DER Comment:  Someone wrote: Population of Coventry 2015 = 329,810
Net immigration to the UK 2015 = 330,000
Net immigration EU citizens 2015 = 180,000
Number National Insurance numbers granted to EU citizens in 2015 = 630,000
UK housing shortage 2015 = 500,000
Number of kids in UK schools whose first language isn’t English = 1.1 million
Number of EU citizens arrested for serious crimes awaiting deportation = 4,000 +
Number of EU citizens on in-work benefit = 285,000
Number of Eastern Europeans homeless in London = 1 in 5
Number of Romanians langusihing in the UK without a job or home = 17,000
Number of EU citizens registered at your local GP over last 10 years = 1.5 million
Number of people waiting over 4 hours in A&E =230,000 the largest figure since records begun.


DER Comment: We can’t cope. Skilled labour via visa system is great, uncontrolled mass labour has no benefit. We still have 5.1% unemployment in this country and last month unemployment increased by 22,000 before BHS crash and Austin Reed. Our schools are full, the NHS is under strain, our roads are packed and our green belt is erroding. We need to build a new house every 7 minutes just to keep pace!

DER Comment: The only way these countries are going to gain control is to exit the EU , They have to dissolve it now if ever . Because if they don’t I see mayhem coming in the form of The elite in Brussels calling for a state of emergency , In the USA they call it Marshall Law . They will deploy the army and force countries to take more than a fair share . Now the whole idea to these nut job elites is for the EU to collapse anyway . They need it to . Its the only way for them to move forward in to this NWO , Which only a few years back was a conspiracy . Now we know its fact .

There is something sinister running this show . There was no need to bring all those people in to Europe the way they did knowing that things were tight . First of all they tried to fool us with Photo’s of Children washed up (Placed for the photo op )

Then rolled out the Pope and co to make us feel guilty for who we are . They fooled us about the war in Syria and America’s true intentions there .

Oil Land or Temples and monuments like the Temple of Ba’al which has been erected in London and America . A place were they worshipped false gods and the Devil by sacrificing Children . Google . Great Tool .

Now none of this is a coincidence . This is engineered to work like a Swiss watch . Planned … All of it could have been avoided … They could have erected Camps near their homes for the migrants fleeing Syria because America Bombed it for 5 years before Russia got there ..

The other migrants are just a cover to let the likes of Turkey join . Europe is breaking now with the amount of migrants . Lets agree on a number , Say 10 Million has entered there ……… Turkey when it has its Visa’s 75 MILLION ! Its not hard to work out what will happen … Pray . This is not about votes , If they want Briton , No amount of Votes is going to stop them . We can try … But this is planned people . Like a game of Chess , They know our next move . They have had decades to plan it .


DE Comment: Try the port of Hull ,just wait until the passengers disembark ,then count the number of people leaving the ferry dressed in crew uniform,sometimes it looks like there are more crew than passengers .Crew uniforms can be bought easily in Rotterdam.