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We’ve been sold out long ago! It all falls on deaf ears Did you see how SA wasn’t even part of Australia not sure if it’s been amended but damn the people really need to wake up to the fraud before it’s to late! Thank you for another great video I think we the people need to start making our own military and get ready for what’s coming!

Pelatiah Adams • a day ago
I’ve long suspected that wildfires around the world were being started by islamic terrorist pyros. I believe that was suggested by some of their literature. Our government and likely our media know this, but like any other issue involving islam, won’t print it.

1618Kelly Pelatiah Adams • a day ago
Many sites are reporting that the Aussie investigators now suspect that up to 85% of the fires were caused by human beings. They have arrested a number of people and many of them were found with accelerants in their possession. I would suspect some Climate Change Activists might be in that mix as well…

Johnny Reb 1618Kelly • a day ago
Greta Thunberg and David Hogg are rowing as fast as they can to get there.

American Dreamer Johnny Reb • a day ago
ROFL!!! That was Rich!!!

ricocat1 American Dreamer • 20 hours ago
Once again it is shown that it is folly to allow Muslims into any civilized country.

El Tigre ricocat1 • 19 hours ago
This morning’s “news” stated the fires were due to Climate Change. Then stated the Australian Gov’t caught 24 people starting them !

bkungl GrannyOne • 12 hours ago
I have seen some heart breaking photos of animals who have perished. Australia has very unique wild life. They say the Koalas are suffering the most because they are slow moving…they don’t have a chance. I want these arsonists to suffer like the animals have.

Rick Dean Ya’el S. Mann • 13 hours ago
Michael Mann manipulated weather data to fit global warming narrative. He was forced to admit in court his hockey stick graph was fabricated nonsense.

Australis Rick Dean • 10 hours ago
As noted, I haven’t read anything about him lately, and to put into perspective, that would have been over 3x months ago, and I don’t know what the outcome of the Contempt hearing was either.

Regardless, the UN Agenda 2021/2030, along with Delegates of both the UN & IPCC, in conjunction with AOC’s ex Chief of Staff, have come out and plainly told everyone it’s all a SCAM to redistribute funds & destroy capitalism.

As has been the way for the last 40 years.. (mid 80’s in the least).

Then there’s just the little sciencey part called Physics which reveals no other system on the planet that shows 0.04% (or 0.0012% if talking our contribution) is capable of DRIVING the other 99.96% of said system.

It’s not hard, what’s harder is how anyone that did rudimentary math in school could buy this horse pucky.

Climate Scientist Michael Mann To Be Prosecuted.

Climate Scientist Michael Mann to be prosecuted.

Leading Climate Alarmist Freaks Out Over Aust Fires

Dean Fitzgerald Bobby • a day ago
Did you know Countries do not have to count the carbon footprint for fires.Did you also know if you back burn that has to be included in the countries carbon foot print.China and India are not considered first world countries and can spew as much caron into the air as they wish

Imn0r0b0t Pouncekitty • 20 hours ago
Saw on the news about a third of Australia’s Koala population have been killed – and whose numbers are already dangerously low. Around 8,000 of the marsupials are believed to have died.

Experts fear a billion animals have perished in the bushfires, according to Sky News.

Teshuvah Pouncekitty • 16 hours ago • edited
Well, not any more. The figures were put together by the University of Sydney and are not lies. The info is everywhere if you chose to look. Go to your favorite search engine and search for:

— half a billion animals died in bushfires —

This was Australia’s 911 and many have not identified that fact nor the enemy who did this.

* * Parliament should establish a death penalty for arson retroactive to Sept. 1, 2019 and starting with the current 200 in custody. That would have enormous public support.
** Then deport permanently all members of the families of arsonists.
** Stop ignorantly catering to the Muslims.
** Boycott halal.

MerrySue Pouncekitty • 13 hours ago
Oh, another layman thinking they know better than scientists. Australia is a continent, about as large as the contiguous United States, and has 7,358 species of vertebrates — and that doesn’t include the much vaster number of invertebrates.
Google the Vox article: ” A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia’s fires” By Sigal Samuel Updated Jan 7, 2020, 2:10pm EST
The article explains the half billion number was calculated by Chris Dickman, a biodiversity expert at the University of Sydney. That estimate was deliberately conservative — and btw, included losses ONLY in New South Wales, not the entire country. Another scientist in the article said one billion is a conservative estimate — the original estimate did not include insects, bats or frogs.

MerrySue Pouncekitty • 12 hours ago
“Animals” does not include just mammals, or even just vertebrates.

Australia is home to 75 million sheep — a large domesticated animal which obviously does not live everywhere. Australia is home to 400,000 wild horses, a very large land animal which again does not live everywhere. The number of small wild animals (including insects) would dwarf the numbers of large vertebrates. The biomass of ants alone in the world is about equal to that of humans. The number of insects in the world, including Australia, is pretty much inconceivable. Australia is just under THREE MILLION square miles. Plenty of room for billions of animals.

Mandrake MerrySue • 10 hours ago
My point is that it’s wildly exaggerated.

Australia has had many bushfires in the past. See below extract.

– There have been far more fires in some years that have been far more destructive…… one of the worst was in 1850-1851 that covered nearly 50,000 km2 that killed nearly a million sheep…. but only 12 humans because Australia was so sparsely populated back then

1925-26 A total of 60 people were killed, 700 injured, and 1000 buildings were destroyed across the south-east of the state (more would have died if they had today’s present population)

1939 Almost 20,000 km2 of land was burned, 71 people died, several towns were entirely obliterated. It was calculated that three-quarters of the State of Victoria was directly or indirectly affected by the disaster

Between 22 December 1943 and 15 February 1944, burnt an estimated one million ha, 51 people were killed, 700 injured, and 650 buildings were destroyed across the state.

The 1960’s saw 3 catastrophic years of fire, the worst being 1966-67 that had 62 fatalities, 900 injured, 7,000 left homeless, 4,286 buildings lost

The 1980’s had 2 major fire season the worst with 2,080 houses destroyed and 47 lives lost

Reality is, the more people we have that encroach and populate known high risk areas the more chance we’ll have these government created “catastrophes” driven by media sensationalism. –

No-one knew or cared because it was before the global warming narrative/SJW zeitgeist.

Art SwampFox • a day ago
I heard an Australian caller on Infowars yesterday, who said they believe the fires on the eastern seaboard may have been an elite, perhaps a Chinese, project. This is land they have planned to take for their Agenda 2030 development. People are very upset, needless to say. The poor woman ended the call weeping. Pray for Australia.

Latus_Dextro Art • 21 hours ago • edited
The anthropogenic contribution that potentially started a number of fires may have included pathological arsonists, Islamic terrorists, eco-Marxist terrorists among several possible entities. UN Agenda 2030 aka. UN ‘Transformational’ Sustainable Development Goals, sequesters and ring fences more land for ‘national parks’ while cramming more people into limited, strictly regulated and controlled urban areas and cities, under the auspices of UN Urban Agenda Habitat III, while UN Global Migration Compact removes borders and allows social welfare to be paid transnationally. Public transport, bicycles and walking will be the only permitted transport for the sheeple.
The Agendas are available on line and may be easily read.
Being unaware of their implications and their ideological direction is the ONLY way they can or will be implemented, chiefly from a municipal and NGO level, the real enemies within.
Unless the sheeple awaken it will be too late. 2030 is the implementation date for a UN Globalist administration when sheeple like Gremlin Greta and the cohorts of idle screen gazers will finally learn what taxation without representation means.
POTUS DJT and the US are a beacon of light and a serious impediment on this UN neo-Marxist corporatist globalisation ideology.

Gonzo 1618Kelly • a day ago
Bingo! Michael Crichton was spot on in his book State of Fear.….is coming to life.

Flownover & Forgotten Gonzo • a day ago
That book has to be at least 15 years old now. Pre dating even the lunacy of Obama. Mass Murder. Blowing the ice caps apart with nukes to “prove” global warming. Good stuff and ahead if it’s time. These jack azzes are using it as a field manual.

Flownover & Forgotten Defiant • a day ago
If I remember it correctly Creighton set out to write something supportive of global warming but the more he dug in during his scholarship on the science he changed his mind.

Latus_Dextro gramma_jax • 21 hours ago
Australia reaps what it sows, as do all the Rainbow nations in the Anglosphere that gave up their borders to the Global Migration Compact.
Australia, like all the nations embracing neo-Marxist corporatist globalism have surrendered their destiny to a totalitarian fate.
The laughing Muslim teen is the future of Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Ireland, all sold out by the centre Left and centre Right identitarian obsessed globalists.

theo retep 1618Kelly • a day ago
By yesterday in Australia over 200 had already been arrested and charged with arson,… still waiting to see how many were muslims… or yout’s…. The Mullahs instructed their followers years ago to burn the countries they emigrated to down,..many suspected in the US West Coast fires also…. more news we never got to hear! More proof that the Press is our Enemy,.. and colluding with our enemies!

PennMan 1618Kelly • a day ago
Exactly. I suspect climate thugs too in order to push their climate argument. Australians should be curious to know who are these thugs? What is their background? Their livelihood? Who is funding them?

Debra traumaangel 1618Kelly • 21 hours ago
I spoke with my best friend yesterday and she hadn’t heard 1 word of the arrests. She’s been following the news closely because the fires are all around her. I told her about the 180+ being arrested according to our news and she was flabbergasted. So who knows what they’re hiding from their own citizens.

colleenf 1618Kelly • a day ago
I have said it many times before: these idiots are insane and do not care if they “rule” over a wasteland as long as they have the power over us. Seems they are seriously trying to achieve those goals.

Seen Al Gore & manbearpig lately?

Recco65 Pelatiah Adams • a day ago
Bingo. The question really is what do Muslims add positively to Western society?

See France, majority of Muslims are on Le dole, many involved in various criminal activities, and support the jihad of the minority against good folk.

BlackpilledBob Recco65 • a day ago

There’s nothing more important in Western society now. And diversity is just a polite way of saying “anti-white”

Melvin Delbert BlackpilledBob • a day ago
Destroying entire cultures.

The western cultures; white-indigenous people, created the civilized/industrial world. Modern conveniences came (mainly) from the west; Christianity (10 commandments-the pillars of a civilized society), raising family, property ownership, entrepreneurship, etc.

Picture the world without white cultures.

The bible has much to say about the western cultures being wiped out in the last days. Look at the colors of the 4 horsemen in revelation: White, Red, Black and Green. Those same colors are the flags of Islam and Mexico.
Coincidence? Maybe.

Latus_Dextro BlackpilledBob • 21 hours ago
Division, exclusion, inequality and inequity. That is neo-Marxism and its corporatist globalist rainbow cult.
In short, divide and conquer.
The lesson of history, a subject now taught only in revised format.

Boomin BlackpilledBob • 21 hours ago
its deeper than that they are trying to undo Babal in rebellion to G_D

michelleswj Pelatiah Adams • a day ago
One of the main things President Obama found in BinLaden’s compound was information advocating for exactly this – starting wildfires across all of Western Civilisation.

goodguy Pelatiah Adams • 19 hours ago
The Lord will get them by fire in the Tribulation… only it will be purifying the world from all evil. Amen and Amen (so be it)

Meritocrat Pelatiah Adams • a day ago
As were the fires in California, and Arizona. Only, in Cali, it was the UN gang.

Rob • a day ago
Japan doesn’t have any of these problems. It is smart enough to preserve their Japanese culture and doesn’t invite in people who wish to change it. Only the leaders of western civilization countries have chosen to engage in national suicide.

NMInfidel • a day ago • edited
Issue #5 of the ISIS magazine, Rumiyah, has flames on the cover and instructs jihadists to set fires as a weapon against Western infidels.

Brian_Richard_Allen Lalo • 21 hours ago
…. (islamanazis) are incompatible with Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Society.

Close. But reality is even more stark in that the hesperophobically-psychopathic and sociopathic and/or seriously-simpleton islamanazi culture is incompatible with life on Earth.

The Blue Eagle • a day ago
They are being called “teens.” In the US, when a white 18 year old male is accused of a crime, they call him a man. More insidious MSM “reporting.”

WTexas • a day ago
The mindset of the muslim men tends to be just like these two folks that were arrested. No personal responsibility whatsoever. They can do as they please in western nations. They can attack women using the excuse that they were not covered so they are not responsible for their own lusts. No wonder the left loves islam.

Steve • a day ago • edited
Why is it that all of these Muslims fleeing their countries of origin are claiming asylum for persecution immediately try to convert their new countries to exactly what they claim they left?

Johnny Reb • a day ago
If I wanted to emigrate to Australia, I would have to take a points based questionnaire, be a certain age, be proficient in English, prove my work history, prove education, and have a sizable bank account – because I am white. If I am Muslim, then by all means waltz right in with Matilda the terrorist and have at it.

2thegates • a day ago
Watch the videos of the Moose-limbs in Dearborn cussing and throwing rocks at Christian pastors and you will see how hateful and rabid their youth is. Anything not Moose-limb is to be conquered and destroyed. They are parasites to any western nation and they seek the death of the host.

tomorrowisadayaway • a day ago • edited
“ISIS fanatics are urged to attack America and Europe with forest fires and spark ecological carnage in chilling propaganda…”


Yautja • a day ago • edited
I remember hearing rumours of the same arson attacks in Fort McMurray Alberta several years ago? The locals knew something was up when several small fires sporadically appeared in geographical areas not even remotely close to the blaze or lightning strikes. There was a considerable Muslim/Somali population at the time, involved in all sorts of shady dealings, including fraud, real estate, drugs and prostitution etc.

Those rumours however, were quickly dispelled, once our virtue signalling idiot PM, (with the help of the Air Canada and the CBC) brought over a bunch of useless S.African “firefighters” who sat on their a55es and demanded double time and citizenship, before they even picked up a shovel. The Feds spent close to $1M for that photo op, which could’ve been better spent on Russian water bombers(that were on stand by, ready to go) but was outright rejected by Junior and the NDP premier.

Oh, and they also attributed global warming to that devastating wildfire, which destroyed most of the town, some of whom are still fighting their insurance companies and govt.

Randall Flagg • 16 hours ago
A muslim youth is accused of starting wildfires? Shocking!
This is more shocking that when they reveal who the “youths” are at riots, shopping mall fights, or group assaults on random white people in the US.

Sorry but the minute I heard that multiple people were either in custody or under investigation for setting these fires my mind immediately went to the believers in the religion of peace as being likely suspects.

Rollerstop • a day ago
looks like Australia legal system is controlled by deep state: no consequence?… just keep doing Brother??
poor Oz have to pay for moslin “joke”…

Brian_Richard_Allen Rollerstop • 21 hours ago
…. looks like Australia legal system is controlled by its Deep State ….

Sure is and has been since the first sod was turned at what has become Central-Planning HQ AKA Moscow On The Molonglo AKA Canberra AKA Whitlamgrad. By a deeply-embedded and insidious Deep State insanely-euphemistically-misnamed the ‘Permanent “Public Service”‘

David The Voter • a day ago
Arsonists here are pretty common, unfortunately. Been going on for all of my near 60 years and more. Much as I dislike and mistrust Muslims, this does appear to be a couple of fuckwits unsupervised. The common and real arson that happens is deliberately lighting fires in the bush on total fire ban days, not a moron with a sky rocket. Benefit of the doubt here from an Aussie.

sojourner2018 Steve Behnke • a day ago
I think you’re onto something here…..maybe there’s a new job on the global market……climate missionaries….people who start fires to create belief in climate change! Its a magical, mystical job to create faith. The world is so crazy right now, I would believe anything.

scottmc • a day ago
I see, he was a “climate” refugee from Indonesia (likely) and he set fires, so climate change proof…if he didnt come, there would have been no fires..

Luigi • a day ago
If a lot more of the culprits resemble this guy these fires may serve as the beginning of the Australia’s Brexit from it’s liberal side. Hopefully it will give them a much needed deeper understanding of Trump and America.

A Guy In Texas Another Bob • a day ago
If you analyze the mass murders in Australia, fire is actually the weapon of choice with the Whiskey Au Go Go fire, Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel fire, Churchill Fire, Quakers Hill nursing home fire, Rozelle fire murders and 2017 Footscray arson attack. I am sure this set of fires will have a high death or injury toll as well once people can go into these areas and look.

Doron Stauber • 3 hours ago
Wildefires here in Israel were started by islamopyro’s. NO reason to think that islamofascists wouldn’t do it elsewhere.

PRevere James White • 6 hours ago
Because historically 95% of all terrorism is carried out by followers of Islam. Additionally, Islam is NOT a religion, it is a militant, despotic caliphate. Also, 18 year-olds are not ‘kids’ they are adults, and lastly if they started fires why didn’t they call the fire department like any responsible person would. PC much?

Jim • a day ago
Put firefighter gear on both of them and send them into the wildfires to put them out.

Yautja Jim • a day ago
Nothing would get done, as they’d require 7 daily prayers, halal food in the bush camps and refusal to work with women. Take it on good authority from someone who has worked with them in forest management.

Richard NP • a day ago
This piece of news is from the 7th of November: “ISIS encouraging followers to set wildfires in forests, fields of US, Europe”.
NOTHING happens out of the blue. Yes, these guys are Muslims, and they want to follow the steps of his fucking role model Mohamhead.