DD: Comes out in favour of China & 5G?

2 April 2020

Candice Owens talks to General Steve Kwast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLiwKqL5nko

Max Wolfe
The current alt news says that Coronavirus was a coverup for 5G Radiation mass murders in China, Italy etc. These are high density 5G areas. It is quite unbelievable that virtually no one realises that UK local government UN Sanctuary Cities have installed 5G on residential lamp posts & the frequencies & power they are capable of rates them as Radiation Weapons. We have one in our street which had to be rewired underground with new power cables to take the load. The load of these base cell stations is 2Kw. Which if you know Newtons Laws of energy converts to 2Kw of Radiation. The frequencies are not 5GHz. 5G stands for fifth generation, the frequency ranges from 8Ghz to 60Ghz. This covers the same frequencies as the brain & human internal organs. They also have progressed to Beaforming tech which links 4 transmitters together to pinpoint a target. with 4x power. They also have created a blanket system which covers large areas & tracks everything in it, a real time photograph. We have tried to explain this to people for years but they are stupid & cannot understand anything technical. Get this though, if you do not know that The United Nations is the enemy of Humanity & our Globalist enemy you have failed. In China the population were alleged to have been microwaved, their organs cooked from the inside. This is possible. (electrician & telecoms eng )

Joe Stuart
5G in the wrong hands is a killer and a serious risk to the security of the nation. When an ex navy electrical/communications engineer tries to stop 5G in the North East, it was because he helped to design microwave technology while in the navy. His expertise is unquestionable, a judge agreed that he was qualified to speak and fully aware of the dangers to people, especially the young. If microwaves are kept in a very low energy level, all of them are reasonably safe if you respect long term close contact even at low levels can be dangerous. Has everyone forgotten the 1980’s scientist on an early evening TV program, where he armed with a fresh egg and two mobile phones proved the dangers of mobiles? While they were interviewing him the two mobiles were talking and listening to each other, after they had finished taking he took the fresh egg and cracked it open, it was hard boiled, the egg which the TV presenter had earlier selected from a fresh box of eggs obtained from a local supermarket. The dangers are real if you fail to respect the unseen microwave technology.

Max Wolfe
You asked us to listen to Candace & the General. So I did. There were a few problems. Firstly he mentioned JP Morgan. JP Morgan is a Rothschild bank, it pays Blair & Mandelson for a start, it is the Globalists main bank. Next he mentioned The Space Program. If you don’t know that every Government contract is a fraud, then you should. They were just baiting the trap. Thirdly, they mentioned China too many times. The Globalists have to have an enemy to pretend to fight, just like NATO & “Russia.”. The NATO that refuses to defend us from migrants, 5G, Bioweapons, false flag attacks. You think they don’t know who is doing this? And then there is The Infrastructure Act 2015 which you claim to have read. Which stole The Land Registry & every publicly owned property, park, road, council estate, government building, council owned farm, forest etc. When David Cameron turned the UK into a Corporate State. When British Law was destroyed & shariah law introduced, when he set up a taxpayer funded British Oil company to set up Fracking for The Corporation…….Then The Consumer No Protection Act….

GW: Well it’s good to have Mr Wolfe & Mr Stuart on our team.

Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We? https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9016183


Anthony Steele
27 March 2020
THIS PLAN TO TRAP YOU INTO ACCEPTING THIS CRIME ON YOU GOES BACK A LONG WAY – WAKE UP NOW OR YOUR JOURNEY WILL COME TO AN END AND ITS NOT FAR AWAY. 5G transmitters going up while we are on lock down. Councils fitting LED Street Lights toxic to biology. They have not been tested to be safe. They are uninsurable for harm to a human.

Best News re Corona Virus You’ve heard all month Kinda

Dana Ashlie
22 February 2020

XR is a Satanic Cult

5g awareness
27 December 2019

This person (John Kitson Totnes) retails EMF Protection.

5G Mast MIT Boston

ISRAEL: is Behind Deadly 5G Technology : & The Extermination of Planet Earth!

cindy garay
Published on 14 Jul 2017

Hoky Poky
Tesla did not DIE in the New Yorker Hotel on Jan 7th, 1943 ————- He was MURDERED/Assassinated , however you want to say it!
Don’t believe me – research it.
His papers went into Israels hands because the Zionist’s/Kazarian Mafia are the front for the elite! It is incorrect to term them ‘Jews’. There is a huge difference! For one: Torah vs. Talmud!

elizabeth parsons
Eat lots of garlic, take selenium zinc, calcium, iron. I am a teacher and I feel the burden of emfs on all of us. All cabled computers are being phased out. Without any consideration for the kids. I do NOT know why noone is telling the kids how dangerous cell phones are. I tell my students all the time to keep cell phones on air plane mode. I take my classes outside to learn as often as I can. Out of the wireless mess. I can tell you, the kids have no attention span, eat GMOS non stop and live on their cell phones. They seem emotionally short circuited. Parents are clueless and don’t really care.
Garlic/beans and rice help to heal some of the damage.

I eat sea salt sprinkled with seaweeds. Iodine is a huge radiation detox agent. Make sure to take a safe amount of iodine daily and wear emf protective clothing: lessemf.com and norad4u.com

When I wear Shieldon 240 fabric at work, all the laptops and modems don’t give me cracking headaches. I have less fatigue.

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12 April 2019
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26 November 2018
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14 April 2017
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