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I always had a feeling that the eye of the Sahara was a civilization at one point of time and it would make sense for it to have been a piece of Atlantis, It’s too perfect to be not man made. And i never really thought of the possibility of Atlantis being more like the roman empire (a massive expanse). I even hear stories of my native people the Cherokee that a long long time ago my people sided with the Atlantians in a great war against the peoples of the north.

The eye of the Sahara has basically been proven to be made by electrical arcing. There is abundant evidence of massive geomagnetic electric storms throughout earths history probably solar driven. This has been recreated in labs. The concentric circles are perfect textbook examples of electricity.

I have read the book “True Blood Blue Blood” by Stewart Swerdlow. He is a friend of your pal Laura Eisenhower. This book states Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria was a continent in the Pacific Ocean. Existing at the same time, inhabited by two different alien species that did not get along. Fascinating read! I also believe him!!!!

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Many cities maybe went there from these other spots? Who knows, but, i did see every episode of Stargate SG1 haha

Thanks for another great delivery. This platform rocks, and you guys are awesome! Lemuria preceded Atlantis, I feel. The Era of Atlantis diminished the last of Lemuria, and some surviving Lemurians became Atlantic. Atlantis went to war with the final span of the Lemurian Era. Some believe Atlanteans originated on Mars, and came here after destroying their civilization there. I think the Atlanteans might have been the origin of the illumi- (love this emoji-“donkey”– LOL) The first Lemurians were etheric, I find this content fascinating, and connect so much with Lemuria. Please make sure to include coverage of Lemuria in your research with your interview, it would be awesome to see what you guys come across. Love to all the knights of wonder. Love to you guys too, Wonderboys, Ben and Rob. Thanks for all the awesome!


Big ole historical reset between 1811-1865.…During the chaos they stole history and it’s narrative

forgot to put the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHfSiMxyIbI Atlantis starts at 13:20 minutes
Jim Viera talk about Atlantis & Beings with 6 Digits

Check out this recent talk about Atlantis, by Jim Vieira. starting at 13:20 👍 0 ❤️ 0

Yes, it’s A-zores in English, just like it looks. My family is from there and I just visited this summer. Someone told me that the main city, Angra do heroismo, on Terceira island, may have been built over old ruins. Fascinating to know I was so close to that underwater pyramid!

Thank you for the great video. Talking about maps: have you ever heard of this ‘’theory’’ that planet Earth would actually be much bigger than we’re told and that our ‘’world’’ as we know it would be just a part of the planet? And that the actual map of our world is the one of the UNO logo, called the ‘’azimuthal equidistant map’’ (also see Kobayashi map)? There are several French truth seekers who talk about it on YouTube. This would also confirm some serious studies that were done among people believing the Earth is flat. Now we know the Earth is not flat, but with this theory in mind some arguments would all make sense (example: why a plane from Cape Town South Africa to Sydney Australia have to stop in Dubai ? and so on). There’s also this story of a giant ice wall in Antarctica… PS: great job by the way, you have all my support and love.

Researcher Shirley Andrews and some others hold that Atlantis was once a very large continent that sank in three disastrous stages over a period of many tens of thousands of years. During that time the people there colonized many other lands. In or about in 50,750 BC, there was an overland expedition to Lumuria. The route passed overland south of the mountains that now are Bimini and to Lake Titicaca which then was of much lower elevation with a canal to the Pacific. The story holds that some of the stonework associated with the canal are strung down the modern Andes Range.

Fantastic research! Edgar Cayce has a small book called Atlantis, I suggest you read it. Keep up the good work. Nibs

I’m 63yo and in my younger years I read Ruth Montgomery’s works on the world before. She states there were 5 original races and 5 continents. Red, yellow, brown, black, and white. Also read Edgar Cayce’s book on Atlantis. Fascinating!

In addition, the subterranean civilizations there that Admiral Byrd, Corey Good, David Wilcock, et cetera have been saying is there would need electrical power... thus it makes since a civilization more advanced than us would be utilizing any and all pre’existing nuclear reactor pyramids.

On a side note, did you know that ‘pyre’ is Ancient Egyptian for “fire”? And ‘mid’ denotes the forenoun being in the middle? Essentially Pyramid translates into English as “Fire in the Middle”... nuclear reactors that our civilization can build, run off uranium get to be pretty hot.

My family came from the Azors to California as farmers. The Central Valley of California is full of Portuguese that came from the Azors. So I have Atlantean bloodline in me.

Great episode. The ancient civilizations that have been hidden from us by the illumidonky are a key to our history and who we are as a species, and I suspect holds the key to how they can be defeated once and for all!!

TOO FUNNY! I was a naval cryptologist 1983-1987. Guess where my first duty station was located? Possibly Atlantis? Ready Ben? Lajes, Azores (Terceira Island). We just called it NSGA Azores. Would LOVE to see more on Atlantis! I enjoyed Ben’s numerous outtakes on saying Azores, they were almost as long as my 15 month tour there! If you like seeing cows standing on hills corralled by stacked rock walls, you’ll love Terceira. Lots of stopping for cattle crossings. Not a rocking place for a single girl of 20. Augsburg, Germany (near Munich), was my next duty station. It was a blast!

Interesting! Lots of pyramids in Antarctica and land for animals down there? Probably had some people/beings on it(?), lots of pyramids everywhere!