Colour Meaning

Good Guys:

Bad Guys:

Neutral Guys/Transition colours:
Purple Hair and other Purple themes

PURPLE = represents the Planet Saturn; Purple = Phoenician = the Purple People

These Demon creatures worship the planet Saturn

More Purple Meaning

‘Being the Devil’s Kettle high school, it makes sense the school mascot is the Devil. He raises his arms in praise; to get the crowd cheering. His shadow as he moves across the court makes the eerie shape of the Masonic demon idol, Baphomet, who needs to introduction on this site. This is not the last you will see of him in the film. The cheerleaders and basketball players are wearing purple, one of the school spirit colors. Ben from Pseudo-Occult Media seems to think that purple has a dissociating effect on mind control victims since blue and red are polar opposites.
Purple could also be a trigger reinforcing color programming. Some mind control slaves under this specific programming may actually believe that they are an alter that is an actual color. In this case they would think they were the color purple. That doesn’t mean they think they are a lifeless crayon (unless their programmer actually programs them to just lie there), only that their alter is called “purple” or whatever color and has it’s own personality separate from their core personality.
The other school spirit colors seem to be orange and red, which are used to make flames on the flags that the cheerleaders are spinning. This is essentially Satan High. This makes you wonder just how many high school rituals are actually programming or occult activities used on students.’

“World “War” is a hoax, controlled demolition , strategic relocation Period. part1

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