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”Dancing Queen” Terry May @ Tori Conference 2018

Alicia Collinson vouched for T May at Oxford

11 July 2016
Making of Theresa: Glimpse inside her family album offers rare insight into her private life

Who is Damian Green, who’s his wife Alicia Collinson and was there porn on his work

11 December 2017

”May finds herself at a centre of a new conspiracy theory that claims she does not exist, but is in fact a made up persona, played by at least four different people, one of which is Margaret Thatcher’s son, Mark Thatcher.”

Same nose.
New World Order Jewess Theresa May is Rothschilds Puppet Low, 360p

Published on 22 Aug 2016
John Paterson

Michael O Neill
Russia has always been the foe, up until social media was invented, and now everyone can read up and inform themselves that it has been Britain and America all along who have been the enemy of the people,

Rothschild’s Puppet Theresa May Threatens Nuclear Holocaust

John Paterson
Published on 15 Mar 2018

May Yes I would push the nuclear button News Time

Published on 19 Jul 2016

27 January 2017: Did Theresa May just attack the New World Order in the Middle East?