure to read&view&study up on them&it before they’re orwellionistically cleans&eras-ed from collective (iNet&yTube) memory in the ongoing widespread&pervasive&ubiquitous&omnipresent&all-encompassing kafkaesque&huxleyan censorship&clampdown&purge on free emotion&thought&opinion&speech&expression&communication.

Worst-case pessimistic&dystopian&apocalyptic&catastrophic d&gl-oom view&outlook&expectation&prediction&conclusion(s) will be outdone&surpassed.

iNaZIO is transforming the entire world into a nightmarish&dystopian ”Idiocracy”, making SF from&by G.B.Shaw, H.G.Wells, A.Huxley, G.Orwell, P.K.Dick, R.A.Heinlein, R.Bradbury, H.Harrison, et al, look&appear like utopia pur sang.

Hence, Islam’s incit&weaponiz&pitt-ed against world population&humanity & vice versa.

Cui bono?!? ==>> iNaZIO’s the on-e&ly & exclusive&sole perpetrator!!!

It’s a steadfast taboo in&for the overwhelming majority of&in (Western) society, however.

As for me until early March 2017, when insight&truth o/t matter&topic fin&brut-ally hit.

This is long-last&stand-ing WW0: iNaZIO against the world&globe population&humanity.

‘They’ win&thrive; ‘we’ lose&perish.

:_[[ hYlkeW (63y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit/Recluse in DE)

Hylke Westerhuis
Voltaire/Strom: ”Wenn Du wissen&bloßstellen willst, wer dich beherrscht, musst Du nur herausfinden, wen Du nicht hinterfragen&kritisieren darfst.”

”To determine&expose the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to question&criticize?”

My Addendum: ‘Wenn Du ihre ultimativen Absichten&Ziele & Anliegen&Queste wissen&bloßstellen willst, musst Du nur herausfinden, wie&was&wo&wann Du allenzuvorderst nicht hinterfragen&kritisieren darfst.’

‘To determine&expose their ultimate goals&objectives & cause&quest, all you must do is ask yourself this question: How&What&Where&When is it 1&4mo-st that I am not permitted to question&criticize?’

Analogous: ”To determine&expose those, who bear true cause&origin&manipulation&control of dystop&catastroph&cataclysm-ic demographic (r)evolutions ((geo)political, economical, environmental, climate, etc), all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that benefits a/o shuns&repudiates any&all accounta&responsi-bility & guilt&blame & consequence&solution-(s)?”

And: ‘To determine&expose those, who are the true driving force&power behind the global eradic&subjug-ation of free speech by&through&with hate speech legisl&criminaliz&penaliz-ation, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that has the most to gain in guarding&defending&obfuscating fundament&existenti-al relevant&pertinent secrets&lies&myths&taboos?’