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Return of Zeus
The Barons Strange in the United Kingdom have a high level authority in the British Peerage and specialize in advanced and bizarre mind control. The family has been involved in politics, military, and many members of this family have been knighted by the Crown. They covertly control the Lodge of Oddfellows. Strange is Odd. The name Strange originates with John le Strange at the end of the 13th century. The Drummond, Stewart-Murray, Stanley, and Philips families have all held titles of Baron of Strange through out the centuries. The Stanley family as Barons Strange ruled the Isle of Mann which uses the triskelion of a three legged spiral and this image is strange or odd in my opinion. The triskelion is also used on the flag of Sicily and this specific version of a the three legged spiral goes back to the ancient Minoan culture. The spiral is used in hypnotism and the use of three legs adds a strange element to it. Like the three legged spiral the Oddfellows use a three chain link as their most used symbol. The Stanley Barons Strange were often Knights of the Order of the Garter under the English Crown like George Stanley, 9th Baron Strange. George Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl and 11th Baron Strange was the Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and also Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of England. John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl and Baron of Strange was a Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England as well. Freemasonry is about deception, mind control, illusions, and covert warfare. The Barons Strange and their Oddfellows specialize in using the feeling of strangeness to enhance hypnotism and mind control.

The Barons of Strange ruled over Knockin, England where the Jodrell Bank Observatory is located which runs radio telescopes and their program MERLIN or Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network and this includes fixed or grounded satellites. Merlin is the name of a wizard in British-Arthurian legend and the comic book character called Dr. Strange is a sorcerer. They are using satellites and electronics to radiate spells or mind manipulating frequencies into the atmosphere that target society both individually and collectively. Similar to their covert electronic harassment and mind control Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids and Baron Strange of Knockin was convicted of sending “menacing communications” on the internet and received 12 weeks in prison for it. Rhodri Philipps’ brother is the musician Roland Augusto Jestyn Estanislao Philipps or Todd Sharpville and he is an active member of the Barons Strange involved in masonic mind control connected in the music industry. Adam Drummond, 17th Baron Strange may be the head of the this clan today. The Stanley family are closely related formerly holding titles of Baron Strange and this nobility is headed up by Edward Stanley, 19th Earl of Derby. The Barons Strange also manage David Icke’s operation and his strange or odd false teachings like “reptilian shape shifters” and “holographic reality” as well as other false teachings like “flat earth” and “human cloning.” The Oddfellows is an international masonic order with about 10,000 lodges worldwide and has divisions like the Independent Order of Odd Fellows headed up by Grand Master W. Larry Ferguson and the female branch called the Daughters of Rebekah. Prince Edward of Windsor, Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England manages this peerage and the Oddfellow Order.