Vaccine Troll Lies Alfie Evans Is Being Murdered To Deny Vaccine Payout

Alfie Evans Timeline

  • May 2016: Alfie Evans is born apparently perfectly healthy, but misses numerous developmental milestones in his first seven months
  • December 2016: Alfie catches a chest infection causing seizures, and is taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool where he is put on life support. He has been there ever since
  • February 1 2018: The case goes to the High Court, where the hospital reveal the parents smuggled a German doctor into hospital in a bid to stop the life support from being switched off
  • February 20: Mr Justice Hayden rules that doctors can stop providing treatment to Alfie.
  • March 6: Three Court of Appeal judges back High Court judge’s ruling that that doctors can stop treating Alfie.
  • March 20: A panel of three justices, headed by Supreme Court president Lady Hale, decide that the case is not worth arguing and has refuse to give the couple ‘permission’ to mount a further appeal.
  • April 11: High Court judge endorses an end-of-life care plan for the 23-month-old boy.
  • April 16: Parents mount new legal challenge, asking that he be allowed to travel, but again lose at the Court of Appeal. Alfie’s parents apologise after reports of intimidation and verbal abuse among hospital protesters.
  • April 20: Supreme Court rejects latest legal bid for the youngster to travel.
  • April 23: European Court of Human Rights refuses to intervene. The Italian Foreign Ministry grants Alfie citizenship amid protests outside the Liverpool hospital.
  • April 24: Special session of High Court in Manchester rejects application to overturn decision
  • April 25: Appeal judges asked to overturn April 24 decision. The parents’ appeal is denied
  • April 26: Alfie’s parents confirm their legal battle is over and they want to take him home

28 August 2010

Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son: £90,000 payout is first since concerns over vaccine surfaced

29 April 2016
CDC whistleblower Dr Thompson: “We were ordered to cover up vaccine-autism link” (VIDEO)

Dr Rima Laibow Exposes Genocidal Plot

“irregularities indicating that fraud, abuse and corruption and mismanagement involving the World Health Organization (WHO) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) occurred in WHO’s declaration of Ebola as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 8th August, 2014”

The Making Of Bought The Movie (Part 1)

8 Apr 2015

Rima E. Laibow: “Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don’t Poison Your Child!”

JENNER, EDWARD (1749-1823), the discoverer of vaccination.


British Court Throws Out Conviction of Autism/Vaccine MD: Andrew Wakefield’s Co-Author Completely Exonerated

“In a stunning reversal, world renowned pediatric gastroenterologist Prof. John Walker-Smith won his appeal against the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council regulatory board that had ruled against both him and Andrew Wakefield for their roles in the 1998 Lancet MMR paper, which raised questions about a link to autism. The complete victory means that Walker-Smith has been returned to the status of a fully licensed physician in the UK, although he had already retired in 2001 — six years before the GMC trial even began.”
30 April 2015

PM Abbott Backflipped When Murdoch Media Keeps Pushing “Jab”


Lethal Secrets – Tamiflu – Some Roche Trial Data Missing

British doctor Ben Goldacre on his campaign to stop drug companies burying the results of their clinical trials.”

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