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Bases 25 Part 5 Eva Brockbrader on Max

Miles Johnson

Published on 23 Dec 2017
Eva is one of those who was at Super Soldier Summit 2, and she has not seen her husband for over 3 years. He is part of a secret Navy Seal team. She was a close friend of Max Spiers and knew Max before he met Sarah.
Here she describes the early years, and important background material about Max, on his birthday on Dec 21st 2017, and the early statements by James Casbolt, and a major reference to Alsace Lorraine.
The mile stone that President Trump announced an executive order on what, in effect is about the satanic ritual abuse, (Refer to Mel Gibson’s statement at a BBC TV show green room a few weeks ago, on the full scale ritual child killing by Hollywood) and others anywhere in the world, is a major step against the ritual abuse of humans.
She refers to the decrees by the Pope over the years.

This must be seen in conjunction with The GridKeeper’s announcement on Dec 20th, which I was asked to read out the 21st day. This was about Dark Matter life forms (insect type creatures) which attach to people’s heads and attack their energy fields, until they decay and explode, resulting in permanent for death (No re-incarnation) This effects the peoples of Western Europe most. Refer to Bases on the spiders and scuttlers.

This is a detailed discussion with Eva about the interdimensional war and other matters. It was a surprise very late night (until 3:45 am GMT) call, and was a most welcome and very timely talk with Eva, whom I had the privilege of meeting at the 2nd Super Soldier Summit along with Max and the rest of the guys in Henderson Nevada in 2013

August 2013

Max Spiers blows the whistle on MKULTRA & Trauma Based MIND CONTROL

Comment: Ima
2 Strand DNA
FYI:12 is also the highest u can go in frequency! Thats why the illuminati hate the number 13, thats the point of no return, if ur frequency goes to 13, u turn pure evil, and thats what happened to them, thats why no 13th floor in hotels, fri the 13th etc., the doom number!

Comment: Watch Anti White White

Attended Boarding School @ http://www.stedmunds.org.uk

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Comment: Finally the mystery explained of why Dr Seuss books creeped me out so much – I refused to read them to my children or let them own any. So I wasn’t crazy, just aware. Now, after reading a Seuss bio, it all makes sense. THANK-YOU Miles and Max.

Comment: Love all the information Max gives us. Haven’t heard about Movie Theatres being on lay lines and why they do this and play Horror movies. I don’t see horror movies and now I understand why I don’t like to go to movie theatres I thought it was the people.

Comment: Donald Marshall has said the ‘Saw’ movies are based on what goes on at the Cloning Center with Queen Elizabeth…

Comment: Nothing said here, is anything that I hadn’t already covered during my time as a co-host of our radio show, not 2 mention many others b4 me. I covered the fact that Hollywood, the entertainment industry in whole, political figures & any1 paraded in front of us as a figure 2 b revered, r all signed in soul contracts…even many every day humans have sold their soul w/o being aware of it. The 1’s that r aware of it, think they r safe & the “Chosen 1’s”, but they r very expendable…it’s a matter of them waking up 2 the fact that they r just pawns in this, just as much, if not more, than the rest of us.

Some of them have awakened 2 this fact, but it ends badly 4 them…many examples of this, as we all know. The problem /w organizing groups of people /w our knowledge, will make us easy targets….like sitting ducks. I feel that many of us were put here 2 battle these soul suckers & by merely coping & managing 2 stay alive, is 1 of the greatest weapons there r.

Managing 2 overcome any fear of them is a major weapon…i think we r all stuck here in a soul trap…a beautiful 1, but a sinister 1 that is well cloaked. I don’t fear dying…it’s after we pass that we r true risk of being recycled by this never ending soul capture cycle. We were started here as slaves 2 mine gold…plain & simple. Thing is, we have developed a mind of our own & have figured out their mighty “Chess Game“.

Comment: I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to go and watch Mark Passion talks on YouTube.
His web site is – http://www.whatonearthishappening.com

March 9 2016

MAX SPIERS unplugged on 50316

DD Danser
How does age regression technology work? Are there any rules that they actually have to live by? Why make it so secret if it’s allowed that they are able to control everything? I can see it’s challenging for them to control everyone through subliminal and secret means, but what were they up against? Why did they just take it over with brute force? Was this secret infiltration more interesting to them? The Human Heart is the hardest thing to break…..that’s interesting, because I too have fallen victim to the lack of love in this realm and have had love hard to find any time I look outward…..I noticed that I was having a hard time feeling the love vibration, and noticed a cold ness coming over….me, and everyone around me. I do agree that I think we did “win” this game and now we are “ascending’ and/or making up the new blueprint. I do want to know what you meant by people choosing to “stay here” and either continue with their karma lessons or help redefine the new blueprints for how our society will work. Everyone going in and picking out a gem from the Vatican after the Italians and French storm it is the first step!! ha ha….. I’m trying to piece this all together in my mind. Really love listening to, digesting and sorting out all the good info in this video. I think I too believe that there has been a major shift for the positive. That the Black Box that was holding the Matrix together has been destroyed (or one of them)(from a video that Sarah Adams did where she mentions that she heard a black box had been destroyed and she said with a smile “that is very good news!” and that freed everything up a lot. Who destroyed it? How did it get destroyed? I believe she had heard a Lightning Bolt? A Magic Sword perhaps? Or some other kind of Mystic Lightning Bolt? Which of these Anunnaki characters uses the Lightning Bolt? In my mind I sometimes think it was James Casbolt, who got that close by pretending to be on the “Dark Side”….so unless I find out otherwise, I keep think g that he is the one that destroyed something deep inside their “power chambers”, that spinning black box that held the Illusionary Matrix together, or whathaveyou and was primary in shifting something major at the CORE. I wish I could ask Max about the Anunnaki and who’s who! Maybe some day. Let me know if I can send him my list of questions or if he is willing to do Skype interviews with more people in the States. Thank you again for continuing to make videos…I was really wishing for some more recent updates!!

The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine – Max Spiers