Gray State

David Crawley Family

David Crowley Family.

Published on 21 Jan 2015

EP-0265 Gray State, the Death of David Crowley and the Purpose of Shill News

Zachary K Hubbard

Lots Summing to 93.  Miller, Charles sums to 39 the reverse.  Mason.  Don’t question the gov is the message.

David Crowley, Army Veteran and Gray State Movie Director and Family Found Dead

Comment:  Police said the rear slider was open.

Rough Cut –

Comment:  “Very suspicious that Alex Jones promoted the trailer for this movie when the award winning 9/11 thriller “Operation Terror” was not even allowed to buy advertising on Infowars and Prison Planet.″

Comment:  “Disinformation agents littered throughout this psyop they call a movie. Adam Kokesh could be labeled the star for he appeared and disappeared  perhaps 40 times in this  two and a half hour cut.. All Adam’s buddies at the  fake truth sites such as, RT and “We Are Change” were there”


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