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This from a retired RAF officer i served with in the sixties now working and living in Germany.


Dear Friends,

Europe is now in total chaos and I think that you should know about it.

I have waited a week or so to see how things will develop and to glean more information before presenting the facts.

As you may know from the media, the flood of refugees cum economic immigrants into Europe has reached ridiculous proportions and to the extent that Hungary and other Balkan states have closed their borders and Turkey is considering doing the same.

Angela Merkel in an ill advised speech to the Bunderstag, welcomed all refugees to Germany and the floodgates opened and, in my view, this was all pre-planned beginning with the Pope’s appeal last year for Islam to move closer to Christianity. This was then followed up via the Italian Goverment instructing the Italian Navy to rescue all boat refugees and bring them to Italy.

As a result, it seems that some 8000 people per day are now entering Europe via various routes. Most of these are young males between 17 and 25. The result is chaos as you can imagine.

Here in Saarland we have been overwhelmed with refugees mainly young males but some families. In Lebach, some 10 kilometres from here, a camp for 200 was set up and a further 100 added this last week. The politicians, local government and religious leaders have fallen over themselves to bring them in and cater for them.

And so what is the result? In Ventimiglia near Monte Carlo, the refugees banded together ( organised by smart phone) and over ran the market and stole or destroyed everything and ransacked the town.

Here in Lebach, a group entered a supermarket and took what they wanted and destroyed the rest. When the Manageress confronted them, they called up their friends and smashed the place to bits. The police arrived but were overwhelmed. The supermarket is now closed.

Yesterday, my friends rang from Weissenfels near Leipzig since two supermarkets and a Kaufland store in Halle suffered the same way. More news is coming in from all over Germany of the same situations.

The media report none of this.

Many people have demonstrated against being over run by immigrants. In Weissenfels,  families were thrown out of an eight flat appartment block and 70 refugees moved in. Small towns of some 2000 to 3000 people are over run by some 5000 to 6000 refugees.

Much civil unrest is apparent and is just boiling under the surface. Europe is in chaos and the do gooders have totally lost control of the situation. Islam has overwhelmed us.

For the Syrian and Afghan refugees, I have every sympathy and they need help. They should get it. But for the rest, in my view, the state authorities must be firm and send them back. Perhaps it is too late.

Anyway, I thought that you should know that the situation here is pretty grim and I fail to see how it can be resolved. I can only forsee a police state.

Best regards

Monday night and on Sunday there were four arson attacks in Germany with apparently anti-Muslim motives.

In the district of Rostock and in Baden-Württemberg Wertheim houses were set on fire, soon should move refugees into. In Saxony Freital there was an attack on a refugee housing and cars in Brandenburg an Flüchtlingsinitiative were lighted. But one was injured.

germans protesting muslims3

Destroyed Gymnasium in Wertheim

arson germany

In a planned emergency shelter for refugees in the Baden-Württemberg Wertheim an arson attack has been perpetrated apparently. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the city on Sunday morning.

germans protesting muslims2

In the sports hall since Saturday were 330 beds. Now the building is in danger of collapse and no longer usable. At the back of the hall found policemen traces that indicate an intrusion. “The fire broke out in the early hours of Sunday,” said a spokesman for police in Heilbronn. The fire department arrived with a big squad and put out the flames. There were noinjuries.

Mayor: helper with forces at the end

The Lord Mayor of Wertheim, Stefan Mikulicz (CDU), said he was dismayed and concerned. Recently Mikulicz had sent a distress call to the provincial government. It threatens the collapse, he warned. The volunteer assistants were in the care of an existing shelter “with their forces totally at the end.” The small town with 22,500 inhabitants, sees itself more than any other community in Baden-Württemberg with an influx of refugees faced. 600 migrants came under in a district with 900 residents. 400 more asylum seekers to come.

Lighted Planned refugee camp near Rostock


Also in the district of Rostock there was an arson attack on a planned refugee center on Sunday. Like the police, it is a multi-family house in Laage. There have burned in the attic. Whether the building may still be used as a refugee camp, was not clear. The state security investigation for a potentially xenophobic background.

Freital: firecrackers in windowsill

In Saxony Freital a refugee housing has been damaged during the night, as an unknown set fire to an unauthorized firecracker in the window sill. According to the police the window was destroyed. From an operational middle it said, would have been at the time of the explosion someone in the room, he had been injured by splinters. Is investigating against persons unknown. In the affected apartment asylum seekers from Eritrea live.
Burned cars from refugee initiative in Brandenburg

In Neuhardenberg in Brandenburg stood at night two parked cars by members of a refugee initiative in flames. According to police, the vehicles were set on fire at night. A political background lies near. At doors and lanterns around stickers and throw list were “not welcome refugees” discovered with the inscription.

germans protesting muslims1



18 Responses to “Germany becomes Absurdistan. Chaos descends.”

  1. Gordon says:


    A few weeks ago, there was outrage when the town of Mundenheim controversially decided to evict elderly German citizens from a permanent homeless shelter.

    The town’s government evicted them so they could turn their homes into a “refugee shelter”.

    The mayor of the town of Nieheim, Rainer Vidal, has decided to do something similar.

    He has terminated the tenancy of Germans living in low-income housing, so that fake refugees can move in.

    “I know that this is an unconventional measure,” said Vidal, “But we have an obligation to accommodate refugees.”

    This has caused quite a scandal in Nieheim because there are many empty houses available, but they are apparently not good enough for the immigrants, so Germans must be evicted from their own homes.

    Bettina Halbey, is a 51 year old nurse and single parent, and has lived in her Nieheim apartment for 16 years.

    Since being told that she would be evicted from her home on May 2016 to make room for immigrants, she has spoken to media telling them that there are plenty of empty houses in the town.

    She said this eviction notice was “was like a kick.”

    “Here in Nieheim there are many vacant houses. In other cities, homes are rented” she said.

    When speaking about Halbey’s situation, Mayor Vidal said “I find it very unfortunate that the tenant has sought their way into the public eye. We have given a generous period of [eviction] notice until May next year. We are also willing to help her in finding accommodation.”

    This White Genocide agenda that anti-Whites keep pushing is the reason why some Germans are being evicted from their homes.

    Under our politically correct, anti-White tyranny – White people are now “fair game”.

    We can be blamed for things we never personally did; we can be called names; we can be denied a job, and we can be evicted from our homes – all because the anti-White rulers do not want White people around any more.

    These are all important points, but the one thing we should be standing on is that it is genocide – this crime has been very clearly defined in court, and it’s quite clearly happening to us.

    Source: http://whitegenocideproject.com/low-income-germans-being-evicted-to-make-room-for-immigrants/

    • Any solutions strategies you can think ofGordon to get us out of this nightmare mess? This article and comment below is one of the most depressing ive read.
      If this is coming to the UK bad times are ahead. I am sad because I see whos behind it, their plans and intentions and how they distance themselves and create distractions. And the victims, many of them, are so brainwashed to not be aware of the agenda until its on their doorstep literally and too late.
      I can see many tghreads forward from here how things can play out ordo ab chaos
      These are depressing times
      The fact this migrant agendas gone up severalgears in the last month, two months, maybe indiciates desperation on the part of the jews/Satanists/Freemasons?
      That’s the only silver lining I can see in any of this.
      I have a sick heavy feeling in my stomach reading all this
      One thing is clear – one day the perpetrators behind all this need hunting down, arresting, trying, and punishing in the most severe severe severe manner
      Is it too late for us to be saved?
      Whats going on
      Its going to suit the Satanists plans well to have the above unfolding in the UK

      • Men Scryfa says:

        They are going lite on the UK at the moment because of the Child Abuse Scandal having exposed too much and due to the likes of people like you and I being too awake here. The problem is that with the EU it does not matter as more black and brown rapists will be coming in our direction thanks to freedom of movement within Europe. What we need is to simply remove all racial non-Europeans from Europe which is a task which could be completed within days in my opinion.

        What is missing is the political will power from the people who are happy to commit racial suicide by the look of it.

    • This could precipitate The Event? That Cobra speaks of? The Event is spoken about a lot, that the Light Forces, Resistance Alliance are working towards. Apparently the Satanists, demonic entities strangling our planet from the etheric realm….in this interdimensional war. Apparently they have had devastating Stranglet and Toplet bombs to blow us all up positioned round the world at military bases etc.
      Apparently this is whats stopped the Alliance moving in properly
      Apparently too, great gains are being made in dismantling this hostage situation
      I really hope this is true

    • Truth will prevail says:

      Thank you, Gordon, for your clear and true words. Telling the truth is a rare thing.
      It’s about white genocide; it’s about (the repeated) genocide of the German people and the destruction of Germany – and it’s the Zionists (who call themselves “Jews”) who are behind it. Well planned and organized (and they boast about it themselves)


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Keep speaking about it openly and in public now. You will find no one will openly argue with you. It is about breaking the spell.

        If you look at it properly these are desperate moves by the Talmudists.

      • Truth will prevail says:

        Zionist Shulamit Aloni: “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.”


        It’s a Zionist trick and mind control game to defame everybody as “racist“, “antisemitic” and “Nazi“ who critizises Zionist Israel/US-Zionist immoral and illegal policies, terror &wars. Surely, Zionist “Jews” (are they even semites themselves?) are the real haters of humanity, racists and antisemites in their behaviour towards the Palestinians and other Arabs (the rulers of Saudi Arabia being crypto Jews)

        Enjoy Germany as long as she exists – Help to save her! Let’s save all our home countries (fatherlands)!



        The Satanic, Freemasonic, Zionist DESTROYERS* must be defeated. Their pyramidal power structure enslaving the people must go; all people must regain self determination, national sovereignty, freedom.

        *whatever you want to call them – the demons’ names are legion; their methods are the same

        Germany – just imagine not bigger than about 85 % of California – but they want to dump millions of “refugees“ from all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia into it – to drown and destroy us native Germans. Don’t allow that to happen, please.

      • Yes that’s true. The more intense it gets in the UK. The more the gloves come off. The more we can speak Truth and less and less Britons will disagree, less arrogance and cognitive dissonance will kick in when they see the evidence before their eyes. They’ll be more open to accepting and understanding the 5th columinsits, the Occult |Satanist 5th columnists in our midst. So the talmudists are playing with a double edged sword which could be used against them if they don’t act swiftly

      • Men Scryfa says:

        But don#t forget it was our so-called family members, brothers and sisters, friends, compatriots that became brain washed and were the ones shouting us down.

        Well that will not be forgotten either. I am not frightened by the Jew or the Black. We fight, death or glory. What I am really into is getting our own house in order so to speak. It is time for the “White man” individually and collectively to look into the mirror without looking away and face it.

        On other more mundane matters some useful links:






        En Avant!

  2. ian says:

    Disturbing article.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Adam I saw your response over on Paul Laviolette. He is a great source of information. That particular treatise on the OM sound tells it all.

    Forget about Wilcox and the phonies.

    • Yes he is great and his SQK theory. I know beyond any doubt, in my heart, he is not part of any Wilsock . Fulford NWO show

      In this world, time of Deception that surrounds us Dublinmick, the physics of Paul LaViolette, are one of the few reliable things we can take to the bank.
      They act like a northern star to navigate by.

      Laviolette doesn’t get drawn into wilcock/goode/cobra stuff. Though he does post most of my commentsrelating to them as I think he realises they provide some kind of contrasting data points, that at least indicate to us something funny is going on. Somethings going down.

      I like Laviolettes sober style, I like him on radio interviews, john b wells was good. He replies to quite a few of my comments including Stephen hawking being a fake.

      It is a relief now for me to drop the wilcock show. DM im sensing theres a whole air of desperation and inevitability coming, if I was in the Satanists shoes, id be doing things differently than this if I wanted total control.
      Even though I accept now Corey Goodes working to some subtle project bluebeam agenda arranged by Jesuits/jews/Satanists/freemasons it seems.

      Look at the fascinating interesting truths about stargate portals, the nature of space and time, the solar system, that Goodes coming out with. A lot chimes with Paul Laviolette.

      SO the Satanists must be getting desperate.

      I for one WILL NOT be going on guided tours round the ‘liberated’ solar system colonies once whatever ‘Event’ happens.

      I think youre right. I think Wilcock/Goode and maybe Cobra too are simply the builders of a much much bigger more elaborate Truman Show dome all around us to enclose us in so the elite Satanists can take this thing to a whole other level

      Im not buying it.

      But Paul LaViolettes SQK physics and stuff on bis website seems sober, unvarnished and real and is my guiding star, one of them.

      Ive not read the OM article will look at it today cheers


  4. Dublinmick says:


    Merkel-Zuckerberg And Cuomo-3 Musketeers Of Stasi Work To End Freedom Of Speech And The 2nd Amendment-Another Jesuit Judeophile Alliance


    Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc.-Retired CIA Director And Jesuit Agitator David Betrayus Calls For Using Al Qaeda To Fight ISIS As If There Is A Difference Between The Two

  5. Cobalt says:

    Pack everybody into the smallest space possible.

    Easier to control by TPTB and their minions… and, God forbid, easier to depopulate by whatever means.

    I believe that was one of the agendas of The Club of Rome for instance.

    – Cobalt

  6. Lynn says:

    People are paying attention now. The mass uprising is coming.. They had better burrow into there Dumbs. They will be hunted down. The truth isn’t going away.

  7. beLIEve says:

    ‘Soros/CIA Plan to Destabilize Europe’


    Video: Israel Expels 8,000 African Immigrants Because They “Threaten Jewish Identity”


    Not that the “jews” are Jewish ! !