Comment:  ‘In any case Dubai has 70,000 KNOWN prostitutes. It’s what makes Dubai tick innit? Hard to believe? Come out here and count ‘em with me if you like. Charming lasses for the most part. Non-Arab Gays in Dubai? O course not. Its the Law innit? Butt… Zillions of ‘em (please excuse the pun). All living here with no bother. Don’t believe what the ‘Man’ wants you to believe. The maxim is just keep it discreet. Its part of the double standard that thrives/is the ME.’

EC Emirates

EC Emirates RIP.

Someone’s Trying To Kill Me!’  Last words of Evelyn Clarke Emirates Stewardess found dead early hours Monday 8 April 2013 in Dubai. She was offered Virgin but chose Emirates.  She was there for just 10 months.  She was last seen being chased by a ‘man of southern asian appearance’–Death-plunge-air-hostesss-ran-barefoot-tower-block-lobby-minutes-tragedy.html

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