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”I really dont know if this is significant or not, but when I read that passage, I immediately thought of 9/11 and the first Masonic picture above. I have that image on Pinterest, and Masons ‘Like’ the crap out of it. In all three of these images, you can see that the sequence of 3, 5, and 7 steps leads to the Blazing Star, the all-seeing eye, and the archway. It makes we wonder if 9 and 11 are symbolic of reaching higher consciousness. They would be beyond the gateway in a sense.”

Telegraph catches up with Nigel Brown, Grand Secretary UGLE at Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street, London09 Mar 2012

Frances and Friends Report

“No one, when he has lighted a lamp, puts it in a secret place, or under a basket, but on a lamp stand, so that they who come in may see the light (Luke 11:33).” He also stated, as previously quoted, “Watch, then, that the light in you is not darkness (Luke 11:35).” The man who holds the highest position in the lodge is referred to as “The Worshipful Master.” Jesus said in Luke 16:13, “No man can serve two masters.” And yet, the members of the lodge exalt their leader and refer to him as THE WORSHIPFUL MASTER! The secret word of a 3rd degree Mason is to only be given on the “5 points of fellowship.” It is not to be spoken out loud, but can only be spoken in the ear at a low breath. Again, we go to the Bible in Luke 12:3, where Jesus said, “Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in secret rooms shall be proclaimed upon the house tops.” In Isaiah 45: Isa 45:19 God said, I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth:…. Jesus said when He faced the high priest at His trial, St. John 18:20  I spoke openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.

UGLE 60 Gt Qn St

UGLE 60 Great Queen Street.

‘A cornerstone laying ceremony is an impressive(?) event that Master Masons have performed for centuries for public buildings: government offices, schools, and arenas.

Yes, many children are being sent to Boarding schools,which are MASONIC.

Jimmy Savile was a mason. There are photos of this devil wearing a black hooded masonic patternedgown. All of his conservative connections and royal connections.

And public houses were opened by this above ceremony.

In the old days, the royal art of freemasonry was much seen in the public eye. Opening ceremonies, cornerstone ceremonies – AND THE ROYAL FAMILY WOULD BE PRESENT AT MANY.  Masonry, as my research suggests, is ROYAL.

”..The Royal Art of Freemasonry is represented by a brotherly shake of hands over an altar composed of the three geometrical figures of the square, circle and triangle.”

The traits and perversions can be traced back to the same family, in ancient times –

”Amenhotep III ordered 40 girls from Milkilu, the Canaanite prince of Gezer, at 40 kit of silver each”.  So people, many of our public buildings are  influenced by royal evil. Then theres the boys scouts…

”This is because the Boy Scouts were founded by a Freemason! Beware my friends, they start preparing them very young for the higher ranks of Freemasonry!”

‘Judaism is the one most fundamental point behind the existence of Freemasonry and the report makes no mention of it whatsoever. My search for the truth came about because I could find no good reason for the predicament in which I found myself. I was cognisant of some of the Masonic secret signs and thus was able to distinguish a mason on meeting. I had been deceived by a solicitor who was a Mason. The purpose of this deceit was to aid another Mason who was in difficulties.

When it became clear to them that I was not such an easy victim as they had at first considered, they enlisted the services of another companion, my bank manager, who deprived my accounts of sums of money and succeeded in destroying my business with the intention of driving me away from this area.’

Unmasking Jahbulon

‘It makes interesting reading to see where some of these followers and upholders of the Masonic ‘Religion’ and its binding oaths are operating in today’s world. According to the official Masonic Year Book of 1985-86, there are 1,676 Masonic Lodges operating in London, with another 5,785 Lodges in Britain’s 47 Provinces: The following examples are from the London Lodges alone. Institutions like The Bank of England have their own Lodges, in its case it is listed as No 263, one of the earliest. Lloyds Bank, not surprisingly is the Black Horse of Lombard Street No 4155. The Chartered Accountants Lodge is Lodge No 3162, The Certified Accountants No 7582. Other organisations include The City of London National Guard; The City of London Red Cross; The City of London Rifles; The City of London Lodge of Installed Masters; The City of Westminster; City University; Grays Inn; The Guildhall School of Music; The Middlesex Hospital; The National Westminster (Bank) No 3647. Even Educational establishments have their own Lodges, like the The Northern Polytechnic; Oxford & Cambridge University No 1118. Even the Public Schools Installed Masters have one, together with The Royal Air Force; The Royal Albert Hall; The Royal Colonial Institute; The Royal Dental Hospital; The Royal Engineers; The Royal Naval College; and United Services. Even Borough Councils like St Marylebone and Westminster City Council have lodges of their own, as do The Stationers Company; Trinity College Dublin; along with the Universities of Durham, Edinburgh, and London. It can be seen from this small sample of organisations that Craft and Royal Arch influence is extremely wide spread, and that no office, or branch of government is free from it’s influence; particularly our courts which are full of Masonic Judges and officials. This is why Professor Christer in his inaugural lecture at Salford University on February 12th 1992, entitled the King’s New Clothes, stated that British Courts are controlled by banks and insolvency practitioners. ‘

Dragon PerimHistory of Square Mile

Freemasonry and Film

Red Riding Hood

‘During a festival or celebration of some sort, the characters are dancing and Valerie is making a hand sign that is not only similar to the shape of a pyramid but also reminiscent of the Masonic handshake. Because Valerie and the other young woman are not actually engaging in a hand shake, its hard to determine which handshake is really being portrayed. There are several, as seen below:


Masonic Hands

‘The Big Bad Wolf in the various versions of the story is the dominant threat throughout the story but most people overlook the predatory aspect because its only a fairytale. The idea is rather scary though since what he is after is a child. The wolf wants the child but is afraid to eat her in public, which is why he waits for the perfect moment. If you think about it, this could easily be symbolic of a real life child predator or pedophile, who is also afraid of the repercussions harming a child in public would bring. While the original children stories contain no sexual tones, the modern depiction of a man (who would no doubt have real sexual desires), loosing control of himself and turning into a beast with even less self-control, stalking a beautiful young woman brings sexuality into the story. The romance within the film between Valerie and Peter reinforces sexual human nature into the subconscious of the audience, at the same time connecting this romance and sexual tension with violence.’

‘The Big Bad Wolf even dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother in the story, an suspiciously predatory act of a human pedophile, who would try to manipulate the victim’s trust by impersonating someone the victim knows or deceiving the victim by telling them that someone they know sent them.’


Hard Candy Promo Poster

Hard Candy

‘Earlier in the post, I talked about the film “Hard Candy,” but what I didn’t mention was the “Little Red Riding Hood” theme used in the film. Hayley (Ellen Page) wears a red hoodie throughout the film and of course the predator is the pedophile, Jeff (Patrick Wilson).’

Ginger Snaps

Father Solomon, a Roman Catholic priest who is called to the village to help hunt the werewolf. He speaks during the trailer telling the townspeople that during the day, the beast is one of their own and that he and his men will be searching everybody’s home to find the culprit.’

‘What’s funny is that in real life, for as long as there has been Roman Catholicism, there have been priests (and Jewish rabbis) who have preyed on children. Is Father Solomon the beast?’

Brilliant analysis.

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