[Deadgirl the Movie

Comment:  “I watched a DVD rip of that “Deadgirl” film recently (been meaning to do a post on it [she’s referred to as their sex-slave + going into the mentality of it compared to using Monarch slaves, mental institution and more specifics] + some other movies), the ‘deadgirl’/chained dead sex-slave is played by Jenny Spain: “her family includes former members of the U.S. Secret Service who had served for 4 different Presidents of the United States [she is likely a Monarch ‘presidential model’ sex-slave],Private Detective who has also worked on Celebrity cases such as the Michael Jackson Trial. Jenny’s mother was a singer in her church choir, Father is a Mechanical Engineer, Her younger brother serves for the U.S Army as well as her grandma who was a Former Model and Beauty Queen. [multigenerational Monarch]” Can’t remember if they actually fucked the bullet wound but they did suggestively ‘finger’ it + talk and ‘joke’ about doing it (give it a rewatch for the post).

Deadgirl Full Movie (Horror, Thriller)


22 May 2015

“Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.”

Comment:  “Oh dear, this movie is terrible. Don’t waste your time.”