Scott Koningisor
Did you know that the Kabbalatards at the University of Wisconsin INTENTIONALLY cut off the glanses of baby boys so that they can one day be taken to the University of Wisconsin and used as sextoys by the Rothschilds and their billionaire pederast friends? It’s impossible to sever the entire glans during circumcision; it is NEVER an accident. Sometimes it’s because of the date and place where the child is born, other times it is punishment for something the grandfather did. They did it to JP Morgan’s grandson; I knew her as Hilda.

It’s true. You of course already know that the University of Wisconsin is actually the House of Rothschild, right? Yup, they’ve been cutting off little boys’ glanses for 180 years. It’s how they get a steady supply of “angels.” I am pretty sure that the rabbis who do it are the same ones who go around getting world leaders to sign the Noahide Laws–which are just another pretext for pederasty.

You know about the “angels,” right? They serve as temple harlots; even the ones who want to be boys are FORCED to be girls! It happened to a friend of mine named Karen Abel. He committed suicide rather than be a girl. They are brought there and repeatedly sodomized until Warren Buffet comes and takes them out for ice cream. He then becomes their new “dad.”

The fathers of the angels always die in car wrecks–if they complain too much. Warren Buffet murdered Karen Abel’s dad, and mine as well.

Bertharina Rina

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How to Stop Self Hatred
Self hatred is a highly toxic form of thinking because it directly resists your well-being. When you have thoughts of inferiority about yourself, or when you feel undeserving/unworthy, it’s a form of self hatred because through these thoughts you are undermining yourself and not valuing who you are. Always remember that who you are is a unique expression of life, and there is no-one like you in this whole universe, and the very reason for your presence here in this reality is because life choose to express as you to fulfill a certain expression/intention. Your uniqueness is evident, not only in the way you look externally, and the unique aptitude/attitude you possess, but also in the way you perceive reality in your mind through the unique make-up of your brain. All forms of self-hatred arise out of comparison, and the only way to stop self hatred is to acknowledge your uniqueness and avoid trying to meet up with someone else’s standards. End quote !
Hog observes various mobs, ( Democrats ), across our country singing and public-ally elevating the word F— . We must recognize mass hysteria of collective thought expressing symptoms of Anal Fixation. Dr. Sigmund Freud originally laid his ground work on the basis of individual self-induced cognitive repulsiveness. This is the reverse of collective, ( MOB ), emotional and pro-social development. Subconsciously the mob attitude in using the F— word are sublimating to the core of mass preempted child hood, unconsciously, defecation. From the earliest stage of existence semisolid waste is involuntarily ejected. As lives are extended repression and depression becomes the corner stone of our pseudo-Democracy. Mongrelism is a state’s most thoughtful political
ruse for social engineering. Thus Mongrelism is anti-self identification. Even the creator asserted that the temple of God is to receive no mongrel. Personality deification is an individual oath of personality l responsibility. Hatred of one’s self is to be deguiled with attempting to find a think alike as discovered with MOB adversion towards responsibility.
Thus individual neurosis is the escape goat from the womb to the tomb. Using the word F— through mob mentality reveals a classless gulf of humanids ladden down an atrophy of anti-social sick individuality. Indeed, sublimated rectumitis is..WIKI : A condition where the head is stuck up one’s rectum, preventing this individual from seeing and discerning facts. Let the mongrelised mobs scream; End quote. Paraphrasing: Poor souls suffering from diaarhea of the mouth, while crawling through sewers of national political whoredom: A LEOPARD CANNOT CHANGE ITS SPOTS. So rave on you sorry bastards !