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Vegas Blvd. Street Camera Records Something You Need to See!

Saudi Prince Salman Using Blackwater to Torture His Opponents

End Times News Report
Published on 23 Nov 2017

See – /POL/Q Clearance Page

Rosie B
The picture of “Paddock” they love to show does have him with a 13 on his throat. It’s an important occultic number but looks like it’s tied to MS13 and not just the occult.
So exciting if all this is true 🙂

Shawn Cobgrow1
So is this really saying that liberals hired ms13 for Vegas and have been using them for other political acts of terror? We already know the Muslim connection to Mandalay

Another very interesting development– https://youtu.be/z7ZOPtaVpUI

If you skip ahead to about 10:00, in July 2013, Stephen Paddock added Lincoln County(Nevada) Commisioner Adam Katschke as co-owner of his 2007 Nissan Xterra.

Katschke was convicted of Medicare fraud in January, his assistant (who was later added to the title) was convicted in April. They were defrauding Medicare insurance over ketamine cream/powder. Katschke was a pharmacist.

Why would Paddock add them as co-owners of his vehicle, despite living over 400 miles apart at the time? What was the nature of their relationship?

Ketamine is easily available in Mexico…almost over the counter. Hmmm….

Stephen Paddock’s Ties to Hallucinogenic Drug Scammers – Las Vegas Shooting – Part 36

End Times News Report
Published on 3 Nov 2017

Kevin Spacey, Chris Cornell, Linda Ramone, Courtney Love & Tony Podesta… PedoGate

Dean Fougere
Streamed live on 30 Oct 2017

”Peter Cordell ended the post with a goodbye to both his brother and Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide on what would have been Chris’s 50th birthday.”


Update – Vegas Security Guard Says “It’s a Big Fat Lie”, 1871

Bill Still Report
31 October 2017

sheri wilson (edited)
CAMPOS is the San Bernadino ‘husband’-Look it up-It’s TRUE- truthseekers.com , Jim Fetzer- Find his youtube video @ jamesfetzer.blogspot.co.uk And yes, ‘Campos” wears that isis beard- A lot!

Shooter Foe
Paddock and his room is totally faked. No shooting happened from there. So is Campos. Maybe the first “Campos” was the guy that carried all the weapons, brass and dummy up to the 32th floor. Then he drilled the door with cordless and tried to brake the glass from windows. Too bad there is picture that shows windows intact right after the “shooting”. If Campos got bullet in his leg it must be ricochet from the windows he tried to shoot broken and failed again.

Will Walker
if you follow this story at all Jesus campus went to the hospital after the shooting 11 days later they said he was feeling some kind of anxiety and they took him to a quick care clinic. obviously it doesn’t look like that’s where he really went. He was taken and given a quick MK ULTRA electric ”treatment” so he remembered the right story.

Neurotic Nation
Come on Bill, think outside the box. Try this on for size.

Unknown actors (wink wink) want to stage a very public terror event. But, you want to apply the spin that it was the work of a single white male armed to the teeth with all his privilege. So, what do you do. You recruit a patsy from your pool of outside contractors to take the fall.

Send him off with a shopping list of weapons to buy and tell him he’s going to work the inside of an operation to take down some arms smugglers. You know your pigeon is going to get wise to the set up as soon as lead starts to fly so you need a way to deal with him. Someone on the inside that can roam the halls of the hotel without suspicion so that fifteen minutes before the party starts your man can get access to your pigeon and arrange the props.

For my money the only rounds fired in Mr.P’s room were at him and the door. I figure that there were three to five guns none of which fired on the crowd from Mr.P’s room. I figure that most likely the shooters were cartel goons or Islamic terrorists (my money is on the cartel connection). When the shooting stops the shooters all leave LV and drive to Mexico. Compos follows later. Why the vacation? Just in case somebody decided to ask Mr. Compos to submit to a GSR test which would have let the cat out of the bag. I figure that one of Mr. Compos’ affiliates, unbeknownst to Mr. Campos, drilled him in the thigh with some pistol fired rat shot to put the cherry on top. Nothing deadly, nothing serious just enough to make his bona fides.

Far fetched? Sure is but, we’re in a time when weird is the new normal. Paddock is the modern day version of Oswald. If elements within our own government can go to these extremes we’re on the verge of something very ugly.

Herbelin MT
Why isnt any one mentioning that the australian was scared as f*** he said that he witnessed them shooting a security guard in the eleveator. Campos was the shooter in the elevator! They killed him ! This is a double

Renee V.
When You said that Sheriff looked after the first public statement like he’d been “BEATEN’ that is reminiscent of the President of Greece when he was dealing with the Global Bankers and literally after he meeting with them looked beat-down and scared to death, with threats – I have NO doubt that this was a FALSE FLAG and is being run by the Global Kabal ! They are all lying to us with the ultimate intent to INTIMIDATE AND INCREASE FEAR IN US ALL TO “CONTROL US ALL”….GLOBALLY – LOOK AROUND THE WORLD VIOLENCE IS EXACTLY THE SAME……!!

Giovanni Beazzi
Pre-Mexico Campos is assasin who killed Paddock (Mossad, contractor, mercenary, etc). Post Mexico Campos is the real Campos. There was a swap in Mexico. Campos on Ellen is the cover for the assasin.

Las Vegas Shooting WHO is this guy being escorted OUT of the Tropicana Hotel UPDATE TAKE 3

nservePublished on 29 Oct 2017

Couple that Survived Las Vegas Shooting NOW Deceased ‘Accidental’ Car Crash

Streamed live on 29 Oct 2017

Dennis and Lorraine Carver both died about 25 minutes after the late night wreck. It’s still unclear what may have happened to cause the man to veer off the road????

Kay Paulus
Was living in the area when the Michael Hastings Mercedes blew up spontaneously at 2:00 in the morning and apparently he was speeding out of control over 100 MPH on a road that is a 35 mph with a median strip of palm trees and the car hit a palm tree at a high rate of speed. The wreck was cleaned up by 5:30 a.m. so no one would be able to see the vehicle or evidence of the wreck. Fiery crash according to the one eye witness walking his dog! Hastings widow could never locate where they took the car after it was all said & done. But someone who witnessed the crash said the same thing about a car which blew up and then veered into the palm tree. This man was walking his dog at that hour. Not uncommon at that hour. Hastings was on his way to deliver new evidence on Obama administration after he interviewed a very important meeting earlier. Andrew Breitbart met with his demise months later. Hasting & Breitbart were working on this epic story and both died early in the process. It is fact! Satellites can drive a vehicle and change speed of a vehicle with a device inside of the vehicle to do so. Hollywood do this with cars all the time to stage accidents for movies! That is how Hastings died. Device planted and no evidence or any signs of the missing briefcase with his meeting!

Hard News TV
aaron swartz, exposing obama kill list, founder of Reddit…dead
keith ratcliff biggest gun channel on YT…dead
john Noveske.…biggest gun manufacture …blogged on drugs and mass shooting..dead
phil marshall pilot/cia/9/11 truther…wrote book on 9/11…dead
gary webb ..journalist….exposed cia drug running….dead
andrew breitbart…journalist…dead
Mike flynn, co founder of breitbart, editor…dead
barnaby jack…hacker…Dick Chaney feared him….dead
michael hastings, journalist, author, worked for buzzfeed, rolling stone…dead
mike ruppert…former LAPD, speaker, exposing cia and drug running…dead
Tom Clancey…famous author…exposed military secrets…dead

Vega$ was a Mossad job. Period – Chertoff

Published on 11 Oct 2017

Photoshopped patsy “Stephen paddock”

Published on 17 Oct 2017

VEGAS CASE CLOSED: Multiple Shooters Confirmed in Intel/Defense Sector Murder Rampage

Published on 9 Oct 2017

UNBELIEVABLE FIND!! ILLUMINATI 322 Everywhere Las Vegas Shooting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ySr1QyAVH4
Streamed live on 5 Oct 2017


Mike Turber
Published on 9 Oct 2017

The Las Vegas Mass Shooting – More to the Story Than We’ve Been Told

The Las Vegas Mass Shooting – More to the Story Than We’ve Been Told

Brabantian 9 October 2017
George Soros just earned millions of profits from the decline in the share stock price of MGM Resorts, owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel in the Las Vegas massacre

MGM CEO James « Murren and his fellow board members were not the only speculators who were bearish on MGM’s prospects. Billionaire investor George Soros also bought $42 million worth of puts on the company, according to SEC filings from mid August. »

A ‘put’ is a tool used by investors when they expect the price of company shares of stock to go down. A ‘put’ gives the investor the ‘right’ to sell the share at a certain price in a specific future time frame … when the price has collapsed, as after a shooting massacre on company premises, George Soros can then buy the lower-price shares on the market, & instantly sell them for the higher price in his ‘put’.

Soros has been ‘lucky’ yet once again.

So there are tens of millions of profits for oligarchs here in the Las Vegas massacre … those who took profits selling MGM stock, or betting that MGM stock would decline … and those who are profiting from the upsurge in stock price & new business contracts for ‘naked body scanner’ company OSI – Rapiscan, involving Michael Chertoff & also again, George Soros

Exactly as predicted by the person on 4chan who warned in early September that a Las Vegas ‘incident’ was coming, & that it would profit leading Jewish figures

butike11 October 2017 at 14:06 The centre of the hexagram of the last 6 shootings appears to be Denver Colorado.


Las Vegas Shooting: An In-depth Analysis. Timeline of Events as They Occurred

MIRACULOUSLY Vegas Shooters BLINDED: Could Have Been Thousands Killed?

daryl lawson
Streamed live on 6 Oct 2017

Brabantian 6 October 2017
Photo of concert killing field, many bodies laying there, crowd long gone, shooting long over… NO emergency medical ‘technicians’ (EMTs), NO ONE there amid the corpses / injured / dying people
… Were people just left to die all night, as Jim Stone is saying? Or are the bodies fake as part of the psy-op?

Jim Stone via Henry Makow – ‘FBI did the killings, much of Las Vegas massacre is hoax’

Stone asks: Where are the photos and videos of the kilometre-long string of ambulances etc?

Gambling industry employees are pointing out, that the story that Stephen Paddock was ‘earning millions gambling’ is quite absurd … anyone truly winning large amounts over a longer term, is blacklisted & escorted out the door of casinos as soon as they appear

Which means that Paddock’s money was likely spook gov intel agent money laundering, money is overall in greater part ‘lost’ at the casinos but the ‘won’ portion becomes clean & usable by an alleged ‘private citizen’

Anonymous 6 October 2017
First hand accounts of more than 1 shooter at different locations
*** https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1677577062266157&set=pcb.1677587885598408&type=3&theater ***

Brabantian 5 October 2017
Stephen Paddock seems to be a lifelong spook agency asset, possibly still alive somewhere; his brother Eric Paddock seems very fake in the videos, bad body language and a too-hysterical insistence the US gov story of Las Vegas is true.

Stephen Paddock, CIA-connected spook outfit guy: Worked for defense contractor Lockheed as an accounting auditor, then he mysteriously has a charmed life as a millionaire from alleged gambling plus rental property ownership

Stephen Paddock’s two aeroplanes are tracing into registry with a company called Volant, Virginia Pentagon defence industry contractor like his 1980s employer … once a spook, always a spook.

It’s not that easy to be a non-loser big gambler, that may well be CIA spook money funding him, which he claimed were ‘gambling winnings’.

The story of the two dozen weapons in the hotel suite is really ridiculous. Any shooter, novice or experienced, naturally seeks to avoid confusion in any real shooting situation … Absolutely no one would bring in two dozen different guns needing lots of different ammo, to a place where they would need to be hidden from cleaning staff, let alone be used in a hot firing situation where time was essential.

Novice or experienced, going into a ‘hot’ situation, you would bring just a few guns all using the same ammo, rotating the guns when they got too hot or malfunctioned.

Now they’re trying to sell an absurd story the guy was a many-years-in-secret gun collector of this arsenal, not telling anyone ever about his toys.

UNREAL Unseen footage Vegas Mandalay bay Cab driver saving people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh5Qd3E1Wj0
Geromino Mohican
Published on 3 Oct 2017

Gary Koons
8 hours ago
He said he had 23 guns on the 32nd Floor that’s Freemason number for order out of chaos and that gunman at five minutes in as I not say the 4th floor


Ed(tor) 2 October 2017
Who runs Las Vegas?

Peter 2 October 2017
Exquisite question! Today, I would say there are two factions fighting for control. They are described here …… https://www.amazon.com/Yankee-Cowboy-War-Conspiracies-Watergate/dp/0836206886/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
Initially founded by the Yankee organized crime henchmen Bugsy Siegel, but as of late, ripped off with extreme prejudice, by the Cowboys the likes of which are Howard Hughes and the Mormon mafia (who are really just the balancing henchmen of the Gladio style op engineers of the doubleheaded eagle British and Vatican slave masters.)Phew, that was a mouth full. They play both sides off against one another.
The cowboy boots strewn in disarray was message to their Yankee henchmen (who have been on a losing streak as of late) we feel your pain and now we do something about it.

Anonymous 3 October 2017
As ever the ‘official’ numbers of 58 and 515 esoterically have lots of meaning – well worth looking up and not as whacky as some think as the perpetrators leave nothing to chance. Peace.

Brabantian 3 October 2017
Sheldon Adelson & Michael Chertoff involved in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre, per 4Chan

Las Vegas media had story on local ‘Homeland Security Mock Terrorist Drill’

Israeli-Jewish gambling billionaire & political king-maker Sheldon Adelson, & rabbi’s son, Bush Homeland Security chief & 9-11 principal Michael Chertoff, now earning millions from the sale of the USA airport body scanners & security gear –

Are said to be involved in the Las Vegas massacre events by a poster ‘John’ who warned people in Las Vegas to stay indoors & avoid public gatherings

He said the goal was to terrify US citizens re public spaces, & mandate metal detectors & body scanners in many more places such as concerts … the contracts for this gear bringing more millions to Chertoff & Adelson, along with general terrorisation etc

Screenshot of 4Chan dialog tying Las Vegas massacre to Sheldon Adelson & Michael Chertoff

Screenshot of past ‘Las Vegas Now’ article on 2017 ‘Nevada Homeland Security Plans Mock Terrorist Drill

keeping the faith 777
1 hour ago
The girl with long hair click on blue numbers 7:46, in her full interview last night, she stated: “Shots come from ground”, and than stated STRANGELY “” NOT FROM THE AIR “” said SEVERAL times if I recall correctly, also Stated ” More than ONE shooter” and than stated : “It felt like they where being HERDED like cattle toward shooters” . Than She stated : ” She walked over DEAD BODY’S”, blood all over her legs and Sooo much more was said … And she is NOT upset at ALL . . She also stated : She lives and works in Las Vegas and knew this was coming. Contacting her for a interview mayyybe interesting? , CREDIABLE? Remains to be seen .. She stated her name in interview . Something OTHER than POSSIBLE drugs usage in play here, something strange with this one… Im sure !!! , I have seen her before also in some other event, I just can’t put my finger on it YET!! And much more in her FULL interview, she just kept talking till they litterally took her off camera and left camera running AUDIO on and some VERY STRANGE things were being said … She was on the Washington post: live post utube, late last night.. Dam I wish I would have recorded it. THIS I BELIEVE MAYBE A GOOD LEAD TO MORE INFORMATION. Please tell me what u all find out ..😁 THUMBS 🖒 God Bless u and yours 😉 If people truthfully died I am sorry for your loss in this crazy event. Let’s find the FULL truth for all involved … AMEN

Will the REAL Paddock please STAND UP?!?!!?

Tracy Beanz
Published on 2 Oct 2017

Examining the Facts of the Las Vegas Massacre

Israeli News Live
Published on 2 Oct 2017

MumzyTube Susan
9 hours ago
Wow! You see it as I do brother. He was there for 3 days and the staff/housekeeping never saw anything suspicious? A woman reportedly ran to the front of the crowd telling them they are going to die? 45 minutes before the shooting? I think that a terrorist group got a hold of this guy.. not hard to do…find out who he is, where he’s staying.. perhaps they played poker with him? They brought the weapons into his room, they killed him and made it look like a suicide.. in the meantime they were long gone… something is definitely fishy brother…and the room was 1200 feet away from the crowd….can those weapons reach that far? Can’t wait to hear the real story… I believe you are on to something.. will we get the truth? I doubt it. Like here in Canada, they have not yet charged this guy who drove and hit an RCMP officer and others with terrorism. Yet he came as a refugee back in 2012.. they said he was radicalized but had no reason to arrest him at that time… “He wasn’t fully radicalized”… LOL! My Lord help us!

Mandalay Bay CRISIS ACTORs On Parade

Published on 2 Oct 2017

Berean Jenn
7 hours ago
Supposedly there was a Craigslist ad for crisis actors in Vegas a few months back…..still digging to verify

AntiNWO Canada
7 hours ago
There was a drill. DAHBOO has a video with a pamphlet about it…

7 hours ago (edited)
RFB — Please read this I am from las vegas a rideshare driver it will keep your interest I promise. They are using crisis actors and making these things LOOK fake with all these easter egg details crafted in such a way that it can be REAL to the area involved and still look questionable by little details they add and how they present it they know the other crowd isn’t paying attention anyways it’s all about us. Sandy censored was the key to a massive psy op (there are many agendas to it but I haven’t heard anyone say this one) against us that I think they are building with these attacks. That just dawned on me today and I’ve been awake for 11 or 12 years. Hear me out. Like I said I live in las vegas I’m a rideshare driver who took a couple of people to this concert. This was a real shooting not a hoax but definitely a false flag. I know people that were there and I talked to a customer at my day job today with a messed up hand that was at the hospital and it was packed with crying families. I love ya Richie but sorry man I’m here.. I mean I don’t think they faked all of those families. I guess I can’t say for SURE I haven’t seen a body myself but I’m seeing it man it was tons of people and i’m hearing from people that are grieving with friends that know loved ones and such I can’t see how that could be faked.

I could be wrong I haven’t seen much of the news or the clips they are showing yet but heres an idea. I know sh was a complete hoax I dug deep, but is it possible that the ultimate plan was to use that event to make it clear they are capable and then accompany all the next big events with crisis actors and intended confusion in order to make real events look fake but still real enough that people still experience the losses just in order to make us look crazy and give them the ammo to alienate us from the rest of society? Imagine them dropping a bomb of more footage proving it and start calling us hateful and ridiculous or dangerous. These would just make us look like assholes to everybody else. The police asked everyone to turn in footage for review at least that’s what i’ve heard second hand here and everybody follows everybody is giving blood theres a massive delay they turned everyone down quick. Heck I thought about giving blood but I pondered whether that would fall under a bloodletting ritual which is obviously bad.

7 hours ago (edited)
Aldean, the singer is on a 2012 list of freemasons.

7 hours ago
Absent RussianVids commentary I would like to mention that Jason Aldean (the singer at this concert) is 33 in Pythagorean numerology, in case nobody else has mentioned it before now.

Stacy Stroker
7 hours ago
The guy being interviewed at the end has MILLIONS of followers on some social media site. That’s a red flag for me

7 hours ago (edited)
I love the smell of grilled cheese sandwiches and ciggaretts in the morning , Smells like victory !

Gordy Merritt
6 hours ago
I responded to the scene of a shooting (retired police). the guy was on his back shot just above the left nipple. Blood was squirting out 2ft in air on every beat. I grabbed some of those brown paper towels in the silver boxes (it was a gas station lot) about 2 inches thick, ripped open his shirt and applied direct pressure. Within minutes the paramedics arrived, because I was responsible for direct pressure I could not move. I was straddling the guy. When they brought over the trauma board they rolled him enough to get the board under him. I had to continue to apply pressure. So now you have the injured on the board with me on top applying pressure. It took 6 people to pick us up. Once inside the ambulance I was able to get off the guy. The bleeding stopped but the damage was done the guy survived but was never the same. That was one bullet wound. 3 you would have no chest especially a large caliber weapon. JMO

Freedom Fighter57
7 hours ago (edited)
Richie, I just watched a video on UT “Examining the Facts of the Las Vegas Massacre” on Israeli News Live that puts a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together and it goes deep. The Vegas baloney may lead us to war with Syria/Russia like the Deep State wants. It’s a setup, the so-called shooter could be an innocent scapegoat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQaKDLZvDD0

James Murray
7 hours ago (edited)
The CEO of MGM Resorts International which owes Mandalay Bay is James J. Murren who happened to be a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council which is under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Murren

6 hours ago
Richie, something that hasn’t been brought up yet. I want to know why the lighting tech at the concert illuminated the entire area, after the band exited the stage? May as well sent up an infinite number of illumination flares. This is how us soldiers kill people at night, when thermals and night vision aren’t available.

Hyper Reality
7 hours ago
RICHIEFROMBOSTON- the Lord just brought this to me. The illuminati always show their hand through there rituals. Well everyone knows that they always put new initiates through the “public embarrassment” rituals. ALEX JONES just went through that recently with his divorce case,chibonni yogurt,and Megan Kelly interview. He’s always bragging of how they have come to him “wanting him to join” and he says no. Ha Ha

Aaron Cordova
7 hours ago
What’s even more amazing is the accuracy this guy was firing with. People say bullets were going thru heads and chest with accuracy. The guy was supposedly about .3 to .5 miles away from my research, not to mention he was on the “32nd” floor. He wasn’t much of a Gun “guy” so how in the world was he hitting (moving) people with accuracy from such great distance and length? Obviously he can just spray with that automatic but to hear he was downing people with accuracy is alarming. Clearly to me this is a controlled attack. Unreal. At first I didn’t know if it was real or not (if people actually died) but after research and knowing someone who was there, I do believe people actually died but I could be wrong for a couple of reasons. One reason I’m still on the fence is because The person I know who attended the event said she didn’t see blood or anyone get shot but there is 22,000+ thousand people so odds may be slim, I just don’t understand how she didn’t see a bullet or anything so that’s a little alarming as well but for now without further proof I believe they killed people with this one. Very sad they have to take these strides for there own well-being. Our Lord is coming soon. Maybe tomorrow, could be 100 years from now but always remember, 1 year on earth is a thousand years in heaven. He will come knocking soon.


Vegas Shooting Taxi Driver’s Video! Must Watch B4 Well You Know, The Take Down!