Lady Die

5.3.2010 – Prince William’s Occulted Numbers

Anonymous 17 April 2011
The British Army unit I was with at the Jungle Warfare Training in Central America had very good soldiers … going on third generation SAS and SBS … snipers in Bosnia … a Victoria Cross winner … one of them told me a story about going to school with William the Prince, and how during water polo some kid pulled down Willam’s bathing trunks while they were all in the pool … it chilled me, like in the movie The Omen.

About Diana’s murder … a tiny note appeared in the newspapers that the man who made her car swerve and crash in that tunnel in France … well, that man who made them swerve was in the French Foreign Legion ... what a not so strange revelation … he couldn’t just be Pierre the Baker or some guy … he had to be Legion …

As the Bible says, “Our Name is Legion … for we are many.” Which is found in Mark 5. (See also Stephen King’s special TV drama “The Storm of the Century” which focuses on a French man who is the incarnation of the demon Legion mentioned in Mark 5.)

I got chills reading this post, the induced labor and 5555 days old on the day of her funeral … and that cartoon of Baal which looks like Prince Charles … what is the source to show it is 100 years old? Could you post that? To me that is the biggest piece of this puzzle I want to see verified.

Where did you get that cartoon? Can you please, again, show the source? I don’t mean to disbelieve you. I do believe … you get a certain feeling reading this post … I have already sent it to a lawyer friend in the UK and an American Indian who was in the US Army Special Forces, to see what they think of it …

One of the most amazing articles I have ever read. As a professor and journalist I have seen a lot all over the world, and I don’t think I have read anything like this article … ever.

As as Christian I wish to pray for William and all the Royals. Anyone who is not on the narrow path, through the narrow gate, is only one decision away from turning to Jesus Christ ... I don’t believe any darkness around Prince William cannot be dispelled.

His name comes from what God told Moses. I am Who I am.

The Will of I Am … William.

May God’s will be done … we should have no fear of and for William. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.”

Is the next heir to the throne after Charles Jewish?

5 February 2019

‘Princess Diana knew’ Australian man claims he’s Prince Charles and Camilla’s love child

Simon Dorante-Day

'Princess Diana knew' Australian man claims he's Prince Charles and Camilla's love child

27 May 2018
Princess Diana is Still Alive

Princess Diana is Still Alive

The Black Sheep Sweater

Diana Black Sheep Sweater

Diana is David not Ondine Rothschild

Published on 4 Feb 2017
the fish symbolism of both diana and david first and foremost show the ideas behind the event Fayed reagan waking style and a movie about trangender tell the tale

24 December 2014

“nicholas soames threatened diana”

Unlawful killing? It was cold blooded murder. Diana’s and Dodi’s assassination by MI6.

Unlawful Killing – Keith Allen – banned –

Link not working?  Try this  Not working?  Try DM article at link betow.

Oh Dear, someone does not want you to see that film.

‘Lady Die’ from Enigma Motion Pictures. Chris Everard has asked for the message below to be posted.

The most common questions which many of you have emailed to me are these:

Q: Do I Agree With David Icke’s Research in THE BIGGEST SECRET?
Answer: Not Only Do I Agree With it, I Have Presented Some New Video Evidence Which Suggests Occult Rituals Are Happening at Hampton Court Palace.

Q: Do I think Diana was murdered?
Answer: Yes

Q: Who Killed Diana?
Answer: Operatives of British Military Intelligence (most probably MI6).

Q: Who Ordered the Killing?
Answer: According to Diana’s own Hand Written Notes, She Suspected Prince Charles of Planning An Accident to Kill Her. I do not Disagree.

Q: Did Diana Die Due Entirely to Injuries Suffered in the Crashed Mercedes?
Answer: No, She Was ‘Finished Off’ in the Back of an Ambulance Which Deliberately Parked Up and Took Nearly 90 minutes to Make a Journey of 11 Minutes.

Q: Why Was Lord Stevens’ Computer Stolen?
Answer: So That The Investigation Could be Monitored by Spies Reporting Back to Buckingham Palace.

Q: Do I Think The Royal Family Are Involved With The Occult?
Answer: Most Definitely, Yes.

Q: Are There Black Magic Rituals or Occult Activities Going On at Royal Palaces?
Answer: Yes, I present Video CCTV Footage Which Proves It.

Q: Why Was Diana Murdered?
Answer: She Knew Too Much About The Perverted Lives of the Royals and How They Have Stabbed & Slashed Their Way Through History.

LADY DIE is not a film for the feint hearted. My film encompasses many facets of Diana’s life, and presents a timeline leading up to the assassination.

I present new evidence and new motives.

The links between Prince Philip and the Profumo Scandal, Princess Grace of Monaco and the Order of the Solar Temple, Exorcisms on Aristocratic Estates, Eerie Figures Dressed as Medieval Black Magicians Caught on CCTV at Royal Palaces, The Double Murder of Two Young Princes by the Royals, The Forced Murder by Lethal Injection of King George, The ‘Box of Secrets’ Diana Kept and many other items of evidence are explored in this film, produced by Queen of Compassion Films in Australia.

LADY DIE is now in stock and you do NOT need a paypal account to order the film – just click through through the paypal payment options until you see the familiar credit card logos. I promise your DVD will be dispatched within 48 hours of your order.

Proceeds will be used to offer training courses in film making and media studies, encouraging people to make films about Landmines, AIDS and other subjects which Princess Diana was interested in.

I would like to thank DAVID ICKE and the Australian team of producers, plus extra special thanks to the subscribers of THE ENIGMA CHANNEL – a new season of shows will be launched soon featuring extra bonus footage and interviews.’

A word of caution about those who would speak ‘the truth’. What we have is truth mixed with a bit of ‘new age’ mumbo jumbo by the gatekeepers of tptb.  We must be ‘wise as serpents but harmless as doves.’

Reinventing the Royals Part 1



Dec 30, 2012

What was MI6 team doing in Paris the night Princess Diana died?

Das Neue, No. 41

Lady Diana was Killed by a Team of Specialists of the British MI-5

What Princess Diana Knew

Princess Diana at friend’s wedding

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