• There are so many runaways who come to London and especially Kings Cross and Victoria that they are watched for and then offers to help with their bags etc mean they fall into the hands of unscrupulous people.

    A bodyguard close to the Krays named Filthy Frank used to pick up runaway kids from main line stations, and offer them somewhere to stay.

    Jimmy Savile was one of those connected to young runaway boys, the BBC wanted to paint Savile as just a perv who abused girls to save the homosexual agenda from going down the drain but the truth is for many years he only abused boys, and Mecca ballrooms who employed him in the early days had him listed in their books as a predatory homosexual.

    Filthy Frank and Jimmy Savile both knew Charles Saatchi, and it was the Saatchis who masterminded the election of Margaret Thatcher for Rothschild, she believed everything they told her and only at the end when she was thrown out did she realise she had been had in another Jewish sting and cried her eyes out on camera as the car sped away.

    Charles Saatchi had a thing about big breasted women as many men do, and told untalented Jewess Tracy Emin if she shared her magnificent 32G cup assets with him, he would make her rich and famous,

    Tracy went on to do the unmade bed , the least artistic and trashy exhibit yet devised and was seen on every TV station and like Damien Hurst sold rubbishy stuff for millions, but who bought them ?

    The truth is that it was all a huge hoax and all the trash art stuff including Hurst’s cows cut in half and the unmade bed was in a london warehouse being stored when a fire destroyed it all, but purely by coincidence Charles
    Saatchi had it insured for millions, wasnt that lucky ?

    Tracy Emin cheated Charles by having a breast reduction, and was dropped from the media circus who had her in Jewish owned papers and mags every week, Charles married Nigella Lawson but the relationship was very troubled.

    Not many people realise but Picasso was a Jew and was one of those who did peculiar and weird paintings which most people would put in the bin, but the Jews made it seem that these were great pictures, so debased had art and music etc become that Hitler banned it from Germany in the late 30-s, so now the Jews ae trying it again on us, the best thing that could happen would be for Charles Saatchi to have another fire and burn the whole damn lot.

    Jews are beginning to buy football clubs as football is a distraction exercise for the weak minded and latent homosexual types, every footballer takes drugs but no one says anything because ah that’s football.

    Pop music rap and punk is just crap and a laugh at us goyim.

  • I picked up a copy of a homosexual magazine purely because it had an article on missing boys advertised on the front page, the article was a criticism of Chris Cooper Investigation’s report on missing boys.

    The article went on to say that the Russian mafia did in 2000 have boys chained to beds in several brothels, but doubts this happens in the UK now, it did say many boys kidnapped end up in Israel naked in cages where visiting homosexuals can choose a boy, but most of these were Palestinian.

    It said this is a long-established practice and the boys looked clean and well fed, The boys in cages had been used by many dignitaries such as Menachem Begin the Israeli leader.

    it also criticised the Moshe Solomon’s radio show which discussed boys being kidnapped for sex work, and a phone-in caller said he had worked in Kosher butchers in the London area and it was widely said that the occasional boy went through the meat processing plant.

    Another caller claimed this was quite common and that the Tesco meat scandal with horsemeat, meant official experts looks through and found in the beef products massive amount of kangaroo, some chicken pig and minute amounts of human DNA.

    This was explained as a few Palestinians by mistake in the Israeli production plants which should have gone through into pet food made their way in error to the human food chain and safety aspects were put in place and this would not happen again, so where do all the other boys go ?


    Ian McKellen. his NZ boyfriend Nick and Elijah Wood at the Oscars – March 24, 2002 – http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/pkharrisplace/Family_Films_Page_1.htm

    Chris Cooper has said taped phone calls of people like actor Sir Ian McKellern showed that child abuse was seen as a legitimate sport called “boy-nobbing ” and some like singer Robin Gibb bragged of 1000 boys.


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