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Osama Bin Laden is not the guy we saw on TV. His name is synonymous with the Deep State organization you know nothing about.

– updated daily by Aaron who caught Osama 8 months before Obama’s election. To cover this up I was kidnapped days after contacting the FBI. I’m gang stalked, no-touch tortured and denied all legal rights by the feds, Trenton Michigan High School class of 1994 Shawn McDonald, former Trenton Chief of Police Mischke along with countless others “following orders.”

By highlighting patterns from national news which are mathematically impossible to be coincidence will prove the stories are fake followed by the reason why. Avoid jumping to conclusions before you learn how to translate coded language in these major events listed below;

  1. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot by lone gunman named Jared Lee Loughner in Tucson, Arizona where defense contractors such as; Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have businesses.
  2. Omar Gonzalez was a White House fence jumper.
  3. Muslim Omar Mateen was the shooter in the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida where Lockheed Martin has a location on Sand Lake Rd.
  4. A lone shooter killed Maria Ragland Davis and 3 others at the University of Alabama in Huntsville just outside of multiple Lockheed Martin facilities.
  5. Enrique Marquez plead guilty to providing material support for Muslim shooter Tashfeen Malik responsible for the massacre in San Bernardino, California.
  6. Las Vegas massacre at Mandalay Bay Casino was followed by a vehicle attack in Manhattan, school shooting in Tehama County, California and shooting at Marshall County High School in Kentucky.
    *Older* Columbine High School massacre- half the student’s parents worked for Lockheed Martin the largest employer in the area. Mark Manes was the gun supplier charged in the massacre.
  7. Boston Marathon bombers were Muslim Chechen brothers where Raytheon has a business.
  8. Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan carried out the Fort Hood shooting rampage.
  9. Trayvon Martin was shot and blamed for wearing a hoodie in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon implies defense contractor Raytheon and Martin for Lockheed Martin.
  10. Hostage crisis and shooting at Martin Place Cafe in Australia was by Muslim Man Haron Monis.
  11. Paris had bombings and shootings in Canal Saint-Martin.
  12. Islamic terrorist who killed with his car in Quebec, Canada was Martin Couture-Rouleau.
  13. Nancy Writebol was our first Ebola case.
  14.  The LAX gunman Paul Ciancia who killed a TSA agent during a rampage was caught with a note referencing “the New World Order.”

Deep State or “shadow government” once considered a myth are the secretive agencies who manipulate our policy makers. With power over the media, one method is by conducting covert psychological operations or “Black Ops” on us. These covert ops help to raise public support for new legislation. Often masked as training exercises, these drills are paid for with black ops budgets exceeding 50 billion dollars per year.

The Deep State swamp is corruption at the highest levels of government. They are Marxists, Globalists and getting wealthy from government overspending. Their plan is to bankrupt the nation so they can install a new system of government benefiting the rich. This agenda is hidden in code called Freemasonry which is believed to be unbreakable.

The highlighted language in the news above is from intelligence agencies duplicating Freemasonry to flush out corruption in their own departments. The escalation in violence over the last 9 years is to mimic billionaire George Soros’s order-out-of-chaos agenda.

Ma and Mar highlighted above are codes for Marxism. Marxists are also followers of Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara. Below are the more subtle ways this Freemasonry language is used. Its style is best defined as a repetition which shifts one degree to conceal a pattern. Besides Ma, Mar or Che, pay attention to Mc and Mic which are code for the “military industrial complex” (where the Pentagon spends 600 billion dollars per year). Here are examples of Freemasonry where the Deep State recruited based entirely on names;

  1. After the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing the first anti-terrorism bill was signed by President Bill Clinton who named his daughter Chelsea.
  2. DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo went on a shooting spree from his Chevrolet Caprice with a Bushmaster rifle.
  3. Michelle, or Michelle Obama
  4. Michael Chertoff was in charge of the 9/11 investigation for the FBI before being promoted by Bush to Director of Homeland Security. He now runs The Chertoff Group, a multi-million dollar global security advisory firm along with former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden.
  5. The subprime mortgage meltdown was caused by Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae. Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich earned a million dollars from Freddie Mac for consulting.
  6. Former Vice President and Secretary of Defense Dick, or Richard Cheney, was CEO of Halliburton and made millions off stock options after Halliburton was awarded oil contracts with the war in Iraq.
  7. Following 9/11 the search for Bin Laden began with Operation Enduring Freedom.

When federal investigators copied this code they proved the plot to overthrow the government is absolutely real

People know very little about Freemasonry because few ever see enough of the pattern to know it exists. Freemasonry dates back to the 1700’s long before any current politician was born. The Deep State using this code recruits both Democrats and Republicans. Any names mentioned in this story may not have knowledge of this code. Once you learn to interpret Freemasonry and why it was copied by investigators you can then decide for yourself who is in on the plot.

The code was broken in March of 2008 around 8 months before Obama faced off against McCain in the presidential election. Thousands of home business opportunity websites were discovered organizing for Obama’s election using Freemasonry including lookalikes for his cabinet members. About 8 “marketing experts” looked like people on the FBI’s Most Wanted list wanted for US Embassy bombings. (this likely served as counterintelligence and the pictures have been removed because the images are being scrambled to discredit this leak)

The first popular website that got my attention was called “The Rich Jerk.” It began as a sales pitch with a cartoon character who years later became billionaire Mark Cuban disguised in sunglasses while wearing a robe. He’s the owner of the Mavericks basketball team which plays at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. His newsletter was first to promote a marketing expert pictured in a flight simulator. Two days after breaking this code and reporting it to the FBI over 340 American Airlines flights were grounded.

Investigators began copying billionaire Mark Cuban from mid-2008 until now. He owns the Mavericks which is why John McCain was called the Maverick. Mark was accused of insider trading over a search engine company named Mamma. McCain’s VP pick Sarah Palin was named “the Mama Grizzly.” Sarah Palin was Deep State bait appearing as if she’s working with them to destroy McCain’s campaign by acting clueless. Here’s the big reason why;

Billionaire names like Rockefeller, Rothschild and George Soros are working on plans for a “New World Order” created out of chaos. This plan for a one world government requires a one world police force. Who can provide such as service? The military industrial complex.

The military industrial complex with global roots does more than build weapons. Our government is outsourcing 70% of its intelligence gathering and analysis which is why the black ops exposed above were conducted near defense contractors. Foreign countries followed in running similar covert ops to help with dismantling the New World Order agenda. (intelligence agencies around the globe work together and all conduct black ops)

Ex CIA Director/President George H.W. Bush spoke of a New World Order in a speech 10 years before the 9/11 attacks. He also met with the Bin Laden family and Carlyle Group at the Ritz-Carlton on 9/10-9/11. (Karl Marx wrote the theories of Marxism) President Bush Jr. was at Emma Booker Elementary on Dr. Martin Luther King Way in Sarasota, Florida reading with a second grade class on 9/11. Bin Laden never took credit until a video was released just four days before the 2004 election. He spoke of more attacks stating that our security was in our own hands. Bush won reelection.

Obama and Osama had more in common than just names. Before 9/11 the US had a record budget surplus. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost trillions of dollars. The hunt for Osama put hundreds of billions into the pockets of defense contractors and those invested in the defense industry. In many ways Osama Bin Laden served as the Deep State’s spokesperson for reckless government spending. Continuing this theme of overspending, Obama’s plan for nationalized healthcare added on top of our record deficits was designed to bankrupt the nation. Did Obama catch Osama or did he and Joe Biden replace Bin Laden?

Dismantling the Deep State’s power structure during the 2008 election required giving them an easy target to attack. McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin with her clueless act was all part of the set up.

Governor Sarah Palin didn’t make national news until August 2008 five months after this code was broken. She was picked to play the Alaskan governor based upon her resemblance to 30 Rockefeller writer/actress Tina Fey.

Sarah is short for Sarasota where Bush was at on 9/11. Palin short for palindrome; George S-o-r-o-s and Mohamed A-t-t-a. Basketball nickname; Sarah Barracuda (Barack Coup)

Sarah and her family; Todd, Trig, Tripp, and Track endorsed Trump for office. Look closely at the names. Todd Palin is a four time champion in the Tesoro Iron Dog race. Son Trig has Down Syndrome. The Palin family history is jam-packed with fake Freemasonry language.

Proving Sarah was planted in the election and why exposes that the 2008 election was handed to Obama. It also proves the media is under total government control. So who ran Obama during his term, appointed the agency directors, Supreme Court justices or wrote the Executive Orders? Who gave themselves that power while conducting a massive internal investigation? We know that Trump didn’t decide the 2016 election for himself back when Sarah Palin was first introduced. Who did?

Until recently, the FBI never publicly commented about ongoing investigations. Former Lockheed Martin/FBI Director James Comey reopened Clinton’s email investigation 4 days before the election to presell the nation a reason for her loss. Draining the Deep State swamp is a covert war on Marxism and Globalism. It appears the Clinton Global Initiative is what cost Hillary the election. There was no mention of criminal charges over Trump University, only a financial settlement. No criminal charges usually implies cooperation with authorities.

“Investigations” on Trump are serving many purposes because those making decisions are concerned with keeping options. If the government senses a public revolt to calm the situation down they will blame Trump for everything and use the Paul Manafort fake investigation to force Trump to step down. This puts VP Michael Pence in office. At this same time the dragged out colluding with Russia investigation keeps up the illusion that the FBI doesn’t control Trump. In highlighting the code for Marxism note that billionaire Trump owns the Miss America Pageant, was married to Marla Maples, bought the Taj Mahal Casino and Florida resort Maralago.

More proof the election of Trump and his replacement VP Michael Pence was decided LONG BEFORE anyone voted

Back to “The Rich Jerk” Mark Cuban and Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara. It was Michael Chertoff with Israeli-American dual citizenship who led the FBI investigation on 9/11 under FBI Director Robert Mueller appointed days before the attacks. The feds confiscated the videos of the attack on the Pentagon and found the Muslim hijacker’s passport outside the wreckage of the World Trade Center.

American Airlines Center hosts the Mavericks basketball team owned by Mark Cuban. 2 planes on 9/11 were American Airlines. Others were United Airlines one of which crashed in Pennsylvania. VP Michael Pence, the former governor of Indiana who had his congressional records sealed, serves as a lookalike for Bobby Knight the Indiana Hoosiers coach where Mark Cuban attended college.

Mark Cuban American Airlines Center
Bobby Knight (U-knight-ed) Airlines

It’s interesting to note that Mark Cuban is Jewish as well as; Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Federal Reserve Greenspan, Bernanke, the Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim who couldn’t account for 2.3 trillion dollars announced missing on 9/10, Michael Chertoff who led the FBI investigation on 9/11 and Larry Silverstein leaseholder for the World Trade Center.

To keep up the illusion of free press, investigators created scandals as well as whistle blowers like Edward Snowden, Reality Winner and Julian Assange of Wikileaks (we kill leaks). Assange is a lookalike for comedian Bill Maher.

Spy agencies have total control over the media and are still conducting black ops after flushing out their own departments. Black ops were highly perfected 40 years ago. They would use people not in on these staged events for TV interviews to convey real emotion. After 2008 black ops were poorly constructed. Government doesn’t care if these covert operations lack logic as long as it takes attention away from looking into their purpose.

So who are the victims in these mass shootings? I believe the victim’s photos are those of missing persons. Government eavesdrops and stores all domestic communications. Tragic events get national attention generating a lot of “hey that looks like…” chatter. Our tax dollars are paying for the police, emergency services and overtime. Crisis actors get paid with black ops funds and are forced to sign gag orders for “national security.” Psychological operations are followed by mock trials. Donations for “victim’s families” end up in a slush fund to help with financing the next covert op.

The Deep State’s domestic spying operations, black ops and control over the press was for the New World Order agenda. This police state born out of greed, corruption and to serve for our enslavement is not getting dismantled. These ops justified as “training drills” waste billions of dollars. They also create traffic jams, destroy property, endanger innocent people and tie up emergency services. If 9/11 wasn’t the biggest botched covert operation than WHY did investigators copy this code starting with Obama in 2008?

Pre-2008 Freemasonry and Fabricated Freemasonry

  1. Jade Helm-mastering the human domain
  2. NCAA/NDAA (military giving themselves unchecked power)
  3. NBA team owner Mark Cuban Dallas/Alabama/Sarah Palin Alaska (Allah)
  4. Bomber Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma Federal building Alfred Murrah (Allah)
  5. Rancher standoffs- Ammon Bundy and Dwight Hammond
  6. Lockheed Martin/FBI Director James Comey (jams commies, the election fall guy)
  7. Attorney General Loretta Lynch (an attorney named lynch as in lynching)
  8. DHS Jeh Johnson (JEH as in J Edgar Hoover)
  9. DOJ Jeff Sessions (court in session with Sessions? Possible lookalike for Ross Perot given the ears. His son Ross Perot Jr. sold Mark Cuban the Dallas Mavericks)
  10. US National Security Advisor H R McMaster
  11. Michael Moore propagandist
  12.  San Bernardino Massacre/Bernie Sanders socialist candidate
  13. George W Bush was a college cheerleader, Cheney an electrician
  14. Candidate Obama is endorsed on Oprah Win Free‘s show
  15. Oprah’s best friend Gayle King is a Whitney Houston lookalike (White Hous_ )
  16. Army cross-dressing soldier and leaker Bradley Manning changed name to Chelsea Manning.
  17.  Trump’s slogan Make American Great Again MAGA. MAGdA was the wife of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels who wrote slogans like “Make Germany Great Again”
  18. Star of Trump’s The Apprentice TV show Omarosa Manigault
  19. Riots formed in Baltimore Maryland after the police abuse of Freddie Gray. Michael Brown (same name as Bush’s FEMA director) was the next death that started the Ferguson Missouri riots. 2nd Missouri riots were after shooting of Antonio Martin. Is it “Black Lives Matter” or Black Ops Matters?

Without freedom of press there are no “free elections.” Government can use the media to sell us on candidates, backdate backgrounds, fabricate poll numbers and “election” results. The Deep State would never have existed without its control over the press. Unaccountable and never elected spy agencies fear exposure just like the Deep State they dismantled. The 2018 midterm “elections” and 2020 “elections” will ensure the people who were part of the problem NEVER have oversight. They stonewall Congress and run our politicians because our democratically elected representative government is being replaced with Pentagon dictatorship.

Tyranny is not the alternative to the Deep State

The abuses of power will never end until this gets the attention of the right people not in on the cover up. Share this with everyone. Help others understand it. Contacting government agencies, signing petitions or voting at this point isn’t going change anything. Sharing this can change EVERYTHING!

The hypocrisy of those dismantling the Deep State has gone on for too long. Billions in tax dollars are still spent on manufactured violence so a few can fatten their wallets. This does not protect us, it’s never justified and needs to stop now.

I’m blocked from Facebook and hundreds of other sites I’ve never used. Add a link to this story on social media sites and make an offline copy before it disappears. If you want your vote to count, representatives to represent you and freedom for all Americans share this story.

Thank you,
Aaron (EnemyOfTheSwamp.com)
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