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Erratum – Mrs Caine is actually Mr S Caine

Well, Dave’s got a male stenographer. I have to admit to being sexist and at first saw what I expected to see – a female typist. Later on re-examining the letter, I saw what was actually there.

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I have received Two Letters along with the Christmas Cards

The first letter was from Dave. Nice Downing Street headed notepaper. Two brief paragraphs in which Mr Cameron regrets he is unable to send his personal comments and signed by Mrs Caine. With a Word Processing package, I guess Mrs … Continue reading

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Watched the Eddie Izzard Story 18 Dec

Opportunity Born from Adversity            During this programme, they made the point that during the last Tory Government, we saw satirical comedy really take off.  I am now looking forward to some really good stuff from Bremner Byrd and … Continue reading

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A Word from Channel 4 on the boy George

This was posted before the election.

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Candlelight Vigil 9 Dec 2010

Student Demonstration and Candlelight Vigil I was unable to make the actual demonstration but went down for the Vigil.  When I arrived, I saw evidence of horses – the usual – so assumed that fairly heavy force had been deployed.  … Continue reading

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The Absence of Cameron and Osborne from the Debate

Where are Cameron and Osborne? Have you seen this man? I have just thought that these two seem to be absent from the debate about the cuts.  After all, it’s basically their policy that is being questioned by comedians, newspapers, … Continue reading

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Richard Harrington Tory MP Update

Watford Observer Thursday Dec 2 2010 I have now met with Mr Harrington at the Surgery and he came across as user friendly but I got the impression that he was not willing to commit easily to the task I had … Continue reading

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Caroline Spelman and GM Foods

I’m afraid I came across this some time ago and wrote to Ms Spelman about it.  Just like many of the others, she never bothered to reply.  So here’s the link.  Read it for yourselves and maybe a few more people … Continue reading

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