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Lady Somerset Belenoff, aka The Witch of Glamis Castle.

Marianne Faithful said Lady Belenoff was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen but that she possessed a most terrifying beauty. In her book, Taller than our Souls, Margaret Eton describes Belenoff and Page as occult rivals though they also respected one another. She also wasn’t a fan of Aleister Crowley and once referred to his occult circle as “the Order of the Golden Shower.”

Elizabeth Somerset Feodorovna Bowes-Lyon Belenoff is a great great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria through Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth of Hesse, Grand Duchess of Russia. Historians believe the Grand Duchess had an affair with Rasputin and as part of the Tzar’s inner circle, Elizabeth almost certainly played a role in the plot to have the mad monk murdered. Belenoff herself has hinted that she is indeed the great granddaughter of Rasputin. She had an on again off again relationship with Marc Bolan of T Rex who wrote the song ”Children of the Revolution” about Lady Somerset as she heads an organisation of that name, which is a sort of club for descendants of aristocrats destroyed by the Bolsheviks (her great grandmother was murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918). today she owns half of Suriname, runs the website for Bohemian Grove and is very close to Queen Elizabeth.

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”Mock the devil and he shall flee from thee.”
– Somerset Belenoff to the Reverend Billy Graham in 1987.
Lucifer is a third rate demonic entity who relies on his biblical fame in attempt to hold onto power. The pathetic fool once offered to give me the world on a silver platter in return for my immortal soul. I told him I already have the world, I have the silver platter and I have no need of his silly trinkets. I told him if he annoyed us further I would take his eyes out, and he left. I was 13 years old but at that age I already understood you have to stand your ground with these dark buggers. I learned from the old ghosts of Glamis. They were the best teachers.”
– Somerset Belenoff to Tessa Lynne-Gordy as reported in the BBC documentary, “There will be blood.”

Glamis Calling

Glamis Was Haunted – Jacob The Doll | Haunted Talking Item

Haunted Scotland

15 May 2020: Ukrainian Police put down Weapons & stand with the population

Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

phenom anon​ @ Ian R Crane
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cindy garay

vincent allenson
Hi Cindy, you should or may know this, a channel by name of ‘Universalnewsmedia’, a single woman reporting few times a week on giant planets she found on a few alaska skycams.. She shared a story 4 months or so back, where a giant light and craft was behind her home, a rural area, and all her electronics failed. She was concerned so she shared that. 2 weeks later, no one heard from her again. She, like you, was very sharp and exposing issues about nibiru. She simply stopped making videos. She has i believe her channel still up but no one knows what happened. And, she was a prayer warrior. Many of us have been very concerned. You’re now in the realms of very sinister beings, i mean, hybrid Vrill, reptoids and tall greys. Those are but 3 of the 9 races currently trafficking humans. One can stop an abduction, it’s been said, by rebuking the command and name of Christ Jesus. As we know, most of the 1.4 million storm refugees from last years superstorms never came home, and were even told they will not go home by TV reporter. I’m worried about even tho we are only acquainted here on your channel. Have you seen; Gerald Clark’s Threat Briefing for mankind? It’s excellent, here on youtube. I urge you give it a listen, about an hour. You know these alien demon things run the show behind the scenes, they are driving the nwo thru corrupted leaders. Leaders that are vrill hybrids. This very serious, id pack if i were you . Be careful and thank you for your courage and reporting. Gbu:-)


Burqa Britain -


Arthur Rackham – Alice and the Pack of Cards –

Conversations A:  ‘So Heseltine, Hurd and Brittan inexplicably were absent when the Brighton Bomb exploded.’ B:  ‘They were probably f#cking each other in some seedy Brighton boy bordello. God Almighty, what a bunch of turds they all are.’ C:  ‘Heard the one about Hurd and the Turd old boy?’ A:  ‘So he was there.  It has never occurred to me before but from what we are learning about the truth, could the Brighton bombing been targeted at Leon Brittain?  Seems odd that considering how much of a major player he seems to be that he was not pre warned.’ C:  ‘Chicksands is, allegedly,where the spooks and Special Units are taught their torture techniques.  Hundreds of Iraqis imprisoned during the invasion(2003) are taking the MOD to court claiming they were tortured whilst in UK Army custody.’

  • Wall Notice

Anyone got any ideas what Jimmy was doing taking a huge rucksack into Westminster, and/or why he would – rather uniquely, it sounds – be spared any sort of security checks?  If you know anything, please call Randal Dunstan-Durward at 101. Nigella and Saatchi ScottsD:  ‘Everytime I see him pictured lunching with NL at Scott’s a nagging knocking goes off in my head the same way it does when I see Philip Green (esp when he’s with Kate Moss). E:  He has a look of contempt on his face…… As an aside she was seeing him when her husband was terminaly ill with cancer, Saatchi Lily Allen Scott'sD:  Hmmm……. Isn’t that Nigella’s table? Lily Allen takes the Domestic Goddess’s place at dinner with Charles Saatchi. E:  Have you got any of Philip Green and Kate Moss? D:  No, still looking for the right one and tell A: that Leon Brittan was in the hotel in Brighton when the bomb exploded. It was Heseltine, Whitelaw & Hurd who were absent. and Ted Heath left the day before…

  • Morning’s Post
Kroll Memo

Kroll Memo

C:  I say did you know that ‘until 1966, the award of peerages was the prerogative of the Chief Whip, and not the Prime Minister. Wilson took that power to award peerages for himself, and later told his policy adviser, Bernard Donoughue, that he did it because “that gal Marcia insisted on it”.  Donoughue’s diary recorded Wilson telling one of his staff that he had just quarrelled with Falkender, who was demanding “peerages for friends”.’

Thatcher Savile

Thatcher Savile ‘Party Entertainers’

Poetry Corner Guilty Face by Daffodil Rites (SS) I came in from the sea all parts like Wollstonecraft’s monster wearing your prejudices, a sheepskin over our wolves and vampyres. On all fours because we know it’s easier to take on your knees and ankles we were never that scared of McAlpine in his butcher’s suit. All we ever needed was to be away. SS: ‘Sometimes the sight of an expensive car can still ruins my day.  Straightening their ties and talking tech.  I don’t want that feeling of being locked out of myself, of the world or hating people (and myself) for not giving me what I need.  It’s my life.  I have found something that I think is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Something that I don’t have to associate with the criminal classes in order to access..’ SS: ‘It was so powerful to answer back with wit, while chained to a cross, or after rape. Humour embodies a spirit of resistance that is life loving and infectious. It exposes hypocrisy and undermines authority. They hated it and it was hit hard.’ SS:  ‘We have to laugh at dictators, abusers, what they do to us and what we become. It helps separate us from subjugation, rises us above it all without denying reality in any way.’ SS:  ‘First I was told no one would listen, then I was told whoever I talked about would be hurt and they would hurt me, then they said there was no evidence, then they said it was out of their control.  I talked to a lot of people, I don’t believe they can silence us all.’

  • Library

Frankenstein Engraving.

Numbers of interesting books and Objets d’Art available for members’ amusement. Recommended Reading: ‘Chasing Satan’ by Dianne Core B:  ‘Weren’t there reports that Elm GH was raided, not because the cops were watching (and allegedly were undercover in the house too) but because a telecom engineer found a stash (hundreds) of photos behind a radiator or something? There’s a telephone engineer out there somewhere who knows, who saw those photos. If he’s no longer alive his family likely know. I’d imagine that engineer was a witness at the Kasir’s trial…or was he. If not, why not.’ After Dark – ‘I’m convinced communism was a way to transfer the wealth to the state , and then to the private bankers who wrote the damm thing’ . Packet of old photos found in The Library


Brown and Savile.

Hmmm The Diane Cilento Interview –


Ronnie Kray and Boothby 1963


Thorham Estate near Eye

‘The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Lord Henniker that he had 2 paedophiles with very significant national links on his property (

Lord Henniker’s ancestral home Thornham is in Eye in Suffolk) . Lord Henniker was not in any way perturbed by this disclosure despite the fact that for many years he had had extremely vulnerable children holiday on his estate. He ran the Islington /Suffolk Project – a scheme for disadvantaged children from Islington to have country holidays in rural Suffolk If you google the late Lord Henniker you will see how influential a role he played in The British CouncilRighton’s very close friend/fellow PIE member Charles Napier was employed as a teacher by the British Council in Cairo even though he was already on List 99 as a banned teacher after his early conviction.’ and Jeremy Hunt has links in the past to British Council. History of Thornham


Thornham Parva St Mary – Normal Church.

boothby cliff richards

Boothyby and Cliff RichardsStephen Ward and His ‘Girls’

Stephen Ward’s Girls and MK Ultra Pat Kirkwood’s Letters


HdelaG Telegraph folded and left on a salon chair Sylvia Plath Poet Boston US and 23 Fitzroy Road Primrose Hill London. Lady Lazarus ‘Puddle Jumping’ Daughter

56 Jubilee Place

56 Jubilee Place – AanGirfan Blogspot.

23 Fitzroy St

23 Fitzroy Street

Sylvia was enamoured of Dylan Thomas as a poet and chose to live near a place where WB Yeats had lived. Forum – Which has a discussion about the Rothschilds plus link to some video taken in Hampshire at one of their residences by a Truther for Freedom Radio. and AbleDanger on Osborne and Cameron et al ‘The Arizona Cardinals football star was threatening to expose a global pedophile entrapment racket operated by the likes of Ship Jumper Dave and his Bullingdon Club alumni and their spouses with their North American counterparts in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.‘ US Ambassador Chris Stevens was brutally killed in Benghazi probably by his own side.  Hillary is ‘in the frame’ as is Cameron.  O’bomber is covering up.  They’re all ‘lying like pigs in mud’ –

Hugh van Cutsem

van Cutsem – DM.

The Van Cutsems and Prince Charles.  They lived at Anmer Hall Norfolk the traditional house of the Duke of Kent the Queen’s cousin.  Anmer is the part of the Sandringham estate where the body of a girl was found.  Van Cutsem owns a hunting lodge and grouse moor on the North Yorkshire-Cumbria border, Garsdale. Hugh was an intimate friend of Prince Charles from their Cambridge days when they studied together. It has been suggested that the secluded Garsdale estate could have been used as a bolt hole by Prince Charles and Camilla before their relationship became public and whilst Charles was still married to Diana. ‘Prince Charles is Godfather to Hugh’s eldest son and heir, Edward Bernard Charles van Cutsem. Edward is married to a Grosvenor. His Father-in-law being the Duke of Westminster, worth £7.35 billion, placing him seventh wealthiest in the Times Rich List and making him the richest British-born person. Second son of Hugh, Hugh Ralph van Cutsem, married an Astor, one of the illuminati families. Youngest son of Hugh, William van Cutsem is Godfather to baby Prince George. At the death of Hugh van Cutsem in 2013, Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster, retired Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor read the prayer of commendation, which is suprising given that he found himself subject to public scrutiny regarding a priest in his diocese when he was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton in 2000. During this time it was brought to his attention that a priest, Michael Hill, was a sexual abuser of children.’ RoyalGossipForum;topic=5609.0 Ralph, Where does that Horror Film know-it-all hang out again?  Vancouver I think.  What name again?  Devilintheflesh.  There was a film shot in Vancouver of the same name wasn’t there?  Erm …. There is a ‘Vancouver Connection’ so to speak.  La Vey and Crowley?  Um  This fellow’s just a buff though nothing more ……..  What about those Jim Brown photos then? Have you seen this Gerald?  RCMP in ‘The News’. I say more to it than that old chap.  Serial killer Robert Pickton got off.  Cyril what are you doing here today?  Thought you were in The House. Oh my dear Clive it goes beyond that.

Lonny Landrud Story Perhaps you should also read ‘In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution’ by Boris Yelensky, if you have time.  What that anarchist bull****?  Language please Clive.  Here it’s online for you. Giles I didn’t know you were interested in philosophy.  Ah yes it says here that This 3D illusion isn’t real, nor is matter, nor energy associated with matter. We are led to believe that we are simply energy, and energy can’t be destroyed. However, energy can be eliminated, because energy is an illusion, a fabricated lie. Energy, creating the illusion of matter, is an illusion of scientific magical thought, and is already finite, or limited.’ I’m on my way to the bar.  Would you like a drink? The Tap examines the Groucho Club History Forum =

Shoe Image


By the way Ralph what do you think of Lawrence’s latest piece? Hmmm I can see that he is Fond of Footware and … What happened to the occupant? Don’t know – you’ll have to ask Lawrence…. Symbology The Smiths – Panic  (it’s about Savile and his reign of terror across the north of England in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc. A creepy murderous procurer doing the bidding of the elite.) Comment:  ‘Savile was the Yorkshire Ripper, with his friend Sutcliffe taking the rap and as a reward having a comparatively easy life for a mass murderer/serial killer. The original London Ripper was rumoured to be royal, how better to keep the identity covered than protection from the highest offices? Also many similarities regarding the ritual style of the killings in keeping with satanic sacrifice. Same with the Moors murders, I reckon satanic cabals were involved and all blamed on a few individuals.’ Comment:  ‘ Savile was linked to murders in a nightclub’  Louis Theroux Meets Savile 2000  – ‘At 34.42 mins Louis confronts Savile about the zero tolerance that had been mentioned when Savile didn’t know that he was being filmed. Theroux actually says “There was that bit when you were talking about running the nightclub in Glasgow”.’ Memories of the Dance Halls and DJs ‘When Jimmy Saville became the manager he paid me a great compliment by telling me that he was “pinching my act” and transferred me to the Wakefield Mecca after using me in Glasgow & Bradford.’


Peter Tobin in jail for murder.

‘Just like Sutcliffe in Leeds and Bradford, Peter Tobin frequented Savile’s Nightclubs in Glasgow. Tobin met his wife in a Glasgow Nightclub in 1968.’ ‘Bible John’s first victim was murdered after attending an Over 25’s night at the Majestic Ballroom in Glasgow,’ ‘Now the bit that sent me reeling. Jill Dando and Barry George. Barry Michael George (born 15 April 1960) He attended Wormholt Park Primary School in White City, but was soon transferred to Northcroft School, for children with educational and behavioural disorders, in Hammersmith.  At 14, he attended the publicly-funded Heathermount boarding school in Sunningdale, Berkshire, for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.  He adopted several pseudonyms, starting at school, where he used the name Paul Gadd, the real name of singer Gary Glitter. After leaving school without qualifications, his only employment was as a messenger at BBC Television Centre for four months in 1977.  In May 1980, he appeared in court clad in glam rock clothing and untruthfully stated his name to be Paul Gadd. On 10 January 1983 George had been found in the grounds of Kensington Palace, at that time the home of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales. He had been discovered hiding in the grounds wearing a balaclava and carrying 50 feet of rope, a 12 inch hunting knifeand in possession of a poem he had written to Prince Charles. Source; And now the scary bit, this quote comes from the Leeds Mecca memories link above. ” Does anyone remember “George ” who Jimmy Saville took under his wing for a couple of years, in 1990 while on my rounds working for BT I came across George who was then working as a window cleaner. ” ” I remember ‘George’ who has been mentioned. Unfortunately, he appeared to be slightly ‘backward’ but he was always friendly and was Jimmy’s ‘gofer’.” So who was Jimmy’s mate George?   It couldn’t be Barry George from the children’s home, the one who worked at the BBC and called himself Garry Glitter.’ Could it?

Think Glasgow

Think Glasgow – savile bible john jerry mccann

Comment:  ‘How is it possible that a man with such close links to the Yorkshire ripper and the Glasgow murders was so closely linked to royalty (part of the family) and political figures such as Thatcher?’ Comment:  ‘The Royals loved it because they were getting away with it. Dont forget part of the thrill for these people is stories on the 9 o’clock news back then of atrocities, which they had committed or were party to, and then laughed at and fed off the energy of public fear and outrage. Same with Jack the Ripper. Same with Soham and Madeleine, they feed off the intrigue and secrecy and the massive vampiric energy of mass media exposure. Its more important and necessary than money to them, the publics’ attention. Seeing it in the newspapers and on the news, knowing they did it. Its fun for them, for they know they wont be caught. The public and media attention and shock is an integral part of the sacrifice.’ Comment:  ‘Lydgate Lane School came up in connection with JS’s fellow DJ and cyclist Terry Thornton, who knew many of the pupils.’ Savile’s Bubble Car – ” had many happy days as a shopfitter travelling all over the country fitting out Mecca dancehalls the first one I worked on was Ashton Palais 1961 where while we were doing it a certain j saville visited with his minder in a Meeserschimt bubble car in the days of radio Luxemburg. We lifted the car and put the rear drivewheels on blocks what a performance when saville came out and tried to drive away rev rev rev till we gave it a push and he went up the street like Louis Hamilton”…m-summer-1961/ Comment:  look who transferred Sutcliffe from Parkhurst to Broadmoor’ ‘March 27 1984 At the direction of Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary, Peter Sutcliffe was moved to Broadmoor Hospital from Parkhurst prison under Section 47 of the Mental Health Act 1983′. Comment:  ‘You might think that MI6 could afford to house Abu Qatada, who is said to be Jewish, in some comfortable part of St Johns Wood.’ Comment: ‘ Saville’s friend (he would talk in private with Jim on the phone) (Tam Paton (manager of the pop band from Edinburgh the bay city rollers, he raped two of them) and his drug scene (very large dealler and landlord of hundreds of flats) his lads (rent boys) would stand at the bus station soliciting run away young men for Paton did like to turn a straight dude bent and connections to Savile, Jonathon King etc, policemen, judges, etc. The secret society’s of Edinburgh, a very gay city. He was a friend of the police and judiciary, in his pocket. There you have a nexus between the secretive society of Edinburgh’s and Scotland’s elite that meet in a catacomb under Edinburgh university in the Capital of Scotland, Edinburghs gay magic circle (Thomas Hamilton had leads that police were pursuing i do remember in the original reports), police, Dss, social care, pop stars, etc. Worth investigation.’ US UTuber having some fun with NAMBLA final warningBook Final Warning  Link not working?  Oh shucks.  Try the pdf below. Book of Daniel November 24 2013 Rocket to Uranus Illuminati type humour and practices.  Disgusting really but takes all types. More Illuminati Goings On Phillip Eugene de Rothschild


Plantard Crest

‘The Merovingians were descended from the Nephilim, the fallen angels of Genesis 6.  A branch of this demonic dynasty, the first Angevin [angel-vine] dynasty, was known from the 12th century on as the Plantagenet dynasty through the House of Anjou which produced King Henry II, father of Richard the Lionheart’ ‘On May 5 of the year 2000, there occurred an event that was heralded by New Agers as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’ “The night of May 4, 2000, was the eve of one of the most exciting, powerful, and transformative celestial events of our millennium according to astronomy and astrology experts.  It began with the darkest night in living memory… no moon or planet lit up the sky as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were hidden from human eyes behind the Sun.  The next morning, May 5th, at 8:08 a.m. Universal Time, the longitudinal span of these five planets, Sun and Moon collimated within a geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of the Constellation of Taurus in our Milky Way galaxy, forming a ’Grand Planetary Alignment.’…Many cultures, including the Mayans and Hopi, have a prophecy predicting the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and this time, ’the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment’ – The Age of Aquarius. On the Mayan calendar, May 5th marked the end of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun.”(479)

Percival was a knight in the legendary King Arthur’s Dragon Court, the precursor of his famous Round Table. In the poem, Parzival, the protagonist set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail which, mystically, means the quest for immortality. After failure and perseverance, Percival at last laid hold of the Holy Grail at the castle of Montsalvat (mountain of salvation) where he ruled as Grail King until succeeded by one of his twin sons. The legend of King Arthur has astrological significance, the twelve knights of the ’round table’ corresponding to the twelve signs of the Zodiac’s ’circle of animals’. The name Arthur, in fact, is derived from ’Artos’, the Bear, and the constellation of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, is known as Arthur’s Chariot.

‘Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair died in the year 2000 on the day following Imbolc (February 1-2):  “…Pierre Plantard…[was] deceased on…February 3, 2000…at eleven hours ten minutes.” (375)   Imbolc is one of four major Druidic feasts which involve ritual human sacrifice. Recall that “The Celtic Imbolc…is a time for purification and new beginnings… Imbolc anticipates spring, although the vernal equinox is seven weeks away. The word Imbolc refers to the pregnant condition of ewes at Midwinter.” Consider the timing of events in the life and death of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire:’ “17 June 2000… His son, Thomas Plantard, announced the death of his father, Pierre Plantard, ‘Compelling evidence that the father of William Cooper is none other than the late Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, former Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion.’

Putin Demon Eyes 31 May 2010

The ‘new’ Putin seems to have weird eyes?

Window On the World of Lord Browne–ex-rent-boy-lover.html Comment:  ‘With Blair, we’ll keep an eye out, but his ability to rise to the top of one world government corporations and institutions combined with his easy ride with the media, suggests some kind of connection into the elites, which only heredity could really explain. Stedra’s suggestion makes things make sense, in my opinion. Otherwise who is he?’ ‘Ariel Sharon impersonated since 1975 by imposter who died in 2006

Ariel Sharon, carbon copy of Nelson Mandela Template: 1. Resister murdered. 2. Replaced by imposter. 3. Imposter starts playing head of state. When were steps 1, 2 and 3 applied to Mandela and Sharon. 1: Mandela 1966, Sharon 1975 2: Mandela 1989 by Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, Sharon 1975 by a so far unidentified actor. 3: Mandela as president 1994, Sharon as prime minister 2001. Differences about who is the imposter, when did he step on stage or is still alive or not Sharon and Mandela are carbon copies from the same template. These differences are only details: – imposter Sharon not played by Hollywood actor unlike Mandela. – it took 22 years to replace Mandela while Sharon was replaced within a year. – imposter playing Mandela still alive at the time of the “funeral”, in fact sitting as Kofi Annan (also played by Morgan Freeman) next to the spiritual master of ceremonies, “archbishop” Desmond Tutu. The original Vladimir Putin was indeed a true resister like the original Mandela and the original Sharon. – See more at: April 6, 2013 DesertPeace – an Israeli who argued with his father about the right of Palestinians to resist occupation. Hmmm

David Cameron, Nick Clegg – UK Illuminati Puppets Exposed

‘lol, Cameron, “we invented the jet engine, DNA, blah blah…” DNA? Idiot, doesn’t know the difference between invention and discovery. Either that or he’s admitting to being an Anunnaki geneticist XD’

Mike Hoggard, The Mother of All Secrets

Christine Keeler and the Profumo Affair

Philip and the Thursday Club – ‘He was known to be “letting his hair down” with celebrities of the day at weekly meetings of the Thursday Club above exclusive Wheeler’s Restaurant in Soho.

Giant Pentagram

Giant Pentagram

But he refused to discuss the Prince’s private visits.It is not known what details of Prince Philip’s private life were made known to the Queen or the Privy Council. But it will not be until the years 2052 to 2060 that they will be released – if then.”’




Synarchy…is government by secret societies,

or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. 

It is an analogue of theocracy, or rule by a priesthood.

~ Marquis Alexandre SaintYves dAlveydre Crowley Women Rothschilds – Babylon – Criminal Record of the Monarchy

Shape Shifting of Obama Daughter Justinian I; Procopius Caesarensis gives account of shapeshifting, MAN AND ANIMAL Gro was an enemy of the Pop Paedos Geldof – “She died 25 days after her 25th birthday, at 25 to 2PM on 7-4-2014. (7+4=11; 20+4+1=25)” at TheTap – “a pal in the intel world told me that peaches knew way too much and threatend with prosecution could have turned queens evidence. her father Bob geldof is part of the rothschild baking system and all the money earned from his their world fundraising goes to the banks to pay of their debt, their is more to come out, including cliff richards involvement in satanism and boy-sex ”

Ronson winehouse DM

Ronson Winehouse – Picture DM

“Mark Ronson was known chiefly as the producing genius behind Amy and Lily, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera – and one of the hardest-working young men in showbusiness.”  And related to Malcolm Rifkind

Ann Dexter-Jones 2

Ann Dexter Jones who now lives in US. Picture probably from DM.

“Former UK Home Secretary Leon Brittan is related to Ann Dexter-Jones.  Former UK Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind is also related to Ann Dexter-Jones.  In 1972 Ann worked in the Aga Khan’s office.

Ann married and then divorced Laurence Ronson, whose brother Gerald was jailed for his involvement in the Guinness share-trading fraud.  Ann and Ronson have a child called Mark, a music producer who has worked with Amy Winehouse.
Ann’s eldest daughter is Samantha Ronson, a DJ.  Lindsay Lohan has dated Samantha Ronson.
When Oprah Winfrey held a party at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai, it was attended by Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Ann Dexter-Jones, Kylie Minogue, and Mary-Kate Olsen.”  Hmmm well connected to a ring of some sort MKUltra????

CIA And Satanism –

Documentary – Diana, Camilla, Dale “Kanga” Tryon 17 2012

Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at 46

Maddening Those At MumsNet –  and the blogspot

The Chancellor and the Dominatrix – UK

Comment: “His BEST MAN, at his MOTHER******** WEDDING earns £20M on the FIRST DAY of the Royal Mail sell off!!! Osborne is doing INSIDER TRADING in OPEN F****** DAYLIGHT, and he’s not IN F****** JAIL??? NOW is the time to act, Or it’ll be too late!”

Hit me up Esther Rantzen (Rancid)

How Illuminati Give Signal To Killed Celebrities And Who’s Next Illuminati Sacrifice?

Fiona Woolf ‘in bed’ With Brittan

“I can’t substantiate this, but it rather looks as though there may be a closer connection between Fiona Woolf and Leon Brittan than has yet emerged in any of the media. A neighbour of mine, now retired, used to work with the legal profession in London some years ago – he was a lawyer himself. When we were chatting about the controversy about Fiona Woolf’s appointment, and I mentioned that apparently she not only socialised with Leon Brittan and his wife, but lived on the same street. He then said “When I worked in London before I retired, she was having an affair with Brittan – everyone in the legal community at the time knew about it.” Okay, you can say maybe he’s wrong, and you can certainly say neither of us can prove it – but I suspect that if it is true, it would completely rule her out for this appointment, and she would then have to “step down””  Coleman Experience

23 July 2009

Let me tell you the secret behind the Bullingdon posturing of David and Boris: Oxford contemporary looks behind that decadent image

“For instance, at one Piers Gaveston Society ‘debauch’ I attended, I saw one of the senior members march up to an attractive young girl and grab her breasts. He then looked over his shoulder, anxious to see who had noticed this ‘outrageous’ behaviour.”

Comment:  “Nat Rothschild is in the Piers Gaveston Society with Tom Parker-Bowles, Ian Hislop, Count Gottfried Von Bismarck, Hugh Grant, Darius Guppy and others. They organise drug-fuelled orgies in country houses.”

Comment:  “Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I think we should prepare ourselves for more false flags in 2015. TPTB are getting absolutely desperate now because the ‘sheeple’ are slowly (painfully slowly) cottoning on to the fact that we are being controlled by a bunch of baby rapers and killers who worship a deity that is a goat. I predict more bombings that will be blamed on ‘Islamic Terrorists’ and more ‘Tragic Accidents’ and more than likely some shocking murders (all murders are shocking but the MSM are told what ones to run with). Children, teenagers and young Women are usually the victims of these MI5/6 murder sprees (just like the Yorkshire ripper murders of the 1970s committed by Jimmy Saville on behalf of the establishment) and the purpose of these atrocities are two pronged….it is to cause fear and terror amongst the sheeple and thus weaken our psyche and our fighting spirit (a psychological battering if you like) and also they are a blood offering to lucifer.”

Comment:  Keep them Guessing – Serkov –  Control by destabilized perception.  GO the “shapeshifting post modern politician.”  Hmmm that word again.

Comment:  “I can sense that there is an air of desperation in the ranks of our ‘rulers.’ For example, I can tell you that MI6 and their Mossad bosses are running about like headless chickens because of the fact that the sheeple are now aware that the royal family, the entire British government, our judiciary. police chiefs, heads of social services and all the rest of the filth are part and parcel of the paedophilia and child abduction and murder that is rampant, not only in Britain, but the world. They literally are panicking. This is why, as I said, we are going to see loads of false flags”

Comment:  “There was enough wealth in Britain to feed EVERY Man, Woman and child, but just like today, the wealth was in the hands of the evil few. My Dad (who was sociopathic but VERY intelligent and clever) once told me that late in Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain came VERY close to a revolution. The freemason-paedo-satanists decided that the peasants had to be distracted….so in the east end of London (where I was born incidentally but I digress), five Women were brutally murdered by a killer who was never captured by the police…a certain Jack the Ripper…. My Dad said that the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders were in fact the work of freemasons….and it worked; after the newspapers had terrified people regarding these horrific killings, all thoughts of revolution went out the window….the ‘peasants’ had been put in their place. I found it hard to believe at the time, I was about 14 or 15, but of course I definitely believe it now, having fully woken up. As you know Louise, this is how these monsters control us….psychological terror. Hence what I said in a previous post…we are being constantly battered with ‘bad’ news…’accidents’ …’crimewaves’….’terrorist’ attacks….much of it (or probably MOST of it) perpetrated by the filth in power. Louise, I’m guessing you have heard of the American serial killer Ted Bundy? A handsome, middle-class young white bloke who raped and murdered at least THREE HUNDRED young college girls in 1970s America. It is rumoured that he was in fact the illegitimate off-spring of one of the sons of one of the elite families that control the world. He dabbled in politics and knew Nelson Rockefeller….a red flag there for sure. He was a law student (he had a very high I.Q.) Anyway, to cut to the chase, TPTB in the states were becoming afraid of middle-class young white guys who were protesting very eloquently and loudly against the war in Vietnam and many other social injustices, so they decided to ‘create’ a bogeyman…cue the handsome and clever Ted Bundy who was given the ‘job’ of destroying the idealised image of this type of young Male. The end result being that people looked at Ted Bundy and thought, ‘if you can’t trust a Man like this, who is handsome, white, educated and middle-class, who CAN you trust?’ Of course it was the Women of America (and the world) who were mainly being targeted here; as you know Louise, TPTB are (and have been for several decades) trying to destroy relations between Men and Women….if we don’t breed then the population goes down. Naturally, Women WERE terrified in the aftermath of the Ted Bundy murders….and this is exactly what the monsters in power want…they WANT Women and girls to fear and despise Men and boys. It is highly likely that Bundy was subjected to MK-ULTRA; indeed he would later say in police interviews that he actually felt as if another ‘entity’ had taken over when he went out and committed these terrible crimes. Monstrous isn’t it? Tc mate, Lorraine,”

Comment: “On November 16, leaders of the G20 Group of Nations – the 20 largest economies – made an important decision. The world’s megabanks now have official permission to pledge depositor accounts as collateral to make leveraged derivative bets. Insolvent banks will recapitalize themselves by converting your deposits – checking accounts, but also money market accounts. Thus, when you deposit money in a bank, you’re taking the same risk as someone buying a stock. Or, for that matter, betting on a horse named “Falling Star” at the local racetrack. Because, in effect, that’s what banks are doing with your money.

The G20 has also officially declared that derivatives – the toxic contracts Warren Buffett calls “financial weapons of mass destruction” – are secured debts. Since your bank deposits are now only unsecured debt that the bank has pledged to a secured creditor, guess who gets your money if the bet goes the wrong way for the bank? Answer: It’s not you.
Heads, the bank wins. Tails, you lose

We are gonna need rope!”


November 20 2014

The Duchess of Alba

Jungle Surfer pointed out her link with Scotland.

The Earth is not Moving or Spinning

Adam 1984Published on 28 Jan 2015

February 17, 2015

Saudi cleric confidently tells academic that the Earth does NOT rotate

Buckingham Palace naked man: Watch nude man appearing to climb out of royal residence window

The most powerful family in the world:

5 May 2015

Voice of Mystery – “My Intel is that they took down the German Wings plane as blood sacrifice for Benjamin Netanyahu winning the elections in 2015 . The sacrifice was the 16 teens as teens are pure and Innocent blood”

Cameron Brown Tongue

Cameron Brown disposed of his daughter to avoid child support. Notice the tongue.

 13 May 2015

UKC 13 May 2015 - Prince Charles tries to stop info coming out

Prince Charles’ eyes looking a bit odd.

26 Aug 2014

Nasa Lady hints at Future False Flag in NY


The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)

October 14, 2014

Kesha Suing Dr. Luke for Alleged Sexual Assault & Emotional Abuse


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche...

Comment:  “the elites of which the Rothschilds are well entrenched certainly control much more than they did at the turn of the century, 114 years ago. They claimed to, for all practical purposes, have media control as well. It’s so much worse now than then. I have advocated for a year now to start leaving the Jewish places of endoctrination whether that be work, hangout spots, media, etc. Get some goy gumption and lead the way cyber wise away from corporate control of our info sites and hangout spots. It’s as easy to jump from website to website as it is to jump from facebook wall to facebook wall for example. I believe the Rothschilds are an easy to see front for something fully talmudic in operation. If behind that there is Lucifer with horns, doesn’t matter, we got to go thru Jewish power to get there. Gold is the enabler and whether it’s Rothschild or whomever, it’s controlled Talmudically and has been for quite awhile. The start was the creation of the 1st central bank in Amsterdam which quickly sashayed over to England with a king beheading and a Jewish emancipation. In their protocols, Talmud and Catechisms, they never said they were working for anything but Jewish power, I’ll take them at their word for that. Simply use common sense, the need to own everything goes way beyond personal need and greed. It’s an ideology of a master race, that same master race that claims persecution, victimhood and love for humanity while actually being the opposite on all counts.Their domination and annihilation of Palestine and Czarist Russia shows the true Jewish temperament, Talmud taught, of Jews for goy.We have a disguised version amongst us in many places in the USA and Europe and that’s bad enough!@ but to restate, it’s more than just about banker elites enslaving us”

Comment: “Rev 3:9
….turn over those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship at your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

These “jews”, who are not Jews, build a house of cards. In a time to come the wind will blow.
Patience folks”

Comment:  “The important thing is they can legally create counterfeit bills for themselves but instead they prefer to tax us and why, because goyim don’t deserve to own property and the corporation sytem, the communist ideology, the predatory capitalism that targets independent goyim ops for takeover by coopted Jew ops are all in place to pauperize the non-Jews. No one has put together the fact that globalist economy means “international jew vision”
Oh, here’s a very true fact-” freedom of the Jew means enslavement of the goyim” and thus the reason in years gone by before Jews got control of the media that the goyim kings knew to obstruct the Jew with laws that apply to him they didn’t have to enact against others. Every lynchpin revolution since the 1st Amsterdam central bank has had a major goal of Jewish liberation tied to it which has led to Jewish domination- the communism hoax and Jewish corporate capitalism and not to mention the industrial revolution enabled by Jewish gold and directed by it”

30 Nov 2012

Comment:  “The Annunaki came to earth over 10,000 years ago. Mankind were in his early natural stages of development only about 100 thousand years of his evolution, mankind had incredible abilities and were building great structures of stone he was on his way to becoming a great civilization as the true God intended. Anunnaki are an also humanoid species as well they started just like mankind, only much earlier, the Anunnaki race has been evolving for billions of years, thus have accomplished incredible technology and powers.  Annunaki have achieved the ability to conquer interstellar space travel. We know that the biggest challenge of space travel is time. Annunaki have overcome this obstacle by using their billions of years of technology to accomplish one of the most incredible fetes in the universe, they have learned how to move their solar system throughout the universe using it as a starship. This is accentual to the survival of any species as all solar systems will only last as long as the sun that supports them.  A dwarf star like the nibiru sun only last about 3-4 billion years Annunaki are in need of a new solar system and came to earth with one purpose in mind, survival of their race. Annunaki evolved  on a type of planet that that is much different than earth they have evolved as a subterranean spices, this is why they have extremely large eyes, The earth sun at the surface of our planet is an extremely hostile environment for these creatures, therefore there is a complete subterranean process of conversion that needs to take place before these creatures could possibly inhabit earth.  Annunaki came to earth and with their vast intelligent, Annunaki engineered this brutal system of enslavement and planetary conversion mankind has been turned into their machine of planetary conversion.  Annunaki came to earth and proclaimed themselves as gods, there were many developing races here on earth that would not except Annunaki as gods, Annunaki with their billions of years of technology and power launched catastrophic attacks against mankind murdering great portions of earth’s populationand genetically mutating the DND of the survivors, this was a form of beating mankind into submission.  Annunaki then left the earth leaving their so called sons of god, we know them now as the Illuminati. It is the mission of the Illuminati to enslave mankind thru disease and the illusion of sin, this is to make sure that all the work of converting the earth is carried out, and to make sure all the souls of mankind can be harvest by these false gods.  Annunaki have engineered all the theological idealism mankind is forced into, this theological idealism is used to dived and conquer mankind, it works very well, as you can see every religion believe they serve god and have haltered and contempt of other religions, more wars have been fought over theological idealism than any other reason on earth, When in fact the one true God’s will is only respect. Before these false gods came to earth mankind lived with a great respect towards each other and the earth, Annunaki cut mankind off from the true God with DNA manipulation.  Anunnaki have achieved immortality extending their lives for many thousands of years. Before Annunaki took over the earth mankind’s lifespan was much longer up to 900 years, this is why the engineered theological idealism is designed with the element of soul sacrifice, The conscious dark matter spirit of all living things is extremely powerful, and in the true God’s design of the universe, to ensure that respect prevails, God has giving all spirit’s freewill.  Conscious dark matter spirit is the most powerful substance in the universe. Anunnaki use conscious dark matter for many things, including extending their own lives, also as a means of conquering interstellar space, there for Annunaki have to trick and fool mankind into willing giving up their conscious dark matter souls. This goes against God will of respect and freewill.  What mankind is experiencing now here on earth is the completion of this planetary conversion. As there bible has instructed the illuminati to do, they are manipulating the bible prophecies to kill off and harvest the billions of souls of humanity, Annunaki is now taking complete control of their end product (earth) a planetary system that has been converted into the most valuable commodity in the universe, a star system with the ability to be moved throughout the universe.  And for this incredible gift we have slaved and suffered unbearable tormented for, what does mankind get in return? The promise of a new garden of Eden, this may sound good to those that have been conditioned thru theological idealism, but think about it a new planet with no Ipod’s no car’s no running water no housing no nothing, mankind will have to start all over again.  Here’s a news flash for you. This is not the first time Annunaki have done this, Here’s how Annunaki’s planetary conversion machine works, now keep in mind this is all in the bible, the bible is a how to book on planetary conversion, and it is set up like a game, a competition between good and evil, now the reason that evil has been able to brutally take control and complete this planetary conversion for Annunaki is because, let’s face it, good would never be able to carry out the diabolical deeds needed to complete this conversion, good is carrying honest loving and respectful, Evil on the other hand is hateful mean depictive and disrespectful, all of the qualities need to enslave torment and steal from mankind the massive amounts of resources needed to carry out such a tremendous undertaking.  As all games there can only be one winner, If the illuminati win Annunaki will make good on their biblical promise, the illuminati will be condemned to a hell type planet with a limited time of existence where there is no chance of escape , then a small percentage of humans about 120,000 out of the billions that have fallen for and fallowed their deceptive theological idealism will be relocated to a new earth type planet to start this entire system of planetary conversion all over again, and a new illuminati will be created and promised great wealth to rule over the newly planted slave race of humans.  This brings us to why I AM here on Earth. I AM here to give mankind the opportunity to beat the billion to one odds, to win back his planet, and in doing so mankind will win the most valuable commodity in the universe the opportunity to become an interstellar race.  The only way I can do this is to convince mankind of the truth, to allow me to turn America into a kingdom of God as the rest of the world would fallow, now this doesn’t mean that humans would have to fallow the bible, remember the bible was created as a form of control and planetary conversion, being a kingdom of God only means that mankind would only have to do one thing, live by Gods will of respect.  Gods will of respect is etched in the hearts of all mankind that have not been manipulated by Annunaki blood, Only 1% of earth’s inhabitants are mixed with Anunnaki blood, they are the power elite illuminati and they will be eradicated. I AM 100% human blood born here as a human. My spirit is very powerful and comes to you with a force of 200 million, when mankind chooses to stand with me and make this earth a kingdom of God, we will need not take up arms, we will be invincible, if the illuminati chooses to attack us with their guns and bombs they will be eliminated. As the 200 million I speak of are here in our solar system waiting to defend mankind if he chooses to oppose this deception. How do you want to live out your existence? I need your support only the people of America can make this choice we need not fear we only have to gain.”

Comment:  “The elite understand full well that people are waking up by the 1000’s and that have a minimal amount of time to carry out their agenda before the population turns on them. They also understand that with an ever increasing population of useless eaters our resources and the very planet we live on are doomed. With that said they know if they dont take action to control population growth and in fact drastically reduce the global population not only is mankind and every living thing on this planet doomed but more importantly their blood line will also be doomed. They do not share your reality, money is of no concern to them, the day to day struggle we all share is not a reality to them. They do not labor to exist. They also understand if they wish to maintain control after a gobal genocide any act to accomplish that end must be carried out in a manner that decieves people into thinking it was caused by something other than them. After all once the dust settles and the population knows who was responsible for the genocide, the remaining people would exhaust all resources and efforts searching for them and killing them.”

The Clinton Crime Family – On Pedophile Island (#LolitaExpress & bill clinton)

Comment:  Hillary Clinton is falling down, can not walk up stairs, passes out, can not remember if she has had training to handle classified material as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lies about her email and her Clinton Foundation, She is married to a known rapist who she enables at every turn, Hillary Clinton is for sale to any foreign GOVERNMENTS that gives her a donation, she has known brain damage that she lies about…. AND CNN QUESTIONS THE MENTAL HEALTH OF DONALD TRUMP… YOU REALLY ARE THE “CLINTON NEWS NETWORK” YEP! CNN… “CLINTON NEWS NETWORK” HILLARY CLINTON IS BAT SHIT CRAZY, YOU DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR TO KNOW THAT… GOOD LUCK CNN. YEP! BAT SHIT CRAZY… THAT IS WHAT HILLARY CLINTON IS… BAT SHIT CRAZY!

Mistress Called ”The Energiser”

Comment: It doesn’t offend Hillary when Bill mistreats and fucks all these women behind her back but she is very troubled by lewd comments made 11 years ago by Trump in a conversation of men “talking pussy”. I guess all her supporters don’t watch TV or have a grasp of the crude “status quo” sexism from both sexes today. I am offended by her laughing about her pedophile client getting away with raping a 12 year old girl. Part of her defense was to blame that girl for having desires to have sex with old men. This bitch is evil.

The Book ”Lolita”
I knew about Epstein’s Lolita Express long ago, but never connected the name to the book. Google: “Lolita book” or “9780679723165”. The book is available on (LOL, it’s rated 4.5 stars)

US Top Secret Human Reptilian Alien Hybrids & Bases Where Reptiloids Genetically Engineered

Adele is right – everyone’s scared to say it, but it’s normal to wish you’d never had kids


Adele and partner Simon Konecki

GW: Marrying that oaf is the worst mistake you made really. But heh you were ”in love” right?

The Savage Report

Comment:The Young Turds2 days ago
Today’s summary of the Savage Nation :
F%%% the Soros Podesta Cartel !
F%%% the latest revelation of the FBI !
F%%% the prog candidate Hillary Clinton !
F%%% the world villains taking over the world and USA !
F%%% those who put illegal aliens in republican neighborhoods !
F%%% Wolf blitzer’s lie to the 9th degree !
F%%% the entire establishment in freefall !
F%%% the classic act of a villain !
F%%% Podesta’s attack on the FBI !
F%%% progs who wanna take over the world through every dirty trick !
F%%% a civil war after a Trump victory !
F%%% the thugs and street garbage funded by the maniac Soros !
F%%% the disturber in chief Soros and his stupid looking goofy eyed rotten sticking weakling son who gave us Barack Obama and moving illegals into our neighborhoods and giving 70 million dollars to black lives matter !
F%%% Liberalism which is a mental disorder !
F%%% those who will rig the markets after Trump wins !
F%%% the race war and class war post Trump victory !
F%%% the HIMMLER of the hillary campaign Podesta !
F%%% these evil men who are capable of anything to maintain power !
F%%% Hillary destroying nations for her power mad gains !
F%%% the propagandist Wolf Blitzer !
F%%% the useful idiot minorities who vote for Hillary Clinton !
F%%% how quickly they showed the picture of the white man who shot the 2 cops in the midwest !
F%%% Wolf Blitzer you…you… !
F%%% fearing a civil war after a Trump victory !
F%%% this nation descending to a low level !
F%%% this community agitator put in the office by the criminal in chief !
F%%% the hate filled anti white church goer in the white house !
F%%% how the little children break up over halloween costumes !
F%%% those who destroyed your mind which wasnt an accident !
F%%% what Obama is doing !
F%%% every illegal alien breaking the law as they walk in your country !
F%%% the propagandists at CNN !
F%%% the former marine black man in Dallas who killed 5 cops !
F%%% CNN and others who hid the identities of the Dallas shooter !
F%%% I cant keep up with the ideas I have before the election !
F%%% the congress taken over by a foreign power !
F%%% the perv husband of Abedin !
F%%% those who might’ve compromised and captured and tortured intelligence officers !
F%%% spies who should die and go to prison !
F%%% Obama who might be sending assasins to kill his enemies !
F%%% selling my cadillac with no digital equipment !
F%%% we will all be in danger if Hillary wins !
F%%% the thugs paid by slimeballs like Soros !
F%%% we have no rights thanks to Obama’s spy agency !
F%%% millions of illegal aliens pouring into this country !
F%%% the stealthiest villans in the world !
F%%% the slowly burning frog method !
F%%% them taking away your guns one step at a time !
F%%% the muslim terrorist supporting aide Huma Abedine according to the Hindus !
F%%% profiling people with turbans !
F%%% the Black community’s Hitler according to Louis Farrahkhan !
F%%% this vicious rabid antisemite Farrahkhan !
F%%% Hillary who is taken for granted !
F%%% have you polled I haven’t polled !
F%%% the civil war already going on !
F%%% the street wars around America !
F%%% the man who wont be described who attacks a regular guy in Queens !
F%%% wolfie the propagandist blitzer !
F%%% it’s sickening and makes me ill !
F%%% this epidemic of hatred by the thin smiling golfer !
F%%% the flooding of white conservative neighborhoods by liberal billionaires !
F%%% the Sandlers and their SNL scam !
F%%% ACLU and other evil left wing causes !
F%%% old Mary Ann Sandler !
F%%% the awards and nice dinners and nice young men holding her shaky elbows to give a speech !
F%%% Hillary’s creepy lies !
F%%% the people planted by Obama in high positions and their war against heterosexuals white young males !
F%%% the emerging totalitarian Soviet States of America run by Obama from a central office with little opposition from the media !
F%%% the democrat party which is no different from the communist party USA !
F%%% all commie parties morphed into Obama’s democrat party!
F%%% the government media complex !
F%%% Nate Slider !
F%%% the bookies that said the Brexit will go 80-20 in favour of EU !
F%%% the left wing groups and their dangers to the social order of the nation !
F%%% Media Matters !
F%%% the leftist cults feeding off one another !
F%%% the Clinton organized criminal family !
F%%% the british government and fox news for blacklisting me!
F%%% blondie and o reilly !
F%%% the crippling of america by radical left wing groups !
F%%% one of the most evil manipulators in the history of the world George Soros !
F%%% the young and skirted wolf blitzers complaining about the police beating people of color !
F%%% the worst attorney general Eric Holder !
F%%% thsoe killing cops everywhere thanks to the snake in thr white house !
F%%% you THINK I AM AN IDIOT ??!
F%%% this woman who will augment his social policies !
F%%% the armies of the night !
F%%% the call screener !
F%%% we are all on the edge here !
F%%% the old voice of hers !
F%%% she freaked out and became hysterical !
F%%% she knows what is coming !
F%%% Hillary for attacking comey !
F%%% the devious devils now attacking trump supporters !
F%%% she is getting more crazy !
F%%% the headsup on this is astonishing!
F%%% people laughing at me for having an old phone !
F%%% the revolt going on inside the government !
F%%% your baseball cap and put it forward idiots !
F%%% they are teaching you to kill yourself !
F%%% screaming about racial discrimination !
F%%% the crime family commiting nationocide !

Illuminati Code Words

From 4chan:

“hotdog” = boy “pizza” = girl “cheese” = little girl “pasta” = little boy “ice cream” = male prostitute “walnut” = person of colour “map” = semen “sauce” = orgy

buck House Admit Queen “Not Human”

The Podesta Emails
”The realtor found a handkerchief …..” Yuk

Queen Admits She is “Not Human” & We’ll “Learn to Accept Her For What She Is”

Charlize Theron: NAZI ILLUMINATi “Ritual Goddess”

just on that note that saville was knighted by queen lizzie……what people also fail to realise that no less than SIR alistair crowley was also knighted by queen lizzie, but that info is also ‘buried’ because alistair is renowned international satanist………….

Becki Percy (Abuse Survivor) Kingston On Hull Facebook


25 July 2018
Hollywood’s secrets, by the man who arranged Tinseltown’s most titillating trysts: Scotty Bowers says he spent decades setting up and sleeping with the world’s most famous people – from British Royalty to threesomes with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott

He adds: ‘When I went to start filming Scotty, I discovered that there was a wife – and this astonishes a lot of people, that the leading male prostitute of his generation in Hollywood is married to a woman. And this just speaks to Scotty’s pansexuality.’

Friends gathered to celebrate Scotty’s birthday at the Chateau Marmont.

26 July 2018

Natalie Wood’s sister claims the late starlet was ‘raped FOR HOURS during an interview with a top Hollywood figure at Chateau Marmont’ when she was just 16 years old

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