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Mark Tucker (edited)
It was 1989 when Madonna published her first song “Like a Prayer” 12 years latter 9/11, 12 was when the story of Je-SUS went walk about. Came back when he was 30 which would be 2019. Personally I don’t go for the Christian agenda as I have seen too much other phenomena of the mind. I certainly will keep in mind what you have published if it were to happen and have a Laugh. ( well done)

The biggest part of your body of work I can’t reconcile is you are part of this solar system so there for on your way to greater management rolls with in it. Greater accountability. Even after you get to a point of no longer needing a body you will be entering into an era of managing / creating those or recreating that that you just destroyed starting form the most simple cell to the most complex collection of organized cells. Learning how to do that / manage that.
Man to this date has not been able to replicate a single cell. The intelligence behind that is far greater than man’s at this given time. To postulate into existence a living cell and hold that intention. Not done in a lab but in the mind.
The realms under the sun which are stated in the biblical writings but not mentioned in your work. The sun being the firmament. The alter of a church supposed to be a representation of the sun. 3 stairs to the alter. 3 realms under the sun (hell / the under world ruled by the moon).

Moses when leaving Egypt was not complete on the Egyptian mysteries almost but not. In creating Judaism he created a cult, masterless. (Cult become culture) A Master that is conversant in the hidden mysteries. They have been waiting around for some +4000 years waiting for a being to arrive that to this date has not and will not. Though you say this is to happen.
The story of Jesus was necessary to usher in the age of Pisces. But absolutely no evidence to suggest he ever existed in person. Peter said “Upon this rock I will build my Church” There is evidence of Peter or is it Christianity is a figment of Peter’s imagination. Greatest movement ever sold. A good book to read if you can get called the Papacy.
Holy Bible = Helios Biblio or “account of the sun”.
There are over 600 gospels, 4 of which are allowed by the Church. What does that say about censure or narrative?
Did we actually loose the Roman Empire or did it just change form?

The true Egyptian mystery schools have been closed since around the time of Ramesses 2. Though the Master of the school exists only to those who know how and how to seek his council. There is a reason they called “Hidden Masters”. The old adage “When the student is ready the Master will appear.” (not before, if not ready simply won’t appear)

You are a student of the mysteries. There is no doubt that what you have touched on in the series you have presented is part of the puzzle. Agendas of Masonic interests, (spiritual and physical) technology, merging NWO, some things in plain sight taken for granted but if seen in the bigger picture make sense.
The human race like any virus is only as good as the conditions allow it to breed. So what happens to all that energy if it was killed off I would say nothing is lost and only recycled. Fewer in numbers greater in awareness and ability. That is evolution of the being.
The soul is eternal (no time and space) and patiently waiting for us to “WAKE UP”! As you have touched on that is the eye of the needle of the juncture of paradox Simultaneous / synchronous we get a glimpse of our own magnificence / soul.
Time frame reference in the Milky Way is different to Solar System.
All religions of the world are solar religions except for Hindu, Wheel Of Samsara, Wheels with in wheels, with in wheels some how they postulated multi verse.
Scientology (science fiction) except the tapping into of cellular memory via Auditing and I suspect attuning into virus and bacteria (memory and imagination) and one’s bodies DNA.
Comets and asteroids being the sperm of the universe for evolution.

Here is one you will love, Newton was said the have had his revelation with an “APPLE” falling on his head. Some how from listening to this series find that hard to believe.

I have learn’t a lot from listening / watching the series and the future one you put out.

As Above So below!

Thank You Chiron.

Gislene Nogueira
Dear Chiron Last. I have no words to thank you for the great job you offer to us with your research and videos. A question: some people say the solar system moves helicoidally around an axis (central line) towards Alcyon (Pleiades’ Constellation). And the light of Alcyon is benevolent for humans. What is your opinion about this statment? Does the Halcyon you mention is Alcyon of Pleiades?

Chiron Last
Gislene – Indeed, Alcyone of the Pleiades (the woman who was turned into a “kingfisher’) and Halcyon are at the very least related, if not one and the same. This is shown through the corporate symbolism with the company Subaru featuring a logo of Alcyone on their SVX model. Now this might not seem to correlate with anything until one looks at the Japanese word for Pleiades which is 昴 ‘Subaru.’

Businesses enjoy the use of this star cluster to represent their ambition, with even the world’s biggest oil companies from the 1940’s – 70’s calling themselves the “seven sisters.” This is of course in genuflection towards the ‘seven sisters’ or daughters of Atlas which create this formation in the constellation of Taurus. They represent industry, which is also the symbol of the ‘bee.’ This also might not make sense until we look at a Hebrew translation of ‘Pleiades’ which is פלידות (Lapidoth) which means “torches.” Lapidoth was married to Deborah the fourth judge of Israel, and the name Deborah in Hebrew ( דְּבוֹרָה ) translates as “bee.”

The seven daughters are featured prominently in the masonic symbol of the Zodiacal ladder which the sun “climbs up” from the winter solstice towards the vernal equinox through the three constellations of Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. The ‘vernal equinox’ is spring which is youth and vigor and is the reasoning behind these sisters being associated with industriousness, and also why the Romans called this system ‘Vergilioe’ or “The Virgins of Spring.” These seven stars further the masonic symbolism as being associated with man’s immortality and his/her septenary nature. Lastly, the mythology proves the connection out with Alcyone being the wife of Ceyx who perished in a shipwreck. Alcyone threw herself into the sea out of despair. The gods seeing this, compassionately turned the couple into the Halcyon birds. Alcyone then became known as “the queen who wards off storms,” and made the waves calm down for seven days each year, so she could lay her eggs. These were known as the “Halcyon Days.” It is also noteworthy to mention that ‘ceyx’ and ‘ceycis’ come from Latin terms meaning ‘sea bird’ and ‘son of Lucifer.’ There seems to be a contradiction in the aspect of the Halcyon being a symbol of tranquility, and this sister being related to a consortium that is equated with manufacturing and labor. Yet, this is to be expected, since it is no secret that labor is followed by rest which is followed again by labor. The eggs which are ‘laid’ during tranquility produce the forces which build the next ages. Benevolence, however, is a purely subjective stance in this case, but it is clear that the ancients reveled in these stars and their obvious influence on the lives of everyone here. I trust that this offers you further insight.

Robin Payne
Chiron Last, at 11:19 you say that Pan and baphomet represent Isis/Sirius and I found this very surprising. The goat god is Saturn, hence the “sat” in “satyr” as well as “satan” and the fact that Saturn rules Capricorn, everybody knows that. Not that I don’t appreciate your work, but would you mind addressing this? Are you suggesting that one diety can be representative of multiple planetary bodies? If so then I’m confused. If not then I’m still confused.

Chiron Last
+Robin Payne (Your comment) “Sirius is not Saturn. Am I the only person who is continuously frustrated by these inconsistencies? Isis is Sirius, no she’s the moon, no she’s the goat god….pick one and stick with it god dammit.” – – –
There needs to be a much greater increase in awareness and a much greater decrease in ‘frustration’ before any form of meditative comprehension can occur. Many of your “frustrations” have been clearly outlined throughout these works. To say “pick one and stick with it” is comparative to saying that the human form needs to pick one body part that comprises a person and this will be what makes up the human form. (i.e. just pick one leg, or one arm god dammit, and that is what the entirety of the human form consists of! If this is not done I will be enormously frustrated and will call it inconsistent! How can one human form represent multiple body parts, and untold numbers of mental configurations? It is an inconsistency I tell you!) As for the Sirius/Isis connection you questioned – this is again found directly in the name. Sirius rearranges into Usiris (Osiris) while the four letters of Isis are also found within the name Sirius, with the remainder spelling ‘UR.’ (Ur Isis) The fundamental meaning of “ur’ is “origin point,” or “beginning,” ergo the “beginning of Isis” (following the ‘ending’ of UsIRIS – giving us “one eye,” or, the “IRIS”) One layer of the Baphomet symbol (and there are many layers) is the representation of the East-star, which is Ishtar/EaSTER, and of course exists under many other names including Mary or Isis. IS-IS is a duality configuration for the “as above, so below” principle. Sirius is the origin of “light” in man – the Egyptian “star of the east,” while the upside down pentagram star is used as one of its symbols. This same pentagram is furthermore used to showcase Baphomet which is also linked with Venus that orbits around the earth in a pentagram formation. Venus is known as the “morning star” while Lucifer was also known as the “morning star” giving us a redirected connection back to Saturn/Satan. Saturn connects the light by acting as the “bridge” that binds the human form in a marriage/ring contract through the eternal covenant of time. Time is Kronos which are the rings/loops of the “snake biting its own tail” – the father/ether ‘eat’ing its own children. Time is eating us all straight into the grave/grey’ve. It’s the grey-v train of the moon, which is the egg of the virgin/whore of babylon. Father and Mother are intertwined giving the perceptive seeker a reason as to why the Baphomet goat is portrayed as both male and female – showing the “hand of blessing” while indicating “as above, so below.” IS-IS. “IT” IS what “IT” IS. The occult is only for those who are “Sirius” and is not attainable through “whims of interest” or “speculative dabbling.” Best of luck/leuk/light.