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Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names)

Josh Tolley
Published on 10 Sep 2015
”Magic” is innocent ”Magik’‘ is Satanic


A Call For An Uprising
Published on 21 Jun 2018

NWO´s Esteemed Satanism Expanding acc. to Plan as Scorned Truth and Teachings of Christ are Being Passionately Defeated

Not The True Church Then
Swedish church removes crosses to make Muslim migrants feel welcome

The Good News – The Unexplained Files S02E01 The Real Exorcist Mystery of the Dying Elk 480p

Keith Vaz


Comment@ AAG: Keith Vaz – wife – is she an innocent party – NO – she part of the coverup of this Illuminati mind control scum – notice she’s got the mind control sex slave number 666 all over her bag and a 6 branch on her chest in this pic:

Keith Vaz – wife (wedding day pic) – here she is wearing the allegiance to Satan rings around her neck- these mmothers of darkness will wear one, two or three of these white necklass bead rings around their necks to denote their alligence to Satan (the Queen, another mother of darkness witch does it all the time).