Satan’sProstitutes – Black Child

Comment@ BC: Michael Hall
Dude, another incredible video, but this one has been difficult for me, I really hate pop music, I mean REALLY HATE!!! dubstep too, the most negative sounds one could rupture an ear with,,, but hey, I realize these are my personal tastes, one thing to mention, some of these artists couldn’t sing in harmony if their life depended on it, producers use the vododer, if I have the spelling right, I heard Brittany Spears sing without the use of this electronic invention, it automatically puts the singers voice in the key of the instruments and creates harmonies within that musical key, her voice was awful, terribly out of key and no harmony what so ever, so this equipment has been around for a very long time…. Thank You for posting

Comment @ BC: Witches were tied to chairs and drowned in ye olden days. Then you have the electric chair of course. You could call it an archetypal symbol of sorts, a sign of authority. God sits on a throne (chair) to judge the living and the dead. Kings and queens likewise assume earthly and sometimes divine authority as they sit on a chair . The Pope is carried around on one and the ancient Oracles of Delphi were delivered from a chair (stool). You hold a ‘chair’ at a university giving it intellectual power. Used in dance films like Flash Dance, Cabaret etc it is clearly a mockery of any such pretension to authority its

GW: And the hairs are of the “Bentwood” type.