21 May 2020
Plans for post Covid NHS hatched behind the CV lockdown
PPT: Journey To A New Healthcare system

Plans for post Covid NHS hatched behind the lockdown


1948 Aneurin Bevan NHS


Aneurin-Bevan 1948


Comment at AAG:  “Basically the problem boils down to this mass alien immigration into Britain brought about by the Jews, who now control the country 100%.

Doctors no longer feel any bond or kinship with the hundreds of patients who show up in their surgery….Of course you could over complicate the issue with other matters…but flooding Britain with third world immigrants is the crucial point.  It is part of the overall decline of Britain AND it is going to get steadily worse.

What SHOULD have happened was the rise of a new political party putting the interests of Britain first…BUT the intelligence services, specifically MI5 which is controlled by the Jews prevents this happening…it interferes with real democracy ever being able to function.  So the majority opinion is NEVER allowed to take precedence over the “NWO” objectives.  A good example is Malmo in Sweden,this used to be a peaceful harmonious city….today it is a bloody mess…because of alien immigration.  The media in Sweden is owned by the Jews….and it would be worth investigating if the Swedish equivalent of MI5 is also headed up by a crypto Jew.  The Danish version certainly is!.

Dropping into a doctor’s surgery in London was a real eye opener.  The surgery itself was dirty and shabby, the doctors completely unprofessional.  It was run by third world immigrants.

As has been stated,the mass alien I.migration into Britain is going to have a catastrophic effect on Britain…but as it takes decades to show up the awful reality does not hit home..until it is virtually too late to do anything about it.”  http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/national-health-service.html

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