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21 January 2020

Aus Patriot Radio (Harry Palmer & Mike Holt): Mike’s Home Invasion

14 January 2020

Mike – (((they))) are fishing mate but (((they))) can’t shut me up.  I saw somewhere that there was a prediction of a fire starting on Kangaroo Island & it seems (((they))) have been trying to buy KI for about 4 years now due to discovery of lithium there.

This is the My Will website download page: https://mywillaustralia.com/my-will-my-country/

Bat WomanXVII
@liabilitymate signed, dated and witnessed! Today I’m part of history. Thanks for everything✊🙏

John Tee
This raid would have nothing to do with the excellent work Mike has done to get our political system back under the constitution would it? Or the other excellent work he and many others do around Australia getting the word out about injustices in our nation? Or am I too skeptical of the constant social media censoring by the establishment and censoring of great independent journalism?

ed manning
Its not only the South Coast who have been affected by the bushfires. I live on the Mid North Coast, Kempsey. 30km from Kempsey on the Armidale rd at a place called Willawarren. These bushfires have been burning since August around here and still burning today. There’s not much bush left to burn around here.

Leaves dropping into creeks and dams remove oxygen from the water as the leaves break down and rot. This process takes a lot of oxygen to completely break down leaf matter in water!

All 8 police involved in the raid were most likely Freemasons. Nobody is hated more than the ones who speak the truth and you will know if your doing it right. You can take that to the bank.

Kirsten Mordacz
I read the same article about them predicting more fires/weather on Kangaroo Is., & thought the same, How on earth can they predict a fire in a certain location, before it happens!!! These People are Insane!!! 🤦‍♀️🙏💜🕯🇦🇺

Miss B
In israel back in the 50’s gum trees were used to dry swamps..

the 2 words MIND & CONTROL into a single word is GOVERNMENT please learn to control & use your own !

Star Galactic Federation
Yeah, The CIB and the Police did exactly the same thing to me, they raided my House in Loxton, South Australia and they took my $179.99 Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive, $5,950 Lenovo Thinkpad W541 Notebook Laptop and my $4,754 Cooler Master Computer Tower with Liquid Cooling MasterCase 5 Pro, Cooler Master 1000W Power Supply, MSI B85-G43-Gaming Motherboard, Two MSI GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 4GB 4K Video Graphics Cards, Corsair Vengeance Pro CMY32GX3M4A1600C9R 32GB DDR3, Intel Core i7 4790, Two Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD, that I have build myself, it’s all because I complained about Chemtrails, Cloud Seeding Geo-engineering and GMO’s, and my freaking dumb and stupid Lawyer he doesn’t even know how to get my stuff back and I made a complaint to SAPOL, OPI and even the Police Commissioner of Police South Australia Police Department and it’s been over 3 and-a-half years now and they are not giving it back to me, the Police Officers are Above the Law and they literally can do anything they want. I have got Important Documents, Software Programs and a lot of family Photos and , Videos, Approximately a million mp3 Dance music files because I’m a DJ and I just can’t handle giving all that up and I’m not allowed to complain about it anymore, I cannot afford to get myself another lawyer, I’m so freaking angry and depressed I don’t even know what to do next, now since that happened to me I have been taking a lot of Antidepressant tablets such as Apo-Mirtazapine 30mg, Entrip 50mg, Quetia 50mg and Valpam 5mg. I can’t live without a Computer so I would even donate my MSI Gaming Computer to you or anybody out there that can help me, it would be Appreciated.

Shayno Howarth
Royal commission the gov investigating it self? Sounds like a royal scam

Bat WomanXVII
@Shayno Howarth Royal Commission seems to be gov speak for slush fund, eh?

Tim Vivoda
As I mentioned on your pod cast .we have to aim all efforts to police .they are the front line .I’d love to invite them to a conference for there own families.they are losing there super annuation (edited)5

Steve Veness
Good stuff guy’s a growing movement ready for the fan to spread the movement. 😉🙂👍👍Nice clean version for you with no chocolate 🙂

all makes sense why kangaroo island got lit..lithium..basteds

Pat Riot
Thanks for the link from Kev’s show. Subbed. Literally a smoking gun.

Betty Shacreaw
Please*!* Look up, “Jim Lee” @ ClimetViewer.com & He will explain to you. “Everything” that’s going on. This is the quickest way for you to learn, about what’s really happening. & I Thank You, In Advance, Betty S.

Steve Veness
Perhaps this explains fire prediction.

Ray Ray
The criminal cartel organisation that we call government, has got a choke hold on all of us. Recently they are hard at work riddled with corruption in their full glory, especially with use of their thugs and bullies that we know as the police force (peace keepers) on our farmers. That’s the very people that feed us folk in the cities. I hope it won’t come to the point by the sheeple, when we can’t find food to rise against tyranny. Lawful Rebellion now. It’s the people’s time Australia.

joe maxwell
All nations belong to Rome, in the past Rome tolerated various kinds of governments…. They want a N.W.O. = U.N. Agenda 21st century. http://www.StopTheCrime.net/DepoulationStorm 2 SilentWeaponsForQuietWars.net … Seek the Truth…. http://www.AllWarsAreBankersWars.com … For my brothers, and sisters in, Christ Lord Jesus; The Lord got me to look at the year 2020 = Bible Stongs Concordance 2020 = ”Deliverance, Rescued ”! Keep the ten commandments, especially the Fourth (Remember) for all generations…. No one will enter into the Kingdom of, the, Lord God Jehovah EL; unless one keeps the commandments, and the faith of Immanu – EL, Christ Lord Jesus: Amen.

Offgrid John
The police need to check themselves… I am tired of the unlawful behavior of many police who seem to be no longer a public service, but bullies and criminals. They act as lawyers, engineers, judges and doctors, without suitable training or authority. The Nuremberg trials come to mind. God Bless fellas👍

hearsay henderson
Offgrid John the term is called color of law…

Hitch Hiker
Wow, there’s so many parallels to East Germany before the wall came down. Houses getting raided for political opinions, broad scale censorship and active prevention of communication. The orders followers have turned this country into a communist dictatorship, they can’t see how they are implementing an orwellian dystopia for their kids, idiots.

The order followers are becoming so detached from the people, they prefer a pay cheque over their fellow countrymen, kids, country, they have drawn a line & we all can see it.


My Will Letters to Politicians

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
This is the My Will website download page: https://mywillaustralia.com/my-will-my-country/

Barrett Loraine
We know the Red Cross is owned by the Rockefeller’s, which is the Clintons, and we know what happened to the funds for Haiti ! They got next to nothing!

phil osophical
There needs to be wide strips of land where the native trees are replaced with minimally combustible trees of any other species. Even deciduous. Fire breaks. Even if draught tolerant trees in typically dry areas where eucalypts dont grow well and dry out and kill natural grasses.

Martin Walden
I’m a human, who spent a wonderful time down under . (1986-1994), got kickt out, Supervised departure . Back in Germany , I licked my wounds ! 2013 , it was unbearable , so , off to Asia ! When I look at Germoney now , it makes me sick . Never thought , that OZ is under the same siege ! Green kommunist skumbags, try to rule . Thinkin of skumbags , How is that old taxevader Paul , doing? I hope these green faschists are at there peak now , We help ‘m to get down to reality . ‘NEVER GIVE UP ‘!

phil osophical
Trust me. The failure of centrelink, grubberment and ‘charities’ to pay out to victims is by design.. who would have thought that this was going to happen before it happened.? Only those with eyes open.

I absolutely love your frank down to earth manner.. the truth is the truth, no point getting all hot and bothered about it, instead work out what we CAN actually do atm and do it!

Steven Ross
what about if your not for us you’re against us!! same here in walcha even know were been choking on smoke for near three month apparently we don’t meet the criteria apparently five kilometers to far away from the fire front which is seven kilometers all toll !! for bush fire relief or the work relief haven’t done a paid days work in three months our rural fencing business collapsed due the bush fire and drought ! we were hit from every direction ,, people will not listen until woolworths and coles are empty !! let me tell this i know a lot of farmers in this area we pretty much down to our breeding stock !! this seasons steers will take 18 month before there ready for market !! things are going to get a lot lot worse before it get better !! when you know all this has been done by the design by theses complicit pack of corrupt criminals !! time to sack the lot of them !!

Kieron Bolton
Mate please get in touch with Allan Jones see if he can get something done 4 You an interview live maybe

Wayne Wood
Was the court order, stamped, or did it have a wet signature. Mike if it was stamped I am of the understanding it was an illegal search.[ I am NOT a lawyer/solicitor just what I have been researching. Sorry I reread this and have corrected it I did not intent to mis-lead anyone! ] (edited)71

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
It was wet ink signed and stamped.

Hal KW
the zionist’ invisible government has given their order to intimidate and invigilate patriots around the world; the same is happening to independent journalists in other countries.

Steven Ross
hate to tell them the cats out of the bag ! i think the gun removal was the best thing to happen to this country we have learnt to fight with the pen play them at their own game we need to crucify them on our pens rid ourselves of them for good !!

Betty Shacreaw
America’s TV Stations, used to be owned by 86, Different People. & Now. Their All owned by #4. & Rothchild’s the main one. So, We don’t have news reporters anymore. Their all just, paid actors. Who only report, what their e told. So our television news stations, have been Lying to us for a long time.

Alfie A
To those that can hear me, I say, do not despair The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed The bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress The hate of men will pass, and dictators die And the power they took from the people will return to the people And so long as men die, liberty will never perish Don’t give yourself to these unnatural men Machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines, you are not cattle, you are men! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful To make this life a wonderful adventure Let us use that power! Let us all unite! Charlie Chaplin Movie -The Great Dictator 1940

Diogenes Laertius

Sally Kelly
@Diogenes Laertius

Diogenes Laertius
@Sally Kelly thank you Sadie and here’s one back at you

Sad that the world’s two best bass players died way too young and Joni?… Need I say anything at all? (edited)

Kurt – John: Bennett
You know, we are a self governing sovereign nation. We could jst create our own government amongst our selves under the Authority of and back in our Commonwealth. You know what they say… build it and they will come. Get the Commonwealth back up and running then the Citizens will flood back to residentscy as loyal subject under the Commonwealth. (edited)194

@Kurt – John: Bennett The problem is, most Australians probably wouldn’t even support it because they are completely ignorant and indoctrinated.They love to mock all of this kind of ‘tin foil hat’ talk.

Kurt – John: Bennett
@Estella I am going to the next parliament sitting in my state and I’m taking a film crew and these questions are going to be laid on the table.

Ausstray – 12 January 2020 (Australia First)

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
That’s why we need you to sign the My Will letter…a contract between the People of the Commonwealth of Australia and our Commonwealth Public Officials who will convene the Grand Jury. It’s all explains here: https://mywillaustralia.com/my-will-my-country/

The Hound of Time
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise” Check this puppet one out, that came out of nowhere to be the PM, of the previous one, that came out of some hole to be a multi millionaire. For how long are ppl going to deny the truth?

E. Lap
@The Hound of Time watched it One BIG M F. Thanks for that link Says it all 🙄💩

How can they have a Royal Commission when the Queen of Australia has taken over from the Queen of the Commonwealth. Who is the Queen of Australia??????. Terms of reference is the Fox guarding the Hen house

Ed Wasil
Greetings from Great Tartatia Harry/Mike, I know exactly what’s going on in this earth midgard as it was called. in the past, everything is a lie our history is a big lie, cheers

We’re living in a society created by psychopaths. They enjoy domination, torture, destruction and killing, because they can not feel emotions as we do. Their brain is damaged, born like this (frontal cortex and amygdala not connected). Imagine a being who can not feel nothing: no joy, fear, pleasure, love etc. No connection to nature. You can say that they have no soul, no conscience, they feel dead inside. Thus they feel anger to all living beings and nature. In a healthy society these people are ostracised, but in our history they gained power (through violence and intimidation), and they are about to destroy humanity and all creation.

@Pissfart1000 actually that makes perfect sense.. If their brains actually have something wrong with them and they pass it on when they have kids then bingo everything makes sense

@Payge I don’t think it’s necessarily hereditary, it’s probably just luck of the draw if you’re born a psychopath or not. Though they probably could pass it on via psychologically and emotionally traumatising their kids.

Peter Alexander
All is not lost Bill Wood project Looking Glass said they are checkmate.

Bill Wood – Project looking Glass

shootaw walton
They all go through the pedophile networked schools. That’s where they are changed. All compassion and decency are stripped away. Those who stay silent are rewarded into high ranking positions of authority

grasshopper man
yeh, lebensborn or something. i think when brave new world was written they were already doing it. the project.

E. Lap
They are using DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS. DEW 💯p Weather you want to believe it or Not. NOT ARSONIST as they are claiming. This interview is a Wake Up Call 👍🙏🏼 The land grab and the pensioners? I hope I have the will to fight back 😪

Jeff Byrnes 36
@E. Lap They’re manipulating the weather too and blocking the rain.

Rob Chillem

Diogenes Laertius
So they didn’t arrest him but they took his computers? What the fuck? Now they can just come to your house and take your shit. Fuck me wow

Juul Clark
I emigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1985, leaving my beautiful home country to be governed by communist despots! The end result is obvious as South Africa is now a shithole! In leaving South Africa, I thought I was coming to a country with a decent safe government! How wrong I was because it has become evident that we in Australia have been ruled by decades of traitorous wankers who are all in cahoots with the globalist cabal who want a One World Government!

trav v
The left wing globalist elite are hellbent on destroying Western white countries. I’m sorry for what is happening in South Africa, sadly it seems it is the fate of all Western countries that don’t get off their knees. I fear only America has the firepower and culture to fend it off, but I hope when they throw off the shackles they help the rest of the West.

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
The only difference between SAfrica and Australia is that the politicians here are far more subtle in their corruption.

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
@Anthony korran Don’t be depressed. Get angry and join the fight back.

The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast
@blackflag 33rd wrong mate. Aprtheid was the only sensible thing to do. The Whites settled South Africa first. When they arrived there were very few blacks living on the land. Only after the Dutch made the land fertile and productive blacks started moving down from Zimbabwe, Kenya and other northern countries. Get your facts right mate. The Dutch started Apartheit (not the Brits), because they understood that mixing races invariably leads to civil unrest and trouble.

Fiona Mary
@Rob Chillem just keep using that terminology in general and it will catch on !

John Schroeder
Pub-lic servants, who are we talking about here, Centrelink Corporation, or the Government Corporation, either or, pub-lic servants they are not!! Centrelink have strict guidlines as disposed by foriegn entities UN being one of them, the first rule of thumb is that you are a deplorable! an enemy, because as the boys say fear factor , the chain of command is based on the fear factor, you know were the buck ends the boot will surely follow, this is why we see this pedantic rules, cross the tees and all the legalese language, pages of bureaucratic non- sense, the system is designed to be complex to trap the unwary and confuse the rest. At least we are not like the Americans , to get disaster relief you are required to sign a Israel clause, that you will not participate in anti – Israel activities!! We are nearly as bad, your property is not on the map, thats the 1990 map, doh! If the property is completely destroyed its not there anymore, so its not really there? Err huh?!! Empathy, compassion, the mentality is either it didn’t happen to me, so I can’t relate to your position or, no one with the experience and the wherewithal to handle an event this big, I tend toward the later, the experience factor, then again the leopard never really changes its spots!!!!(edited)1

Fiona Mary
On the creek it is good to slow the water so water does not run too quickly away

Thanks for spreading the message, this stuff is going on around the world.

Kurt – John: Bennett
Who’s gonna like your smug look now? When you’re walking around chest still pushed proud. When your having a fire sale selling us out. When you should be 4 walled head hung down. Who’s gonna like your smug look now? When your UN backed and the agendas out loud. When your living the dream but we’re living in doubt. When your giving to them but leaving us out. Who’s gonna like your smug look now? Who’s gonna like you now Scott? Who’s gonna like your smug look now? who’s gonna like you now Josh? Who’s gonna like your cashless society with a price on our heads and a price on sobriety. Militarised police a norm on the side walk, with a 5g trigger jst waiting to go off! Mass immigration is a migration of disease.. and you got it spreading thru our land like a f u c k i n g disease. Now who’s gonna like your smug look now? When the word on the street is getting awfully loud. When the hair you got left looks like it’s about to fall out. When that smug look you got aint looking so smug now. Who’s gonna like your smug look now? Who’s gonna like you now Scott. Who’s gonna like your smug look now.. Corporate Australia? Looks like they’re even throwing you out. Don’t worry we the people gonna keep you around. Keep you around for when the noose comes out. So who’s gonna like you now.. who’s gonna like you now Scott? So who’s gonna like you now.. who’s gonna like you now Josh? Who’s gonna like you Albanese, Julie Bishop pockets greedy. Who’s gonna like your smug looks now? Every politicians should probably leave Town. This is a song I wrote but seeing as I can’t sing nor rap, someone who can is more than welcome to it. Preferably a rapper, just because it’s got that feel 🗣 (edited)112

Kurt – John: Bennett
If someone does make this into a track, I want the first drop on it. 😅

Brent Stewart
Kurt – John: Bennett Haha excellent😆👍

Renaissance Permastead and Apiary
they killing all natural life to replace with altered/enhanced gmo modified next gen of slaves more removed from truth and source. may Christ Jesus cease the attacks upon your peoples by the hellish one…..

Kurt – John: Bennett
To Mike… they only have Authority over you because you are consenting to being the citizen. Citizenship takes you out of your Commonwealth and away from our protection in the Constitution (edited)88

Right consent being a citizen. When applying for a passport or identity card, everyone is being forced to place their signature under a declaration of citizenship. No signature no passport. Learn to sign under reservation of rights or without liability? That’s is the message. I haven’t tried it yet but I am going to.

Kurt – John: Bennett
@SAMURAI K9S we are meant to be able to travel freely anywhere in Our Commonwealth. So I don’t see why we need a passport to go to any Commonwealth country. You know, all of those Commowealth Countries that compete against each other in the Commonwealth games… we should be able to travel without passports to all of those neighbouring countries.

Kurt – John: Bennett
@SAMURAI K9S I think it is reservation of rights in one’s private capacity with unlimited liability.

Kurt – John: Bennett
And you would autograph not sign

@Kurt – John: Bennett thanks for your reply. Great information.

Kurt – John: Bennett
@SAMURAI K9S first you would need to create a person to convey in your private and unlimited capacity one would think. Like the government has created an artificial person for you to act in a commercial capacity and tricks you into impersonating. You would have to create a person for the real natural born man to convey his business under. You think we are not trapped into religion and that it has nothing to do with law but it couldn’t be more far from the truth. The reason we create a legal(dead) fiction is because living men can not deal with the dead… and money is dead so they come up with the person and attach those person’s to Estates generally.

Kurt – John: Bennett
@SAMURAI K9S the signature is creating joinder to you the living breathing man and the artificial person created at your birth. They are stealing a childs real identity from the mother at birth and forcing the child to impersonate a company incorporated they created. Thru the mothers consent on the birth certificate

@Kurt – John: Bennett thanks appreciate the info.

Peter Alexander
So who do you call when Cops invade your home?

Renaissance Permastead and Apiary
45 long colt

Alfie A
You call the caretaker. His name is Harrington Richardson!! 😉

Lawful Rebellion
An 8mm friend

Kurt – John: Bennett
As they are military occupiers. Tell them that your not a citizen, but a subject under the crown of the Commonwealth of Australia, constituted 1900 enacted 1901, under the authorisation of the King James Bible 1611. If they ask you “are you JOHN HENRY DOE” You jst say no sir your looking for the person. I am John. They should fck off. If they have been informed about war crimes they can find themselves guilty for if they terrorise a loyal non-combative resident in their own country.

Mel gibson in the patriot with his tommahawk.

grasshopper man
yeh nah don’t be belligerent. we a living in a nazi occupied france in ww2 type situation. we are the enemy of a foreign invador and police are unkowingly working for them. maybe could put a call thru to the anti terrorist hotline 🤣 . and get their own mates to investigate them. would give them something to do.. sure as hell can’t be busy.. . $ = ISIS

Staying Loyal to the Kingdom of Australia

John K
13 January 2020