[Noahide Laws 7]

Daryl Bradford Smith – Chabad-Lubavitch

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Evil Chabad and the Noahide laws Guillotines OBAMA’S FEDS HAVE SET 30,000 GUILLOTINES IN FEMA CAMPS President Obama appoints Pro-Noahide Law Rabbi David Saperstein as US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom http://ephesians511blog.net/2014/07/30/president-obama-appoints-pro-noahide-law-rabbi-david-saperstein-as-us-ambassador-for-international-religious-freedom/ http://www.remnantofgod.org/guillotines.htm Christendom must begin to realize that the eventual enforcement of the seldom mentioned Noahide Laws is the engine that actually drives the so called New World Order. What’s more is that the US government has already recognized these strange set of edicts as a new direction in law. (big mistake here) While our nation was sidetracked and slumbering, President George Bush Sr. and Congress officially recognized the Babylonian Talmud’s little known and rarely publicized all encompassing “Noahide Laws” of proposed super state forced “benefits” upon the entire world. These laws were officially adopted and proclaimed by President Bush Sr. and Congress by the passage of Public Law 102-14., March 20th, 1991. It is to no surprise that Barack Obama also supports the pursuance of this internationally based public policy as a way to provide a “moral compass” (Obama’s words) in guiding America’s youth down the Talmudic path of values. ( See Omaba’s ‘Proclamation’ April 3, 2009 – end of this article ) What the Noahide international law entails is a belief system based upon Babylonian Judaic values enforced by a 21 st century quasi version of the Edomite Herodian dynasty that captured Judea in the time of Christ, having murdered our Savior in the old world Jerusalem. Just as the congenial sounding “Patriot Act” is being used to strip away Constitutionally protected rights, the recognition of the Noahide Laws has been done under the guise of the unoffending name “Education Day”. This is typical of the sleight of hand maneuvering of “legalism” promulgated by the One World Government clan among us. Originally mandated “Education and Sharing Day”, this day was set aside by the United States Congress in honor of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s the Lubavitcher Rebbe (1902-1994). The Rabbi was dedicated to promoting a Talmudic education world wide plan for Jews and non-Jews. This supposed “Education Day” was first inaugurated April 18, 1978, by President Jimmy Carter, with the ’91 Bush proclamation to define it as “Noahide”. What are the ramifications of this Talmud centered day as far as American civilization is concerned? Primarily, it attempts to supplant the pillar of all laws, the Ten Commandments and God’s Laws as listed in our Christian Bible (upon which the true laws of Western civilization were based,) with a set of seven regulations established as “traditions of men” proclaimed to be universal in nature. Make no mistake about this: The Noahide Laws have nothing to do with the real person Noah we read about in the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible. They are a sugar coated but very dangerous rendition of “universal morals” as perceived by Babylonian Talmudic interpretations of the Torah, and imposed on an unsuspecting world http://ezra98.yolasite.com/resources/NoahideLaws.pdf
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The sticking point for Christians is their belief in the Trinity and in Jesus Christ as saviour. The Jews themselves never believed that Jesus was the Messiah. They claimed he was a mere man who said he was “of God” which in their books was blasphemy.