A Grim But Realistic Prognosis Of What Lies Ahead For The European Union

Published on 18 Oct 2012

Dr. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, Professor Emeritus of public and civil law at the University of Nuremberg, gives a grim but realistic prognosis of what lies ahead for the European Union as the euro crisis inevitably worsens.

Comment:  ‘Incidentally, Nat Rothschild has pissed away £700 million of other people’s money. Have the Rothschild’s finally lost it? They had to murder Amschel in 1996. They lost Russia in 2003, and China in 2005. Victor was exposed as a KGB spy back in the eighties. They’re desperately pulling the strings of the idiot war criminals Cameron and Obama, but the Russians and the Chinese have beaten them in Syria. The attack on Iran has been held up for nearly a decade and is even opposed by Mossad and the Israeli generals. Have Jacob and Evelyn finally lost the plot?’

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