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How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5)

Posted on 2020, April, 1 by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

This is the fifth blog post of the #SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong series, which is a collation of a series of tweets from Jessie Czebotar @CzebotarJessie, into posts for easier reading. This is a fascinating and very disturbing insight into the workings of the rituals, training and life at the top of the cult.

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These sites may also be useful

    • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
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As these are tweets which I am reproducing in a blog, there are small technical changes that need to occur. In this post I have added some photos to illustrate the text and try to add pictures in the right places for the text, and change some punctuation, capital letters and formatting, but I leave as much as I can in original form. I try to add links to the start of each tweet thread.

The last blog Forged Through Brokenness (SBFIS Part 4) [6] covered

  • A good explanatory video on occult philosophy – magic and sorcery
  • The deception behind “brotherhood”
  • Ritual where it appears that the trusted, supposedly great and good community support – Police, Firefighters, Medical Emergency Services, Pastors & Priests in
  • Chicago raped the sister of the little boy and killed the whole family, and covered it up.
  • It seems Chicago is a major centre of illuminati activity.
  • The service was held in St Peters Church, Chicago, no doubt with the actual perpetrators present
  • The little boy was then illegally put into the care of a German man, Hitler’s ex Defense Leader of Legions
  • More ritual was revealed that the little girl and boy are forced to go through, in which they hear the singing of the Lord
  • Now to continue with more sick revelations of the illuminati cult…but first a poem…

He Runs into the Night By Think StormBorn

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 30 Hard Core Illuminati Reality [1]

*Warning Graphic Content* about child trafficking & ritual killing.

    • What is a test?
    • What is a test used for?
    • Is it not to gather information, To see what knowledge is learned?

Why do the Elite self quarantine? Do they keep thousands of children in store? Hidden? Locked away to use at their disposal? The answer is…No they don’t. At least not on their properties.
Hard core truth. These people are so sick.

Remember I shared in Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) [4] about a little one “delivered” right to our door.

Why was there a test quarantine? Watching for movement of this Corona was quite the test?

These Masters of Secrets Of Generational Trafficking, Cannibalism, Organ Harvesting, and Blood Engorging trails…. They SELF quarantine because they know they can get it DELIVERED right to their door.

They flash “L” signs (like Madonna in her fried fish song post)

Madonna Fried Fish Video [9]

The “L” sign is upside down Hebrew dales.

Their signal for a “door” (Even Ellen flashed it taking on the pose of the tarot card joker, hanging upside down on her couch) When do they use this sign?

Ellen Video [8]

I will be honest…I only shared the first layer, now you shall know the second.

First, they use it to let their Protectors know they need an exit, an escape, a way out because they are in trouble BUT those who always have a watchful eye on their Masters also know when they are in distress. They know when the sign is flashed which door to open.

Why have no Protectors come to their rescue? Is it because they are not in danger at the moment. [See The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [7] for information on Protectors]

So what was happening around our country the past few weeks – Testing… Seeing whose getting live children hand delivered to their door?

Why were nursing facilities so guarded? Why the push to remember the elderly are so vulnerable? They are vulnerable. Are these not the people who need assistance the most during times of crisis?

But this war is not just about getting a few.

They have to have an accurate count. They have to know even where the “retired” elite are getting their supply from… Do some research – Search Amazon for sales on Baby Trump Balloons.

Think – Is that the real item being received? No funny little liberal humor poking fun at our President. They were using an “honored Office”, the Name of a man now standing in that position, To receive live “children” in the mail for consumption.

How does that make you feel?

[This is an illustration, solely of selling Trump balloons in Chicago]

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 31 [11] How Deep The Magik Well Goes

The knowledge of the EXPERIENCE of good and evil. What if I could show you spiritual truths through Math? That 3.14…..Pie….= proof of eternity?

That Math sheds light to supernatural truths in the spiritual world? Why do they hid this knowledge from us? Is it because Science & Math are evidence of Spiritual absolutes?

Did you ever consider that? That Math proves the spiritual realm is an absolute truth? We are familiar with basic equations such as: X+ Y = XY . Now lets define.

X physical world + Y Spiritual world = both the physical and spiritual simultaneously existing together. We can even change the letters for a different truth.

L Life + D death = Living death

What about the claim there is no physical life? We are a collective consciousness that really doesn’t exist?

A figment of imagination X physical + Y spiritual + Z imagination= a triangle.

The 3 existing in unison, Being able to name each point proves the existence of the others. You can have all three existing together. The physical world proving there is the spiritual and imagination. The imagination proving both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Think of a square G= God, S= Satan, A= Angels, D= Demons.

Just because we can’t see or hear them, Does not mean they do not exist? It just means we may not have knowledge of them because we have not experienced them.

  • Who has hidden these spiritual mathematical proofs throughout generations?
  • Who benefits in hiding them?
  • Is there an advantage the enemy gains by people believing he does not exist while he has a select group of people who have full access to him and his beings powers daily?.

All this is true, And yet while those who serve him have unlimited access to the spiritual world, he uses these very things to also limit and hinder the power and work of the children of God

Hang on to your seats, We are going to start diving into the spiritual and magical aspects of Lucifarian Illuminati, Freemasonry, Cabal, and Temple of Set belief structures The following audio reading will be very helpful to understanding the truths I will share

Manley P. Hall What Is White Magic, Gray Magic, Black Magic?

[12] 2019 Manly P. Hall – Occult / Esoteric / Metaphysics What Is White Magic, Gray Magic and Black Magic? –

The following tweets are from Hippo University @HippoUniversity [13]

I don’t get to talk about the mathematical side of reality much… but YES! I would say, its all geometry, and its all a reference to the number 1, which is the start of Fibonacci, 1 being drawn from the absolute (it exists, 1 is the it). And in one is a representation of existing. Like a binary bit.

If we think of a number ‘Line’, well thats just the X axis! Another number line that is (90 degrees, that number!) from the first line? X – Y = Perpendicular planes. Even more funny, if we go in electromechanics, an inductor is always 90 degrees from the source! BOOM.

If everything is mathematical, then everything is geometric. Thinking Time, is just a location amongst a plane, or dimension. So the timing for an event to happen, its a geometrical focal point of the geometry that defines the event.

And now, if we were to go to the HIGHEST of ALL dimensions, where the ALL exists…

All timelines, events, all civilizations, all of life, a particular UNIVERSAL FOCAL POINT MUST EXIST as part of the ‘shape’ of the ALL.

That focal point is whats ‘coming’. NOTHING can stop it.

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 32 Wait! What? Mason’s Use Magik? [14]

If you haven’t watched video from SBFIS 31 I encourage you to do so. The videos or readings I include in these threads can be hard to come by…some even will disappear once they realize I’ve used them.

So take advantage of these sources I am showing you from their own material what exactly they believe and promote at the core.

[12] 2019 Manly P. Hall – Occult / Esoteric / Metaphysics What Is White Magic, Gray Magic and Black Magic?

How do you know what others believe and gain understanding of those beliefs? Knowing and gaining understanding only come a few ways.

  • Through personal relationship – knowing the other
  • Through Reading- written documentation of the other
  • Through Hearing – listening to what is said of the other.

I want to hit a hard point home right now. It will offend some, But I need you to really listen and grasp the importance of WHY I am hitting this point right now with you.

  • First, You must remember I lived through things more horrific than I shall ever be able to put into words.
  • Second I lived through these things With others, especially Christians all around me.
    I was held to a strictly enforced code of Silence. If I chose to tell, I will admit there were a few occasions I did, The consequence was watching someone horrifically die.

You may question how in the world the above statements are of any relevance to YOU, And I will now drive my point home….

Do you know how many children are bound in this darkness?

Bound by the systems code of Silence.

I was surrounded by evil people. I also was surrounded by good people.

People in churches Who believed Satan was real and active in this world, Yet They didn’t know [that] a block away from Church, The man who “died from the heart attack” the previous night, had really been defecting Satanism.

These Pastors boldly preached Ephesians 6, About the armor of God & that if you wore it, If you were good, God would not allow the enemy to hurt you.

Yet, how many children in the system are choosing good?

Did it lessen the reality of our daily fight against the evil we were in?

*Warning Graphic Content* Depictions of child rape

We gathered at Rothschilds Hunting Mansion.

My training partner & those my age of bloodline had some free time to roam, Before the hunt began. (Hunt is generic term used for the quarterly ritual wood game with children).

We loved exploring the Mansions, Manors, and Castles of the elite, The places hunts were at. So much to discover, So many hidden places to find.

One of the Rothschild children was a living, walking tour guide commentary. He knew everything and was more than obliged to share it.

As he took us on a private room to room tour, We were busy looking for all that he did not share – Entrances, Exits, Places to hide.

We did this everywhere we went because we knew it was vital for survival.

The night hours pressed on after dinner. We got to watch the hunt begin from the balcony above.

One had to be careful to not find themselves on the property grounds… That would make you fair game if caught, for rape or death, depending on your Captors mood that night.

One also had to be careful not to be caught inside the house. That was where the older men and women, No longer as limber and swift as they used to be, prowled.

When the host ushered everyone from the balcony indoors…the full game was on.

It was better to be indoors than outside. That night, the littlest Rothschild we found crying in a corner. Since we had found an exit on the second floor, Which would give us a hiding place till day break, We took the risk, Picked him up, Hushed him, And carried him along.

As we got to the second floor We heard voices. That of (the head of the estate) and one of his grandsons. The grandson was fighting, resisting, trying to get away. We were in a hall with doors on both sides. Going back down the stairs was not an option, So we picked the closest room.

We ran in and saw a large wardrobe. Little did we know that we had picked the wrong door to run into. That was the exact room the head of the estate dragged his grandson. When they entered the room, The three of us in the wardrobe barely breathed.

The youngest child sat on the left, My training partner in the middle, I on the right.

As things in the room progressed, Such anger overtook me I looked straight at those wardrobe doors with all intent of bursting out through them, And helping the grandson fight.

But my training partner caught the sheer dread upon the littlest ones face. He knew we might be excused for such an action, But we could not protect the littlest or the grandson from more severe consequences, should we decide to intervene.

So as he watched me, Seeing the determination, He made a split second decision that could have ended in consequences for himself. I felt his hand come around me. Then his hand across my mouth. His hand and arm remained firm and in place, Signalling I would have to fight him to get out.

In anger I surrendered to the call he made. The three of us hearing, listening, knowing the evils done to the grandson that night.

I hated the depths of evil I saw. It gripped the core of my heart, With an unexplainable pain. Depths of sorrow I could not allow. Those depths only led to death.

Silence became my fiercest enemy.

Death of others my strongest foe, The price of defying. What was the price of being good?

I Will Follow You into the Dark by Think StormBorn

The price of silence – seeing, hearing, watching gross pain, suffering, and abuses along with only more death.

All I do IS to break the silence

To stop the cycles

I can not do it alone.

And you can not enter the war without engaging

I share from their perspective to challenge you,

So you will not fear,

So you will understand and know how to engage.

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 33 [15]

“You are not hidden. There’s never been a moment you were forgotten. You are not hopeless. For you have been broken. Your innocence stolen.” – Lauren Daigle song Rescue

*Trigger Warning* Contains content from my childhood experiences of a sexual nature with ritual Magik.

I have tried to tread lightly to get you to this point. I know some of you will struggle to go there with me.

In those moments I need you to remember the three small children in the wardrobe and grandson I spoke of in Silence Breaks Forth into Silence 32. We are not the only ones who have gone through this. Don’t be afraid to dive head first into the Magik Well to understand the depth of what the enemy has put us through.

This is about showing you that at their cores, Lucifarian Illuminati, Satanist, FreeMasons, The Temple of Set and other Occults use the same sources as the foundational core for their belief infastructures.

I know it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m presenting these resources so you can see and know for yourself. Some of them like the FreeMasons use the Bible. They have their own version, With all its added specialties.

2019 Right Divider 15 – Cryptic Masonry [17]

All of them across the board use Aliester Crowley’s works as a foundational source. Crowleys Thelematic views introduce the readers to “guardian beings” and are based in the principle “Do what Thou Wilt”.

To capture the will of a man is part of the enemies key agenda.
2018 OTO USA Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law [22]

How does the will get captured?

Through the knowledge of experience of good and evil.

We have discussed in previous threads that Magik is defined as an entanglement or harmony with others, nature, or spiritual beings. Through experience we relationally KNOW them.

2018 Spiritual Freemasonry Magic in Freemasonry [19]

How does one Experience?

Is it not with time spent relating?

Relating between two or more.

2013 Half a Sheep Masonic Magic Circle photo / Women’s Energies vs Freemasonry [18]

What does the Bible say about knowing?

What is it equatable to?

Is it not compared to the intimacy between a man and woman in the marriage relationship? Both living to KNOW one another in the most intimate way that causes a natural response of ecstasy, Mutual Delighting in.

So what did those four children in that room experience that day?

It simply was not a matter of a pervy old man fulfilling his lusts through the sexual abuse of a child. Do you understand what I am revealing?

This System.

They use hunts, rituals, and daily life to train children to use the physical to access the spiritual realm.

The man who owned the estate used sexual intimacy and sex Magik as a means to relate and connect himself and his grandson with spiritual beings.

These next two videos will be hard to hear.

The first one describes the three types of sex Magik.

2013 Jeremy Crow The Three Types of Sex Magick [20]

The second goes into their purposes for sex magik.

2011 Living Thelma – Sex Magick and Mysticism (1/2) [21]


  • Why do they have regular hunts?
  • Why do they have regular rituals?
  • Why does training become an every day at home lifestyle?
  • What is gained through this knowledge and experience with the Fallen one and his beings?
  • What IS one willing to give to attain it?

This is all about The Lord Most Highs age old enemy and his agenda.
Was he not cast from heaven because in his heart he said “I will rise above God”?

Do you think he’s forgotten that agenda?

Everything in the System of his kingdom marches forward to press on toward this one aim.

The following from ThinkStormborn tweet [23] and [24]

She runs into the Night

He follows her to Hell

They both abandon Light

In darkness they will dwell

Blackness will they weep

They’ll dream of loving Death

In shadows will they sleep

To wake without a breath

They’ll suffocate in silence

Choking desperately

Drowning in the violence Of the Onyx sea

This is what they wanted

Painful as it seems

To be forever haunted

By their dying dreams

( and adrenochrome for loudly do they scream)

#GodWins though #QAnon

ThinkStormborn tweet [23] and [24]

#CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Illuminati #Adrenochrome #CoronavirusPandemic #AdrenochromeWithdrawal #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonFoundation #ChildTrafficking #SatanicElite #NWO #stopchildabuse

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki [2]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [3]

The link for this post is 2020 Mar cathyfoxblog How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5) [25]


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I only post on the blog, and links on Twitter. If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, voat – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G] and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki https://deprogramwiki.com/ [Q]

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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email cathyfox@zoho.com quoting the article title.

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

I only post on the blog, and links on Twitter at present. If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, voat – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati.

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