17 June 2015

Out With the Old:Duality/Rachel Dolezal-False Leaders&ThePinkHand, DangerousYokes & Ties in Perilous




Making and Breaking Verbal Contracts w The Prince of the Power of the Air via Prayer


17 Sep 2014

Do as thou WILL: Will i am, William, Williams and Tranny-Gate


17 Sep 2014

Tha Otha Side:MUSE-Sick vs. Good Vibration – So What DO I Listen To?


13 May 2015

New Order: New ‘Police’ and New ‘Teachers’ for the New Age:/Ecclesiastes Revisited


16 May 2015

Hammertime: “Hammer” Killings in the News, Jade Helm, Thor and Civil War

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKLJ_-sewXE  (Good Prayer at end)

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