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The Outer Light
Published on 19 Jan 2018

kunga lofo17 hours ago
White dragon society is yellow shirt mafia, Khazar Jew pm Turnbaal Lowe Institute Sydney Synagog Jewish pm Howard jesuit uk pm tony Blair lucifarian usa president george bush clinton president Trump ABC 666 still assert 2 planes caused the collapse if 7 twin towers complex buildings insured by larry silverstein,

fiona barnett has reported labour elites xpm hawk keating nsw premier bob carr bruce spence cheif psychiatrist nsw sydney uni proffessor collegue of school of tropical medicin dr lenonus petrovskus are papal 1776 Wieshaupt Rothschilds freemasonic xion protocolists engaged in Nazi xionist private reserve bank governor phillip lowe lowe institute vichy french nazi uboat builders jew pm turnbaal jesuit pm abbott goldman sachs CIA mossad khazarian mafia isreali pm netinyahoo papal mercinary mercantile jew word order sedition in australia.

If you check out Steve Crothers Thunderbokts project Symbols of an alien sky maths radio cismology Australian physics you will find proof of the treason jew pm Turnbaal the ex CEO goldman sachs oz and cecil rhodes scholars xpm abbott turnbaal howard victorian premier kennet and xpm fabian socialist zionist julia guilard now ceo of beyond blue is engaged in.

As the son of an Anzac ww2 lt colonal N T JELBART OBE surrogate grandson of ww2 Royal Engineer General sir clive steel the lack of MSM media support for Fiona Barnetts allegations by my Owen Dixon law chambers Queens councilor Brother in law QC P F X Odwyer the man engaged to defend victorian schools pedophile crimes of cardinal pell also i suspect prevented by his big bang pedophile papist secular roman catholic attitudes sabotage the career of my close Geelong Grammar School friend son of former liberal party leader Sir Robert Southey, William Southey was unable to earn a living as a barrestor in Lowe institute khazar jew twin towers sabotures associates Owen Dixon Law chambers, whats worse is my elder sister jane jelbart a Ryton Girls Grammar school maths teacher and her husband Philip Anthony vice headmaster of Trinnity Grammar Melbourne a physics teacher refuse to acknowledge or even look at felow QLD resident Steve Crothers maths which has completly destroyed Einstiens maths and logic of standard model general relativity, my father and general sir clive steel who name i carry support commonwealth constitutional democracy and darwins evolutionary science it is compatible with middle way consequentialism of nalanda school nagarjuna tibetan vajrayana but not with the hegelian dialectic and big bang khazar jew frogshit taught by the presumably fake manchurian candidate dalai lama presented at katoomba sydney 2015 alingside Holleywood illuminati like richard Gere the worlds expert on vajrayana could not explian the symbolic meaning of the vajra if hindu buddist culture saying, he did not know the symbolic meaning of the vajra or funney hats tibetans wear, i suggested he watch Thunderbolts project David Talbot in symbols of an alien sky explains the varjas symbolic meaning at an exoteric level consistent with historical cunniform clay tablet 8th chapter gilgamesh enlil enki oldest records if writing on clay tablets in cuniform script some 6000 years old Aboriginee culture greeting PALYA meaning lotus born death bound acknowledges Anica imoermanence at Yulara this proves honey ant dreaming at ULARU which in pali may be understood to mean union mother or cause of rupakaya human birth of arya bodhisatvas and arhants and shakya zulu credo mutwa pharoic black nubian gold smith chan daki fans subdue citta huli with a lizard brained khazar jew rothchilds mind of nsw fiona barnett abusers enfaged in pedophilic politixal bkackmail and sedition, with chan daki disciples they domesticated these wild bull afrikan hyoxite expelled semite alexandran arse fucked cor pirate skull and child boner khazar jew pedophiles down under fiona barnett has reported to recent royal commissiion into institutional child abuse with issue if isis yeshua yeshe tzogyal union if bliss born of compassion and annatta or mahayana of java birobudure vajra yana highest yoga tantra thusness of human birth protecting mind pritecting mantra Yulara+VA becomes mantra of vajra yogini western himalayan raja yana of bali hindu buddist culture even sinfarajan sufi mahometa great love tradition now can see mount sumeru ocean if bodhi dharma arises due to desire union of parents birth and sense based contact with manifest cosmos mt sumeru ULARU arises in mahomet dani and nagargunas non comming non going, non dual shunya dzo ra asta central shushma ceasars blissfull non learners non five sense based annata, non atnam but manusanam buddhas rupakaya dharmakaya lineage has roots in aboriginee mandala of honey ant dreaming deathless path of shamesh saturnian cunniform knowers of facts around anica, imoermanence know RA Earth first sun saturn went away when earth as a moon if saturn burst out of its Utpala lotus purple dawn saturn magnetic sheath on entering current solar system possibly around 40, 000 years ago within Aboriginee tribes living orrally transmited shamenistic religion witch is actively suooressed by gegeluan dialectic of anglucans and papist khazar jews fabian socualusm of nazi zionist zionist pupett dalai lama who replied to my suggestion he watch thunderbolts project was proof hh dalai lama kama zopas fpmt tom victor a polish jesuit ian green advertusing executive kabaalist puppet controlers of lama zopa FPMT are engaged in sedition by the dalia lama saying to me he backs big bang theory if Einstien which Steve Crothers maths and logic and radio cosmology physics of wally thornhill an Australian has demonstratable evidence suns surface is hotter than its center therefor Pm Mall Turnbaal and manchurian candates dalai lama noam chomski ohilio adams fran kelly abc 666 radio national and 10 9 7 sbs 2 even NITV in as far as it attemots to legitimise abrahamic frogshit if big bangster twin tiwers fukushima WMD lie promoting abraamic darwin and tesla tech 21c thunderbolts exoteric vajrayana tri alectic supression by khazar jews at Tara house is sedious im sure thier yelliw brick road to khazar jews nihilustic eternakustc flip flopoing is well intented and for most eyes wide shut collaborators in this treason they mean well just attempting to follow tibetan leaders but as they are infiktrated by khazar jews i would suggest george farley ian green, yakki platt, fake dalai lama etc those like 2nd oaid chenrezig institute director sandy smith who engineered kabaalist coop at CI Eudlo QLD all promote pacific toxifying big bank theory of jhazar jew rothschikds zionists snd should be chargedvwuth materially sifing crimes against humanity snd sedition of the nazi colkaborating zionist rothschikds bug bang theorybpromoters jew world of toxic warmongers disorder economically sabotaging sll doveriegn nations is a crime isreali rothschilds big bangsters are engaged in this big bang theory promoted by lowe institute puppetts like pm malevolent jew turnbaal is definitly seditious lock them up ASAP