‘Edge Media TV’


14 September 2012

Controversial TV: my 24 hours of aliens, spirit guides, and Yvette from ‘Allo ‘Allo

Lurking on channel 200 of Sky’s EPG, Controversial TV is a magnet for conspiracy theorists, paranoiacs and self-help gurus. But how much Truth can one journalist take?


Comment: “Just a note – you do not need SKY, its available on any sat box aimed at 28.2E.  There is a clutch of “public access channels” in and around the 200 mark.”

Comment:  “I’m waiting for a Chomsky/Klein/Monbiot/Zizek/Assange/Ronson/Anonymous TV station myself.”

Comment: “The number of ad hominem attacks in this article tells me those who assume authority over what we the people can and what we cannot view, are getting nervous.

It is an unfair attack because Channel 200 has been run down over at least the past year. The evening schedule is now largely Islam-led political programming. Mr Samadder poisons the well of alternative viewing that goes well beyond the boundaries of the usual mundane tv such as Homes under the Hammer or Cash in the Attic. The BBC has the kind of programming that shreds healthy brain function. However extreme the alternative channels may seem, what they do differently is treat viewers as adults and leave it up to the viewer to do their own research and decide for themselves.

If it was a choice between viewing Bargain Hunt or a broadcast on an alternative history of King Arthur – I know which one would fire up my imagination.

Mr Samadder forgot to mention two other channels that offer further alternative viewing but not in a dedicated way as Edge Media TV did. The channels are 191 and 192 on Sky. They broadcast Conscious TV interviews with subjects such as consciousness; for those who enjoy Dr Who – Rich Planet with Richard Hall is food for thought. Some really interesting documentaries questioning the official version of terror tragedies backed up with evidence.

Paradigm Shift TV has some really cutting edge broadcasting – well worth subscribing to Sky just to view the few broadcasts that are shown.

What Mr Samadder neglected to say was that those who allow themselves to watch alternative broadcasts whilst employing their critical thinking will quickly find that they start to see the patterns and hear what the traditional media and politicians are really saying and more importantly what they are not saying.

Watch some PSTV broadcasts and prepare to have a 180 degree shift in your world view.


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