[Macedonia Shut Gate

Macedonia shuts border COMPLETELY to illegal migrants as other nations tighten gates
DER Comment: With all due respect, I think you are wrong in saying “Incapable of making common-sense decisions”. The situation for years has been far beyond a Brian Rix “Whitehall Farce”. Our governments [ plural, note! ] , have always played us for fools. We KNOW there are foreign criminals both in and out of our jails, visa ‘overstayers’, faux students, faux wives and husbands, plain “illegals”, consumate liars all, who have no right whatsoever to be in the UK. Any government which governed “for and on behalf of the People” would have ejected them long since. What does our Government do? Scrabble round for reasons NOT to deport them. Pay lawyers millions OF OUR MONEY to keep them here: have a permanent “not me, Guv’ ” mindset, and maintain a border agency which is so porous that it is of neither use nor ornament, but a very expensive but useless “toy”.
No! This is not because they are incapable, far from it. IMO it is DELIBERATE inefficiency, indolence, sidestepping, even “shooting the messenger”, and figuratively giving us the two-fingered salute [ what would a peasant know about governing a Country?- go away! ],and holding firm to a doctrine which will [ shortly ] lead to the annihilation of the Country we used to call “home”. Being well into my eighties it probably wont affect me, but I weep for my children, my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.
They deserve better!

DER Comment: My feeling is they are all hell bent on this multiculturalism idea and they fail to see]or dont want to see] that multiculturalism doesnt work [look at london and the north here ,sweden and now germany] They are now committed to this and they dont have the guts to stand up and admit ” we got it wrong ” instead they blidly plough on with the dismantling of europe as we know it .This all started with an idealogical system proposed bu count coudenhove -kalergi. Like all ideologies they never work in practice.

DER Comment: How do they know the correct route to take?

Have they got tents or do they sleep in the open air? (which I doubt). In no photos of them walking have I seen them carrying tents.

Who feeds them?

How do they go to the toilet? Do they go behind the nearest bush?

Why have border staff let in unaccompanied children? Or are they?

How do they physically manage to walk through Europe and so quickly? Imagine how long it would take to go from Scotland to the South Coast and still have energy to fight.

DER Comment: Not a single car or motorbike among millions of people this doesn’t seem right, I know they are poor, but if setting out on such a long journey I would bolt together some bits from a scrap yard at least I would try, yet out of all these people not a single one has any vehicle.

DER CommentThe genuine refugees in WW2 has handcarts perambulators some horsedrawn wagons. Among these migrants not one wheel

and where did all those that went from Russia into finland get the push bikes they all had so they could cross,as they weren,t allowed on foot!! They paid the smugglers up to 5000 euros to get in and to Calais and to here…so where did that money come from….?it all stinks!

And how do they charge their phones with which the majority of seem to carry

Spot on. I would like to know their cellphone plan. They obviously don’t have roaming charges. It takes me all my time to hang onto the plan I have in the UK and I’m supposed to be rich compared to these ‘poor’ people. Most of them dress better than I do, I can’t afford high end trainers and sports clothing. Add to that the thousands they have paid to the traffickers, and it shows you they are wealthier than we are! The only thing that would attract them is the fact that more money can be made by coming to the UK. The benefits are worth the risk.

Turkey is the real culprit in this saga.

Instead of negotiating with this Islamic morons why don’t the European leaders a good deal, stop the flow of immigrants or we commence deporting the 4 million Turks in Europe.

Migrants get bizarre ‘sexual pleasure’ advice in project paid for by the German government

DER Comment: If there’s one thing these incoming hordes don’t need lessons in, it’s how to have sex in numerous different ways. Watch out for their practice sessions now, on women in swimming pools, women walking down the street or across a town square…. I think you’re supposed to lie back (or forward or whatever) and think of Angela Merkel.