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26 May 2017 – Re the Town of Pelzer & The Finders Cult
Pic related corresponds to the tweeted image which we now know was taken by the same person/group.



Uploaded on 2 May 2017

╕┴ ܬ¶○ ╕┴ µ¢╬ ╕┴ ◙╬¬Ü◘ ╕┴ ¶ù├┘

Uploaded on 2 May 2017

6 Stevenson St
Pelzer, SC 29669


southern hostility @ Reddit Forum on MKULTRA:
Wtf? I moved to the Pelzer area about a year ago.
Earlier today I wanted to see which congressional district I lived in, so I started to Google ‘Pelzer SC con…’. As i typed out the ‘con’ in ‘congressional’ Google suggested ‘Pelzer SC conspiracy’. I kind of laughed and started to look through the search results. Now several hours later I am down the rabbit hole.
Can someone point me in the right direction as to who is doing the latest research on the Pelzer connection? I followed Pizzagate pretty closely when it first hit the web, but I had kind of lost track of where the investigations where going. I am really kind of lost as to the Pelzer connection right now, since a lot of the links that are posted in various forums are now dead. However, the weird Mexican restaurant that has been mentioned is right next to my house. It only takes up half of the building that it is in, with the windows blacked out on the ’empty’ half. It is in a strange area for a restaurant, and has a giant chain link fence with razor wire surrounding its side parking lot. This is a small town in rural South Carolina, yet the hostess there is a trans female well over 6 feet tall who is very unfriendly to people who actually try and eat there. The old Gerber Mill is supposedly abandoned, and has ‘Do Not Trespass’ signs all around it, but trucks seem to come and go from that area at all hours. Finally, there is the cluster of registered sex offenders who live in a gated trailer park here. I know that registered offenders usually end up in small towns with no schools due to the fact that they must live usually 1000 feet from a school. However, Pelzer is very small, has at least 4 elementary schools, yet 26 out of our 84 residents are convicted sex offenders…who all live together…and have no visible means of financial support.
So, I am here in Pelzer and have noticed the strangeness around me. Can anyone point me in the direction of people who are currently researching Pelzer and The Finders?

Gerber Mill on Paranormal Thread

Natasha 2927 @ Reddit Forum on MKULTRA
I decoded (using quipquop as well) a sentence i saw fade in and out of one of the creepy “mk” videos and it translated perfectly to “spiderman and elsa are your friends”

Palmetto Family SC

The Finders Pelzer, SC Historical “Community”

urban moving
Published on 9 Nov 2017

Piedmont to Pelter March 2017

Piedmont to Pelzer

Pelter Historical Community Gif – Type of Crossed Keys Symbol

Pigpen Cypher


The Black Child
Published on 13 Sep 2017

Julian ASSANGE & MK Ultra Project Monarch & WIKILEAKS Founder Beginnings

‘T Stokes’ was British Intel and a Whistleblower

Red Ice Radio: T Stokes 27JAN2008 Part 1


Red Ice Radio: T Stokes 27JAN2008 Part 2


Red Ice Radio: T Stokes 27JAN2008 Part 3


Red Ice Radio: T Stokes 27JAN2008 Part 4


James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Assassin- Rich Planet TV


Lord Moran Churchill's Physician

Lord Moran

Lord Moran – Churchill’s Physician

“Bases 30 Cathi Morgan MK Ultra in Britain Part One”


Bases 30 Mind Control in Britain Cathi Morgan Part Two



Herbert Morrison Labour Party

Comment: Smoke pot , they cannot control you …that and the fact that big pharma would/could lose 80% of their biz ( this info comes from a nurse working in an old age home).

Comment:  I’m not so sure pot prevented me from remember my dreams lucid out-of-body experiences i had all my life stopped when i smoked and negatively affected my intuition. It may not be the same for everyone though.

Comment:  I have a strong feeling those who suffer at the hands of others as children and manage to survive… do get an ‘unusual type of help ‘  (from above) Huge stuff to process in one mind especially a mind blown by intentional trauma! A very articulate lady especially how she describes effects of continual low-grade trauma… Bastards guilty of this must be in hell!

Comment:  We do get very unusual help from above.  Miraculous help, actually.  Believe it!

Comment:  Please be aware if a doctor or hospital screws up, every consecutive doc will brainwash the patient that your health concerns are in your head or your tests are negative when it not in your head or your tests are not negative. Canadian doctors are notorious for colluding to push a patient into trauma, depression or delusion to protect each other. They use major mind control, even murder to cover up their gross neglect.  She is dead on correct about some of these topics.

Comment: I have a hunch Kings College London are engaged in mind control research. I also suspect those academics within it are too dumb to realise who is funding them.British Psychological Society/Tavistock Institute centre for global mind control are dismissing MC research as delusional (which I think could be dangerous). Bell, V. (2004) Mind control experiences on the internet and the psychiatric diagnosis of delusions. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society, 12 (2), 162. Published abstract.

Swainswick Village - Peter Gabriel

Swainswick Village – Peter Gabriel http://www.swainswickchurch.org.uk/

Edith Morrison from Lambeth and the Rochdale Connection.  http://thetruthnews.info/hitchcock.html  HMMM loads of dots there!

Syd Rawle – John Lennon told him ‘I have to get away from ‘them’ before he went to New York.  http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/sep/15/sid-rawle-obituary

The Sleep Room at St Thomas’shttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2386477/NHS-Zombie-Ward-How-depressed-women-sleep-months-Londons-Royal-Waterloo-Hospital.html

Radio 4 Broadcast The Mind Bender Generalhttps://archive.org/details/WilliamSargant-RevealingTheMindBenderGeneral

The Logos – Mark Tolleyhttp://www.the-logos.co.uk/locations.html  Great collection of Masonic places including Swainswick Church.

Rudloe Manor Underground Basehttp://www.truthseekers-uk.org/index2rudinfo.htm

westwood_uv_treatment“Conspiracy theorists will be pleased to hear that the Westwood site is just a few miles away from Corsham and Rudloe Manor, and part of the same network of tunnels and bunkers that gave rise to so many Cold War myths and legends”



Project Oak Treehttp://www.mk.gowebs.co.uk/index.php/mind-control-uk/uk-history/uk-experiments/114-birth-trauma-based-mind-control-in-the-uk

The Elm Tree – “An event known as the �Cutting of the Elm� did occur at Gisors during this year, although the historical record of this event does not contain any reference to either the Order of Sion or the Knights Templar”  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Illuminati_SS_Brethren/conversations/messages/811

4 September 2013

Supersoldier Max Spiers Shares His MK Recovery Process

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