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Grayson Perry, The Artist, Makes Good Sense

Grayson Perry in a debate about religion at The Tabernacle 24 January 2012. Grayson ‘On Being George Osborne’ The T’omb of the Unknown Craftsman Exhibition’ in British Museum.! A gushing Guardian journalist interviews Grayson and finds ‘Perry … Continue reading

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Corby By Election

Louise has packed her bags and left David Cameron with a ‘Morning After’ headache. A reader has suggested that CLEAR is anti-semitic.  Well, it appears to be an organisation associated with legalising cannabis.  May I suggest that … Continue reading

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Morally Wrong to Pay Tradesmen Cash

Morally wrong to only pay 10 per cent tax when less fortunate are paying twice that.  Morally wrong to offshore all wealth created in UK to tax havens.  Morally wrong to be a non-dom but still dictate how UK is … Continue reading

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The Firebox

Apparently a new cafe/venue for the left.  I agree with Roger.  Who’s paying for it? There’s a demo planned for ParaOlympic closing ceremony from here.  Date for this is 9 September 2012.   Funny name to choose.  House of Reeves … Continue reading

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What is the Connection Between Academies, the NHS and Apprenticeships?

Making money out of training and education and doing land deals as well? Link Missing?  Try this.  You can run but you can’t hide baby! 3AAA do not help students.  I have personal experience of their incompetence. reading

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No Surprise Mr Gove Has Done It Again!

Someone got a good ‘goving over’ in Bradford didn’t they?  Mr Gove has adopted that Tory attitude so effectively that taking someone behind the bike sheds and giving them ‘what for’ is now second nature to him – so much … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back to Mr Buckles at G4S

Nick Buckles buckles up for a bumpy Autumn ride with G4S Shareholders. ‘Wake up Nick.’  ‘Are you awake now Nick?’  Don’t get into a Flap Nick. (Big Red Car at end of Vid)

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Twitter Fighting – Feathers Everywhere – Lawks-a-Mercy Has Louise let the Conservatives down resigning mid-term?  Well, it does appear as if she is looking out for No 1.  Has she undermined working women by admitting she can’t hack managing a family AND working?  Probably yes.

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When Political Structural Models Collide

‘Zionism is another word for tyranny. No-one is allowed to question it or expose it without consequences – including Jews.’  This statement got me thinking.  I have always admired Noam Chomsky for his gravitas and I have read a few … Continue reading

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Tony Robinson calls out British Banking System

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