Crotchbomber Underwear for the Discerning Lady or Gent


Made from the finest materials and expertly sewn at our factory by our experienced and creative staff.  You can’t go anywhere these days without a pair.  Imagine getting caught in the airport X Ray booth with standard grundies.  Ugh.  Security control laughing uncontrollably at your choice of attire.

This will never happen with Crotchbomber.  Spandex side panels for extra comfort,  finest lace from Nord-Pas de Calais and silk panels from our personal supplier in Kanchipuram India.

For Her

Not just for the long haul either….

Want to put that #BANG# back into your lovelife?

POP into a pair of ***Crotchbomber*** and get ready for the


For Him

when you get

swingin’ with that ole


OGs Eye Man.

‘Oh the Og’s Eye Man is the man for me.

Oatmeal Grass

He was born and raised in Tennessee …….’

Charlie Hebdo gunman had links to ‘underwear bomber’  Ha Ha Ha Ha



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