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DanJa Zone 31 October 2019

rish Kelly
Actually, Soros has always been a hard-working, front-man, for the European banking interests, just as his uncle was, in London, during WWII and after, when Soros, post-war, went to work for him, and directly for the London Rothschild banking system. Gee, what’s new? If people look at history in the United States, a relatively young country relative to many others in Europe, they’ll find that J.P. Morgan was another front man for the same European banking families, who invested in a young J.D. Rockefeller, Carnegie, U.S. Steel, etc., largely through Morgan. J.P. Morgan, at one time, was extolled, by newspapers, to be the richest man alive, because he controlled so many companies, through offering loans, financing, and buying the controlling number of shares. Yet, when he died, people were surprised that, though wealthy, he was just a well-greased, conduit and a well-rewarded, lackey for more powerful interests. Thus, really, a few European families, and a close network of insiders, are the High Cabal, who actually own the world, and really have owned what counts, for a few to many centuries – likely going back to, at least, the Middle Ages, with only some additions and subtractions, and evolutionary changes. Soros is one of their top, and well-rewarded, worker bees… Soros may control the shares of all those companies, but the ownership of them, is not his alone, not by a long shot! BTW: Virtually, every single, working, billionaire, or working multi-millionaire in the U.S. has been bankrolled, or became investments (when they needed money to start-up, survive, or expand their businesses) of this same European group – that is much richer, believe it or not, than any of the American, working, tycoon families, with wealth and riches way beyond the Forbes and Fortune 500 Richest lists…And, surprise, they’re never mentioned..because their global wealth and control are way beyond a mere dollar, pound, or Euro count…Plus, they do not want their names to become public fodder, or to garner negative attention, as Soros, their man, does, and who “takes the heat” for them, while fulfilling their purposes, as a willing, aging, action, man, working for the High Cabal. (edited)

Tara king
@Amelia B he is banned from 6 nations now it should be the planet. he is adrenochrome guy just look at this disgusting slug. i think he has a had a few heart transplants too. he need putting down.

Michelle Ferguson
Donna the royal family are not who they claim to be princess Diana said the royal family are not normal they are Lizards she gave them a nickname Lizards the real Queen is dead the real prince Harry was murdered by the British Monarchy MI5 at age 31 . (edited)

Patricia Bilinkas
Donna Soros is a Jew who denied his own people, turning thousands over to the Nazis during WWII, to save his own neck. Now he pays scumbags to cause rioting in the US. He’s behind any unrest in other countries, too. The Clintons and Obama’s are on his payroll, and the Russians would love to get their hands on him big time.

Paula Dineen
Anne Maria Ossarek Reijnders I’ve read that he has trained his son. It is said that his son is worse than his Dad. Scary bc George Soros is the devil. Idk how much more evil his son will be.

Paula Dineen
Anne Maria Ossarek Reijnders I’ve read that he has trained his son. It is said that his son is worse than his Dad. Scary bc George Soros is the devil. Idk how much more evil his son will be.

Anj Smith
@english the real Harry is dead, was found dead couple of years ago he was swapped. The man who claimed to be the real Harry, swore he was. Now he’s. Dead.

Tara king
@Anne Maria Ossarek Reijnders orban banned him from hungary

Yoga and Meditation Torrevieja
Michelle Ferguson what’s your source on the PH info? I agree, the PH we have now is not the same one we saw through his 20’s. Everything changed around the time he started hanging with Mr & Mrs O, the Invictus games etc.

Jill Sau-91
@english lol. Unreal with that vile thing mm. I dont think Epstein’s dead. The pics dont match. The ears are different, the nostrils are at different levels, and the scar above the eyebrow is different. Even the nose bridge is different.

Elise Jones
I was thinking more like a new vacation spot called hell 4 ever for him. Meg Mcragamuffin will be on her way to an island of hell. As far as sleep walking harry will always be a royal. Not with title but royal by blood. When Meghan goes down I’m thinking The royal family will not allow harry to go under with this trash. George sorros is dangerous. Wonder how Meghan knows him?? Does he own Soho house too??everyone connected with Epstein Will go .How come No one has ever dug into how is MM affiliated with epstein?? prince Andrew? Obama’s the looneys, oh Caddy escort etc Is that being kept quiet for the grand finale.?? At her age she has alot if dirty laundy. (edited)

Roslyn Porter
@english Epstein hasn’t been killed I’m afraid to say. He’s too much of an asset. I’m also wondering if Soros is the Pindar (edited)

keely clevenger
I find it quite interesting all of her far-left backers or I mean friends and now she has the UK’s equivalent of our far left sending her letters.

Kathy Michael
No coincidence. They all have the same agenda.

Labour will take a massive hit at the GE. I think we will have a massively pro leave Parliament and Labour will be wiped out by Farage

Jill Sau-91
Trudeau(pmcanada) is not one of good leaders. It was from him I learnt of the insurance companies dividing us by groups, next by our dna. Geeze.

Good Sign
Jill Sau-91 don’t ever send in to one of those dna companies, or ANY company that wants to “analyze” your blood, skin, hair,

Julie Braunschweig
Soros cares nothing for his soul. On his 9th heart transplant. Only thing he fears is death…his own. Game over.

Kay Izzio
They’re not just letting MM run unchecked….they have to play hardball. Chess. Whatever you want to call it. They have to play the long game. They have to play this strategically. As surprising as it may sound, the Royal Institution is in a very fragile state right now. (edited)

Irish Kelly
@M M At the moment, the video will not play for me, surprisingly…However, your comment is the the nearest to the truth…And all these American personages of the global factions, i.e., the Soros faction of Clintons, Obamas, and so many others; plus, the other billionaires factions, i.e., Gates/Buffett, Mellon/Dupont families, Rockefellers, etc., and including the lesser insider rich, including, the late George Bush Sr., and now Bush, Jr., Donald Trump, and so many others, in the U.S., but also every billionaire/trillionaire around the world, including royals, bankers, aristocrats, industrialists, tech elites, are all on the same team, though, they might compete with one another to “get the job done,” with outwardly different ideologies and A plans, but they are all working together for the same purpose, and they know it. Some of these people are actually very good people who were born into families that are entrenched into these beliefs and actions to conquer the world, together, generationally. Yet, they no longer disavow, believably, their mutual purpose all appear to ascribe to, knowingly (upper levels) or not (lower levels, likely), i.e., that they are a part of a primary plan (of many supportive plans and actions) to help to destroy nation-states (separate countries), and their economies, for the new world system coming…very soon. Thus, the Nazi-techno-Fascist total control over the world, will be unlike any system ever experienced; and the actual technological and scientific control system will be beyond what Orwell, Huxley, or other 20th Century futuristic writers and insiders ever anticipated. Even the fiction and non-fiction of H.G. Wells, who wrote so presciently about the advances in science and technology, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, did not envision what is increasingly being created and installed all around us in our world today. People are asleep, and wishful thinking, if they cannot see what even Frank Baum, who wrote the Wizard of Oz, could describe so well in the last century…just look “behind the curtain.” Though any names that we know, attached to faces, are all just the puppet players in the theater, themselves, playing to survive and thrive now, and, hopefully, they think, live lives of luxury in the new system. Even then, most of them do realize that they, themselves, are also expendable, at the right time, as they’re consciously dealing with psychopaths, and well they know it – especially if they’re allowed, or needed, to reach celebrity, billionaire lifestyles or status (whether they actually have that much money, or not, in their own names). Therefore, all these frontline puppets, of every party, stripe, nation, race, and religion, work for one centralized “high cabal,” as the late Winston Churchill described the hidden cadre of people who, actually did, and do, run the world. What’s changed now is the ability to conquer the entire world by one such group, using the most amazing scientific and technological developments of man over centuries, that will, ultimately, destroy every identifiable culture, civilization, country, and, perhaps, ultimately, mankind, entirely – intentionally or not, with the goal to remake the planet, and beyond, into their own utopian vision and plans. P.S. The masses are intentionally confused and divided by opposing ideas, ideologies, factions, etc., as well as externally motivated to live in states of scarcity, brutality, wars, ignorance, reactiveness, and greed, often required to compete, and to climb on one another, for food, shelter, air, and water…just to survive. However, the groups, and select people, described above were either born into sitting near the top of the present system (by generational wealth), or have climbed to an outer circle by circumstance, ambition, greed, and their own psychopathic choices. In any case, the flammable matches that Prince Harry and his wife, and many others, are trying to light, do not bode well for Great Britain, the Commonwealth countries, the U.S., or the Western World, in general. [Of course, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, are also under the control of the same cadre of people, or “High Cabal.” What’s knew?!!] (edited)

Diane Cooper
@D B the Queen submitted to him on his last few trips. she was held hostage as well by the Rothschild bank which Soros took over..

346 NYC
@D B All of these leaders are part of the elite, including Trump BUT there are different warring factions of the globalists. Some have a nationalist bent and others want to destroy nations. Trump is a Nationalist. He doesn’t want to destroy the country. Whereas those on the other side like Hillary Clinton and Labour in the UK want to destroy countries and borders to bring about a centrally controlled One World Government.

They are going to try to do what she has said. Move to America and become the unofficial King and Queen, of the USA. They will not be tolerated here!!

Sasha Brazon
kristycuspilich as a fellow American I agree! ZERO tolerance.

Yup. Why do you think theres been so many “fires” in and around Los Angeles? Why do you think Kamala Harris has let California fall to complete destruction? The Kamala whose father owns all the prison systems in Jamaica. Another Common Wealth Country under the Crown. Her dad is a close friend of Soros. And probably a practicing witch herself. I dont say that in jest. Just look at Hollywood and the music industry. Filled with occultic practices. Lest we not forget that Katy Perry subjected those Nuns who lived in that huge Convent to a legal battle for ownership. With help from the Vatican. The one Nun had a heart attack during testimony. Katy Perry and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom were flown to Vatican with the Obamas, Soros, and the rest of the Craft. To go over UN (which is literally a Cult-You can find this anywhere on YouTube) take over. Jeff Bezos was recently made the Black Pope. Which means, the holder of all the Vatican’s treasury. WHICH, are many banks through out US. LIKE, BANK OF AMERICA. Jay Z and Beyonce did there public declarations to Megan Markle with a painted picture OF Megan in her Royal Ornament, caliing her, YOUR MAJESTY. The ignorance of the desire for power for Wealth and World Domination has always been placed upon the poorest. Thats why Hilary Clinton ALWAYS used the black population in all her campaigns. And Women. This is a Battle of Thrones. Queen Elizabeth probably didnt or hasnt realised that Hilary Clinton has a bigger stake in this than known. The plan is to take over whatever is under The Crown, and SPLIT it between them. Like Hilary would ever be faithful to her word. Just looking into Hilarys history, she has used CHINA to protect her acts. That WANG kid running for President is related to the WANG in the US Department of Commerce. A Chinese Marxist. Gloria Vabderbilt exposed the Mothers of Darkness and their practices before she died. She was a member. So is Elizabeth. Queen Maxima of the Orange Dutch Monarchy, The Bush Daughters, and so many more. They all FAWKED up. Big time! Their belief in ruling in the world under the UN, will be subverted by Hilarys declarations using Soros. Tonight is the HIGHEST witches night of the year. Or, Satanists. Theyre probably doing the biggest ritual to force this venture into act. I bet Elizabeth never expected to see someone try to outwit her. Even Sarah Ferguson is involved. Hence, Epstein and Andrew. Hence, why theirs so much focus on Andrew. Epsteins not dead. He’s in Isreal. Waiting for this BOOK OF REVELATIONS to commence. What can we do? Stand the FAWK UP PEOPLE! IF YOU DIDNT BELIEVR IN GOD, YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT IT NOW. ITS NOT A JOKE. I KNOW ONE OF THESE BLOODLINE WITCHES WORKING FOR HILARY. AND THEY DONT GIVE A SHIY ABOUT THIS COUNTRY OR OUR CHILDREN.

Mystery Grey
Now MM’s coat of arms makes sense, the bird with the crown around it’s neck.

is she going to choke

Megan Poff
The caged bird always sings…

holly wiley
Did you know that there is a handful of men that are on every major board of every company in the world? The world is literally ran by a handful of people

What’s the coded message?

Debbie Willoughby
G R Stem express??

Elm TreeABC
I think it was an email address to a blood processing company. She said we are being group by dna.

Debbie Willoughby
That David Deleidon has exposed them selling body parts at Planned Parenthood and David is being taken to court for his undercover recording, not PP!!!

Michelle Ferguson
Debi Rhodes she is an undercover spy for the U.S. government . Prince Charles forced Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle as part of a plot to take over America

Debi Rhodes
@Michelle Ferguson do you think charles brother had a hand in it too. Can’t believe they pulled a good one over the queen. Wwhwt else to you know?

Julie Emery
Excellent video. Can’t wait for her to go. Soros is pure evil, i think he’s banned from about 14 countries, where ever he goes he leaves a path of economic destruction. That MP should know you never spell Queen with a lower case q, very disrespecful. All those 72 Sisters ✊ who turned traitor to the country, Monarchy and people that pay there wages, for some disrespectful cheap z list American Actress, should be sacked immediately. Thank you DanjA.

Margaret Waite
I’ve been pushing for Brexit for it seems like forever. If they don’t leave the EU it will be like Killary winning in 2020.

Martha Andrews
I think the plan was to abolish the monarchy. I was thinking maybe they are done using he BRF and its one way to get their wealth. Evil people in this world. BRF has more than its share of skeletons but nobody deserves to get taken down from within and by someone planted in your family.

Brianna Janelle Carlson
Ah, so she’s a SOROs asset. I’m not a big q trump person but and we know serialbrain2 did a decode on mm a few months ago that was excellent Edit: forgot the word ‘ago’ (edited)

Soros has wrecked Ukraine for years. He controls the country. I didn’t know he owned so much of the American pie. Can you imagine the scramble if a lot of those companies went down? Comcast, electric companies, on and on. (edited)

Delores Busher-Miller
Ukraine was screwed over by Soros he has so many organizations in disguise you wouldn’t know he was involved.

Patriot Angel
I am and have been very aware who George Soros is. I have always felt Meghan was put in the Royal 👑 Family to bring them down. If a financial reset happens all of the Cabal will lose financially. (edited)

Flying High
Take note of all these 72 MPs who bowed down to MeGain….THEY ARE ALL SOROS’ PUPPETS positioned there to destroy the UK!!!

John Petley Proves Treason May was in league with EU to Deceive the UK Electorate

UKC: John Petley Brexit Treason Busted

When Brussels decided to end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Edward L. Bernays

David Cameron wanted the Great Britain to remain in the European Union, however, his frail campaign failed because he never informed the British voters of the biggest advantage of staying, which is EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

To convince the British people to vote remain, Mr Cameron had to remind them that by staying in the EU, his government would have had to implement EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive by the year 2019, by enacting new laws and collecting taxes from everyone, including our tax-dodging billionaires.

However, throughout his political career, Mr Cameron wasn’t keen on ending extreme austerity measures by collecting taxes from the wealthy elite registered in tax havens.

Every time the EU undertook momentous actions to end tax-avoidance amongst its member states, Mr Cameron responded by issuing his momentous announcements regarding the British EU referendum.

In January of 2013, Brussels produced a concrete action plan for a new EU directive that would end tax-avoiding practices amongst its member states, and within a month, Mr Cameron confirmed that he favours an EU-referendum, stating:

“And I want us to be pushing to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU Directives.”


Within that year, Mr Cameron undertook his first push to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU Directives, by requesting from the President of the European Council to exclude offshore trusts from the EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

“David Cameron intervened personally to prevent offshore trusts from being dragged into an EU-wide crackdown on tax avoidance, it has emerged. In a 2013 letter to the then president of the European council, Herman Van Rompuy, the prime minister said that trusts should not automatically be subject to the same transparency requirements as companies.”


Mr Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum soon after the exact details of the EU’s Anti–Tax Avoidance Directive were revealed.

The European Commission presented its proposal for the Anti–Tax Avoidance Directive on January 28th of 2016, and within a month, Mr Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum.

Shortly afterwards, Theresa Villiers, Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and John Whittingdale appeared at the Vote Leave headquarters, holding a banner with a slogan “Let’s take back control”. Speaking on behalf of six Tory Brexiteers, Grayling explained that they want to restore the sovereignty of the British nation.

Backed by The Sun, Daily Mail, Sunday Times, Daily Express and Telegraph, which are owned by tax-avoiding media tycoons, Tory Brexiteers managed to protect the sovereignty of our wealthy tax-dodgers from the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron defended the offshore low tax rates, claiming:

“We’re happy to support blacklists but we don’t think we should draw up a blacklist solely on the basis of a territory raising a low tax rate – we don’t think that’s the right approach.”


In fact, ever since he announced his U-turn on the EU-referendum in 2013, Mr Cameron spent his time exclusively in the company of executive officials of the British pro-Brexit press, which are owned by wealthy tax-avoiding billionaires who felt threatened by the new EU Directive intended to bring an end to their tax avoiding practices.

According to Press Gazette throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015, Mr Cameron and George Osborne intensified their discussions with the pro-Brexit press.

“Of the 23 meetings between October 2014 and September 2015, eight were with News Corporation executives, five with the BBC or BBC Trust and four with Telegraph Media Group.”

Cameron and Osborne meetings with media bosses have returned to pre-Leveson level

As someone who campaigned to remain in the EU, one might have expected that Mr Cameron would coordinate his campaign and meet with the pro-EU press, such as the Independent, Guardian, Financial Times, etc. Instead, Mr Cameron spent most of his time in the company of the executive officials of the pro-Brexit press, as follows:

News Coorp., which controls The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun

  1. February 2015, Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, News Corporation chief executive, general discussion
  2. July 2015 – Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, general discussion

Telegraph Media Group, which controls The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph

  1. February 2013 – Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan, Guy Black (with John Witherow and Lionel Barber), to discuss Leveson Report
  2. April 2013 – Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion
  3. September 2013 – Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan (with Tony Gallagher and Ian MacGregor), general discussion
  4. November 2013 – Mr Cameron met with Sir David Barclay, Telegraph owner, dinner
  5. May 2014 – Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion
  6. October 2014 – Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay (with Fizzy Barclay), dinner
  7. January 2015 – Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion

Express newspapers, which controls the Daily Star and Daily Express

    1. October 2013 – Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion
    2. January 2015 – Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion

Daily Mail

  1. October 2014 – Mr Cameron met with Lord Rothermere (with Paul Dacre), chairman and owner of Daily Mail and General Trust, dinner

David Cameron is a classic Jekyll & Hyde example, publicly campaigning to remain in the EU and secretly spending most of his time with people who campaigned to leave the EU.

On March 25th of 2015, Members of European Parliament representing Mr Cameron’s party, UKIP and DUP voted against EU’s plans to crack down on corporate tax-dodging, by making companies report where they make their profits and pay taxes.

“From Britain, Conservative, UKIP, and DUP MEPs voted against the report, though many did not show up or not vote.”


Even Mr Farage’s UKIP, the party who rambled on as being the only UK party to speak out for Britain’s little people, in the European Parliament, instead of the people they pledged to represent, they voted to protect the vested interests of the wealthy elite, who refuse to pay their tax contributions.

Apparently, Mr Farage also tried to avoid paying his taxes through an offshore trust fund.

“The 49-year-old paid a tax adviser to create the Farage Family Educational Trust 1654 in the tax haven – which he intended to channel funds through.”


Reflecting on Supreme Court’s decision that the British Parliament must decide whether or not to trigger Article 50, Mr Farage revealed the crucial aspect of his Brexit campaign, stating:

“Well, we would be half-Brexiting is my guess – is that legally we may get out of some aspects of EU membership, but if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else and indeed a court in Luxembourg that can overrule our own Supreme Court and if that happens it will a supreme act of betrayal.”


The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is responsible for ensuring that EU directives are interpreted and applied in the same way in every member state, including EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

The following link has been added on June 21, 2018, to clarify that compared to British tax havens, the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive will not have much impact on Luxembourg’s and Malta’s tax havens.

Here in an extract of the link provided:

“Of course, Brexiteers continue to argue that the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, attempted to block EU’s clampdown on tax avoidance… However, once he became the President of the European Commission in 2013, Juncker’s institution has been actively engaged in drafting new legal framework to tackle the increasing and aggressive tax avoidance… Besides, compared to the British tax havens that are mostly used by the British greedy wealthy elite, Luxembourg serves as a tax haven mostly for non-EU citizens and businesses. Therefore, the EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive will not have much impact in Luxembourg or Malta, because it targets only individuals or businesses that generate profits from one of their member states.”

For more information please see link:

L Horton
MAY 25, 2017
Well documented analysis of the ongoings of big corporate and private individuals ‘s taxe évasion on a level never disclosed so clearly and the part played by the Tories big guns to protect theirs interests !! And it seems very obvious now to see why a controlling EU wanting to put theirs noses in this well oiled system doesn’t suit the big guns (the Murdoch) of this world and theirs cronies ! Therefore the “let’s take back control” Takes an other meaning ? And certainly nothing to do with the ‘interests of all the people’ but only of the few who benefits from all the existing loopholes ! Brexit is therefore a big opportunity for them and the hell with the rest of us!!

But their is no one blinder than those would do not want to see!!

Published on 20 Jul 2018
Rich D Hall: Free Tommy – Machinations Behind the Scenes between Alglophiles & Europhiles

1 May 2017
Ajda Slovenia
Atl: Ms May responded on Monday by dismissing the reports as “Brussels gossip” and repeating the line that the talks had been “constructive”.-

May is a LIAR.

The working dinner at Downing Street was on Wednesday, 26 April. The EU27 Brexit summit was on Saturday, 29 April in Brussels (where the EU27 Council’s Guidelines for the Brexit negotiations were unanimously adopted by the 27 PMs/presidents). The Frankfurter Allgemeine published its report about the Juncker-May meeting on Sunday.

Have a look at Juncker’s statement upon his arrival to the EU27 summit on Saturday morning:


At 40 sec, a journalist asks: “Do you share the concerns expressed by Angela Merkel that there are ILLUSIONS in London about how…?”

Juncker’s reply: “THAT’S MY IMPRESSION TOO.”

Moreover, during the last months the UK government made serial idiotic delusional statements about Brexit, completely out of touch with reality. The UK government does not understand even the very basics of the EU functioning. There were quite many comments of the EU27 leaders from different EU members about the cluelessness and delusions of the UK government. So the ‘disastrous’ dinner did not come out of the blue. In fact, it would be very surprising if the UK government actually knew what they were talking about.

The UK government has completely wasted ONE YEAR = 12 months of precious time since the Leave vote doing absolutely nothing. On the other hand, the EU27 have been intensely preparing for Brexit for months at all levels, including the national governments.

On 19 June when the new UK parliament convenes, it will be FOUR AND A HALF YEARS after Cameron announced he will propose the Brexit referendum, TWO YEARS after the UK parliament adopted the Brexit referendum act thus calling for the referendum and ONE YEAR after the Leave vote, the UK will be still firmly stuck on square one. No plan, no preparations for Brexit, nothing, just a clueless government and destructive internal division.

The Brexit UK is a joke.


“If it bleeds, I can Kill itI am not Immune to DeathThe Dead know only 1 thing, it is Better to be Alive.”-Deployment PrayerBe AwareBe PreparedBe willing to stay alive.I Love All who read this, for what may come will break all weak things.Good Luck-J1
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The ELITE’s ”isis” attacks anywhere The ELITE TELL it to. ”jews” and ”muSlimes” Are BROTHERS in Satanism!! ”jew-muSlimes” Have WORSHIPED The SAME ”Crescent and Remphan Star” for Thousands of Years, Since Nimrod and Babylon.
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And chiun and Saturn
Jonny Blaze
The elites needed a cover in order to crash the world economy while deflecting blame off central banks/governments. The voluntarily breakup of the EU voted on by none other than its citizens will certainly suffice. The elites are now announcing via the media the economic chaos that will ensue as countries vote to leave. The people will cheer under the illusion of victory as constructed financial chaos ensues. It is necessary to dismantle the European Union in order to usher in the World Order. The new union will be formed as a solution to world economic turmoil and it will be an international union encompassing all countries. Recall the “remain in the EU” side was well ahead in popularity days previous to the official vote yet still lost. The vote was close to appear fair. It is logical to assume September/October should be go time, when the UK is leaderless and the historical 50 year Debt Jubilee is at its peak.

Roger Stancill
Hey Mike, I think I have listened. Gregory is not a prepper, butdon’t get me wrong, I appreciate his insights. On the other hand, some of the first canned goods I bought and stored are about ready to expire. I withdrew from the banking system 2 years ago. I am not looking to pull a G. Soros move and profit from the calamity of others. I want to see a positive change.All this ‘market watch’ stuff is not going to help ‘average Joe’. He willbe blind-sided if anything dramatic happens. My point is that profiting by the collapse will not save you and that that focus is the amateurs way of being the same as the manipulators.One group has the control and the other is merely trying to collect thecrumbs of the aftermath. How does that change the paradigm?

The elites WILL impose dire consequences to the British people for this vote, it will be so bad that the collective populous will beg to rejoin the EU; they will make life so terrible for these brave people that folks will literally beg, whether through financial hardship or through other engineered means. Let us as a human family stick together, showing kindness and love to each other, ensuring that we all prosper, but the British people will feel the full brunt of the BREXIT decision to the full extent of possibility.

J Hudson
Megadittoes. They’re gonna steal our wealth when the dollar collapses; a predetermined economic outcome which is unaltered by Brexit. Brexit is such a victory because it hinders the EU and United Nations agenda of conquest in enslaving humanity into a one-word government. Thanks, Greg. Good insight!
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19 September 2016

The Three Crosses

mary MC
God’s perfect will be done, may God’s perfect Shalom Peace and special gifts anointing be given to each as God allows for such a time as this, Whatever comes may we all Stand steadfast in Faith & trust IN JESUS and strength to endure til the end, COME LORD JESUS COME !!! May the saving grace of JESUS CHRIST be with you all, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. AMENThe Lord bless you and keep you;25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,And be gracious to you;26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,And give you peace, Numbers 6, amen!!!

Hedge fund billionaire makes £200 MILLION by betting on Brexit – as pound plummets

image“Leave supporter Crispin Odey is one of several hedge fund bosses who cashed in after taking large “short” positions on company stock and the pound by betting on their value falling following a vote to leave the European Union (EU).

The 57 year old, who has an estimated $4billion in personal assets, said he invested heavily in gold and bet on the pound falling against the dollar in the aftermath.

Yesterday investors rushed to buy gold which pushed its price to a two year high because both the pound and the FTSE 100 fell sharply in the hours following the result.”


GW: These people are NOT heroes!