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“100% Correct about the Zio’ banksters and I spelled it out even more in detail when I replied to you yesterday, but my post was deleted. This one will probably go the same route. At least since yesterday, I note there’s a few agree with you too.In a perfect world we would no doubt have all been one colour — However, I believe in a Supreme Being, the Creator of all and obviously the creator of Man, also of all different races. Africa has been home to the black race since forever, North America the home of American Indians (known today as Native Americans), Australia (Aborigines), New Zealand (Maoris), India (Indians) — I named these countries, as they are the main ones colonized or exploited by whites for centuries —The mighty makes the rules! This is history. However, if one looks at the indigenous tribes (nations) of the countries mentioned above, did they not also invade and rule the weaker indigenous tribes or nations of their own kind. It happened all over the world, in Europe and Eurasia too. However, my point is, once one’s culture is completely overrun by a majority, no matter which country it is, one either accepts the change, lives as best as one can, going with flow or settle in Orania (I think they call it) or leave Africa altogether and find a country whose culture resonates with one’s own.White South Africans especially, enjoyed the good life for nearly 50 years, as Americans did, with the difference that SA instituted an Apartheid system and this humiliated their black brethren and bred hatred for their white oppressors. Now modern day South Africans must live with the consequences of Apartheid — feel it biting them now, but not by any means as it did the black South African majority. It was wrong and it is tragic.

Contrary to what the leaders in Europe say to the press, they know they’re being hi-jacked and by whom. As you say, when one does research, one cannot believe how filthy dirty and bedevilled this world of politics really is, but follow the money. Unfortunately people have no idea how brainwashed they are by a western system which for sure, doesn’t follow God’s Law, but that of Satan. I can only say thank God for Bashar al Assad and his brave Syrian Army and for Putin’s support of a man, whose country at this moment in time is Europe’s last buffer against human organ eater terrorist monsters. If this comment of mine does not get published, this site is not the unbiased, free and fair one, I thought it might be, supporting all different points of view.”

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All that wasted food and clothing speaks volumes for the creatures who left it behind. Our own race would never squander such valuable things. I suppose these parasites just want the hard cash hand-outs.

I understand Eugene’s statement We are ruled by idiots- politicians are generally the worst qualified for their job. The human rights laws do not apply to the victims who have to pay taxes and suffer discomfort for accommodating immigrants from the third world. Today local radio commented that the French rugby side complain about being house in Croydon, UK, my home town which has become a shithole during the last 10 years with 75% of those around in the town centre did not have a British grandfather and the rest are an uncertain number of Romanians and Albanians who have a bad reputation for crime and benefit fraud.In April 1968, Enoch Powell was excluded from the government for saying that men could not find a hospital bed for the birth of his child or a place in (a suitable now) school and his neighbourhood changed beyond recognition and employers hesitate to impose the same degree of discipline or competence on immigrants given to the native born- that is called racists



“The EuroUnion Government wants them to stay just because they want to be at power, but EuroUnion is drowning. So they are trying to destroy Europeam memories, history and ethnicity consciousness just to keep all the gathered countries together and reign over them. Just imagine – a dumb, nameless crowd of foreigners which has nothingin  common with the history and nationality of a country and does not care about it, but just seeking the better place for living, feeding, and populating. And will vote for the government which guarantees named things – it is quite easy manipulable, and are just listening to their religious leaders, who tell them to do what the government wants. Europeans are free minded, and religion does mean not much for them (mainly) so they can refuse and resist if the politicians do what the people don’t like.  After all – the sick minded project of racial conjunction, which contains the program of making the grey race, and the upper race containing just some chosen few rich families and persons who will be ruling over the grey mass. Whether you believe conspiracy theories or not they more or less are taking their form in real life anyway.”

“LOL true the thing is for non whites there is no such thing as rape. They live according to their urges and just do and take whatever they want at any given time. In South Africa we know this and have been going through this for years but we were always accused of being racist. We were fighting against communism and trying to win but the rest of the world forced us to give up the war thus the fight against communism. Now South Africa are big buddies with China pumping money into them which the government steals as quick as possible and we live in anarchy in a country very quickly turning fullblown communist. Europe must realize this plan worked in South Africa and now it is being deployed on them. If they do not fight it tooth and nail they are doomed and trust me there is no way of ever building up your country again.”



“As assumed “De Facto” leader of the EU Merkel is playing a long game. Civil insurrection, rising crime, tax increases to pay for her “Guests”, and when the peoples of the EU vassal states cry “enough!” she will propose (order) the following:
1 An EU border force based in Berlin and run by Germany
2 An EU wide tax to pay for housing the (often) illegal migrants
3 An EU wide distribution of the feckless – decided by Germany
4 A system of “fines” for the vassals who oppose her plan
5 The abandonment of the Dublin agreement
6 Seizure of private property and dwellings across the EU.
7 An agreement with Turkey to speed up EU accession
The same Turkey that has received many millions of Euros (as a gift) to build railways to link with EU countries. Even the Ford Motor Company are involved. Transit Van production moved from UK to Turkey.The EU is looking, more than ever, like the the old USSR. Gorbachev noted (after the break up of said entity) “I am astounded that, after recent events the EU is trying to re-create the USSR!”