Mason 'Help Me'

Flight MH17 reported as departing Amsterdam 12:15 local time on 17/07/14.  http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/names-of-passengers-and-crew-on-board-malaysia-airlines-flight-mh17/story-fnizu68q-1226993206649

“Malaysia Airlines filed flight plan requesting 35,000 feet through airspace but was told to fly at 33,000″

“MH17 Pilot radioed that he was uncomfortable about the route he was flying before diverting over rebel-held territory.”  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2696975/Putin-blames-Ukraine-loss-Flight-MH17-298-innocent-souls-DOESNT-deny-Russian-separatists-shot-missile-McCain-warns-Hell-pay.html  Malaysia Airlines has said “pilot was given no last-minute instructions” from them anyway.

The Metro July 18 2014 carried a picture of interest to GovWatch.

The title of the article is – ‘If the plane disappears this is what it looks like’

Explan text reads “After Flight MH370 holidaymaker cracks joke before boarding doomed plane”

A photo at the bottom of the article shows ‘a man in an RAF uniform standing amid the debris of the crashed aircraft near the village of Grabovo Eastern Ukraine’.  This person has both hands in the Masonic position for ‘help me’.

Passports found at the site DM

Another photo at the top of the article has the caption “British passports among those found at the site.”  They are asking us to believe that someone has been able to get into the still burning wreckage and recover – and sort – all those passports on the same day as the aircraft went down?  Furthermore, why are these passports not charred?  TPTB always follow the same formula.  Remember the miraculous appearance of passports at 9/11 site and after 7/7?  They were in remarkably good condition considering the circumstances.  It’s like a ptb signature don’t you think?

Of course Field McConnell at AbelDanger has been following the MH17 incident very closely. He reports that the website Flightradar24 which he uses to ascertain take-off and landing info of commercial craft of interest to him suffered data interference from ‘the other side’ on 18 July 2014.  Field’s comment about the MH17 full-scale facts Wiki entry being up so fast and then altered now further ‘explained’ by MSM. So Field the Ruskies altered it.   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/malaysia-airlines-mh17-crash-russian-government-agencies-accused-of-wikipedia-edit-blaming-ukraine-for-shooting-down-plane-9616536.html  Well perhaps Israel WROTE it and someone else altered it.  The propaganda war is really hotting up.

DMR Comment:  “Is anyone connecting dots on this one? What are the odds of 2 Malaysian airlines ‘coming down’ in the space of a few months? My money is on this being either the same plane that went missing earlier this year or the identical twin that has apparently been in Tel Aviv Airport since November 2013. One thing is for sure this is not what it seems and some people are so very very desperate for a war they are no longer operating covertly under the radar. Never ever trust the good old US of A – I am damn sure they knew about this one well in advance. – Manchester, United Kingdom, 18/07/2014 15:56 Hang on to your tinfoil hat!”

GovWatch:  There is no intention to trivialize air disasters and the terrible loss suffered by families as a result.  We are just saying that this particular incident followed suspiciously quickly after a previous air incident from the same airline which had a good safety record.  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/18/malaysia-airlines-survive-mh17-disaster-mh370-disappearance  Certainly tptb are showing air travellers what the risks could be after there was so much AM ‘Pooh Pooh’ about their MH370 fairy story..


ICAO Is Now ‘In the Frame’ Over MH17 Incident

“‘We need to know whether the International Civil Aviation Organisation was aware of a risk of flying in that airspace and, if it was, why it made the decision to allow flights. We also want to know whether Malaysia Airlines was specifically targeted.’”  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2698579/Two-cabin-crew-refused-fly-doomed-plane-war-zone-safety-fears-Senior-pilots-cabin-crew-flagged-concerns-flight-path-weeks-tragedy.html#ixzz37zlDt7sH   Well some senior pilots were telling them it was risky, why didn’t they rule on it?  What’s SERCO’s role in this?  Well Field?

#2039: Marine Links Serco SIMAS Timelines to MH 17 – Buk and Cargo of Corpses After Cat IIIc

PUBLISHED: 22:15 GMT, 18 July 2014 | UPDATED: 03:36 GMT, 19 July 2014
The rebel commander blamed for shooting down flight MH17 has made bizarre claims that bodies at the crash site ‘aren’t fresh’.”
‘a significant number of the bodies were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.’


Comment:  “the lunatics are on a rampage. it gets worse daily. I thought all the false flag shootings in the USA were bad. Oh, I forgot that little 9/11 incident, sorry. So when do the MASS public hangings of these satanic MASS murdering psychopaths commence? I want a front row seat, just like during the French Revolution. Viva La France!”

Reply Comment:  “I worry that you may have read too many main stream history books. Do you realize the connection between Weishaupt and the French Revolution, and then all the way down to Russian communism? Are you aware of the monstrous deeds of those ideologues toward innocent people? For goodness sake, those utopians even changed the calendar. To me it looks like the self-proclaimed “elite” monsters you wish to see face justice (as do I) can easily be traced to the figures behind the French Revolution. They couldn’t have cared less about the people, just like little Barry doesn’t. I dare say they mean to see the people dehumanized and enslaved. “

Oh I see.

Why were some bodies removed from the crime scene?  They didn’t fit into the script?

“Journalists reported seeing rebels putting bagged bodies onto trucks and driving them away on Saturday. On Sunday, AP journalists saw no bodies at the crash site.”

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10974050/Malaysia-Airlines-plane-crashes-on-Ukraine-Russia-border-live.html  Stage is set.  Finally ready for that world premiere performance fellas?  Bring in the cameras and rollem!

WideAwakeGentile says

“On 18th June Ukrainian activists uploaded a UTube video of a female Ukrainian Fighter explaining the situation in Eastern Ukraine.  She says a PASSENGER plane was flying (over her part of Eastern Ukraine) when a Ukrainian attack aircraft HID BEHIND IT. Then it lowered its altitude a bit and started bombing the residential areas of Semenovka town.  It regained altitude and HID behind the passenger plane ahain.  The fighter goes on to say “They WANTED the militia to shoot at the passenger plane.”






Malaysia Airlines MH17: Zio-Nazi CIA MI6 Mossad MIVD Terrorist Act in Ukraine


Comment:  – “ICTS-MH17-FAIL: http://www.rense.com/general89/icts.htm Erza Harzel – Netherlands – Israeli airport security ICTS Shin Bet FAIL “ICTS is also linked with Israeli espionage against the United States. An ICTS board member, retired Major General Amos Lapidot, served as commander of the Israeli Air Force and authorized Israeli Air Force Colonel Aviem Sella, operating under official cover at the Israeli Consulate General in New York”

3 June 2015

MH17 crash: Russian investigators reveal ‘key witness’


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