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1 May 2017
Ajda Slovenia
Atl: Ms May responded on Monday by dismissing the reports as “Brussels gossip” and repeating the line that the talks had been “constructive”.-

May is a LIAR.

The working dinner at Downing Street was on Wednesday, 26 April. The EU27 Brexit summit was on Saturday, 29 April in Brussels (where the EU27 Council’s Guidelines for the Brexit negotiations were unanimously adopted by the 27 PMs/presidents). The Frankfurter Allgemeine published its report about the Juncker-May meeting on Sunday.

Have a look at Juncker’s statement upon his arrival to the EU27 summit on Saturday morning:


At 40 sec, a journalist asks: “Do you share the concerns expressed by Angela Merkel that there are ILLUSIONS in London about how…?”

Juncker’s reply: “THAT’S MY IMPRESSION TOO.”

Moreover, during the last months the UK government made serial idiotic delusional statements about Brexit, completely out of touch with reality. The UK government does not understand even the very basics of the EU functioning. There were quite many comments of the EU27 leaders from different EU members about the cluelessness and delusions of the UK government. So the ‘disastrous’ dinner did not come out of the blue. In fact, it would be very surprising if the UK government actually knew what they were talking about.

The UK government has completely wasted ONE YEAR = 12 months of precious time since the Leave vote doing absolutely nothing. On the other hand, the EU27 have been intensely preparing for Brexit for months at all levels, including the national governments.

On 19 June when the new UK parliament convenes, it will be FOUR AND A HALF YEARS after Cameron announced he will propose the Brexit referendum, TWO YEARS after the UK parliament adopted the Brexit referendum act thus calling for the referendum and ONE YEAR after the Leave vote, the UK will be still firmly stuck on square one. No plan, no preparations for Brexit, nothing, just a clueless government and destructive internal division.

The Brexit UK is a joke.


“If it bleeds, I can Kill itI am not Immune to DeathThe Dead know only 1 thing, it is Better to be Alive.”-Deployment PrayerBe AwareBe PreparedBe willing to stay alive.I Love All who read this, for what may come will break all weak things.Good Luck-J1
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The ELITE’s ”isis” attacks anywhere The ELITE TELL it to. ”jews” and ”muSlimes” Are BROTHERS in Satanism!! ”jew-muSlimes” Have WORSHIPED The SAME ”Crescent and Remphan Star” for Thousands of Years, Since Nimrod and Babylon.
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And chiun and Saturn
Jonny Blaze
The elites needed a cover in order to crash the world economy while deflecting blame off central banks/governments. The voluntarily breakup of the EU voted on by none other than its citizens will certainly suffice. The elites are now announcing via the media the economic chaos that will ensue as countries vote to leave. The people will cheer under the illusion of victory as constructed financial chaos ensues. It is necessary to dismantle the European Union in order to usher in the World Order. The new union will be formed as a solution to world economic turmoil and it will be an international union encompassing all countries. Recall the “remain in the EU” side was well ahead in popularity days previous to the official vote yet still lost. The vote was close to appear fair. It is logical to assume September/October should be go time, when the UK is leaderless and the historical 50 year Debt Jubilee is at its peak.

Roger Stancill
Hey Mike, I think I have listened. Gregory is not a prepper, butdon’t get me wrong, I appreciate his insights. On the other hand, some of the first canned goods I bought and stored are about ready to expire. I withdrew from the banking system 2 years ago. I am not looking to pull a G. Soros move and profit from the calamity of others. I want to see a positive change.All this ‘market watch’ stuff is not going to help ‘average Joe’. He willbe blind-sided if anything dramatic happens. My point is that profiting by the collapse will not save you and that that focus is the amateurs way of being the same as the manipulators.One group has the control and the other is merely trying to collect thecrumbs of the aftermath. How does that change the paradigm?

The elites WILL impose dire consequences to the British people for this vote, it will be so bad that the collective populous will beg to rejoin the EU; they will make life so terrible for these brave people that folks will literally beg, whether through financial hardship or through other engineered means. Let us as a human family stick together, showing kindness and love to each other, ensuring that we all prosper, but the British people will feel the full brunt of the BREXIT decision to the full extent of possibility.

J Hudson
Megadittoes. They’re gonna steal our wealth when the dollar collapses; a predetermined economic outcome which is unaltered by Brexit. Brexit is such a victory because it hinders the EU and United Nations agenda of conquest in enslaving humanity into a one-word government. Thanks, Greg. Good insight!
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19 September 2016

The Three Crosses

mary MC
God’s perfect will be done, may God’s perfect Shalom Peace and special gifts anointing be given to each as God allows for such a time as this, Whatever comes may we all Stand steadfast in Faith & trust IN JESUS and strength to endure til the end, COME LORD JESUS COME !!! May the saving grace of JESUS CHRIST be with you all, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. AMENThe Lord bless you and keep you;25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,And be gracious to you;26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,And give you peace, Numbers 6, amen!!!

Hedge fund billionaire makes £200 MILLION by betting on Brexit – as pound plummets

image“Leave supporter Crispin Odey is one of several hedge fund bosses who cashed in after taking large “short” positions on company stock and the pound by betting on their value falling following a vote to leave the European Union (EU).

The 57 year old, who has an estimated $4billion in personal assets, said he invested heavily in gold and bet on the pound falling against the dollar in the aftermath.

Yesterday investors rushed to buy gold which pushed its price to a two year high because both the pound and the FTSE 100 fell sharply in the hours following the result.”


GW: These people are NOT heroes!