“I HATE Every One of Them!” Undercover FBI Agent REVEALS All to Tucker in Bombshell Interview

The Liberty Hound
Published on 28 Oct 2017

Bill Otinger
First it was ALEXANDER HAMILITON Traitor was Killed in DUEL, then JP MORGAN now SOROS is Front Man for ”’ROTHSCHILD BANKERS ””3/4 of the STATES can””” RESTORE the CONSTITUTION,””’ watch these first ”””3 VIDEO”””and JOIN its FREE,

https://www.conventionofstates.com/volunteer ,

#1. TENN & 9 More States have took ACTION = https://youtu.be/3ff-qZus0CQ , ….

#2. How it will WORK = https://youtu.be/pycWf2UShbQ ,

#3. SOROS has Paid Senators and Groups to Stop CONVENTION OF STATED, = https://youtu.be/iuZ-9SvaRws

Banker CORPORATION LAW of the SEA come on LAND in a BIG WAVE 1933-1938 to Present and begin to ”””’DROWN the SUPREME LAW of the LAND = The CONSTITUTION, see Video FIAT EMPIRE, They have STOLE TRILLIONS bought all NEWS MEDIA and are doing 37 Evil things to Americans RIGHT NOW!

NWO have MURDERED 7 American Presidents for Trying to take back Control of MONEY SYSTEM, Kennedy had the ANSWER 11110 EO, He Printed 4.2 Billion of INTEREST FREE AMERICAN CURRENCY called RED BILLS still GOOD,

((( Kennedy was also going to Stop them Adding VIRUSES to VACCINES see Dr Tent video YOU GOT VIRUSES,)))))

Abolish the EVIL ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE, It’s INSANITY to Pay People to Print our CURRENCY to Understand how Currency and Money Work watch , ””’FIAT EMPIRE””’THE sECRET of OZ by Bill Still ””and MONEY MASTERS ,, Note: I have DOCUMENTED 37 Evil things being done RIGHT NOW ! to Americans.,

When JP MORGAN died it was Revealed He was a FRONT MAN for ROTHSCHILD BANKER who owned 81% of MOrgans assests, SOROS is Now a FRONT MAN for ROThSCHILDS https://youtu.be/feGXIK–OdM ,

June 12, 2016

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