[[UK Controlled Immigration]]


DER Comment: Clay26
We blame the EU for much of our countries issues and with just cause however it has been used as a excuse for bad policy, bad politicians and generally lack of a government that cares about the people not everything bad about Britain is the EU’s fault.

I have lived abroad before these countries became EU members and after and I have to say most seemed better off before. They accepted expats who paid their way and lived lawfully in their countries with open arms. Most border checks took a couple of minutes but generally no issues what so ever live illegally and that was a different ball game.

We aren’t generally a nation that have an issue as a nation with people who want to bring something to our society with their skills, knowledge or what ever regardless of their colour, nationality or even religion.

But what should matter is they want to live as British people with our ways and customs and want to be part of the UK society for all it brings not set up their own in our country.

The largest proportion do want to be treated and act as such but sadly still a significant proportion want to live as if they were in their own country and expect us to change for them they take everything and bring nothing.

Any one who has no legal right to be here should be returned to their homeland regardless and then and only then apply through the proper channels no applying for asylum after being caught.

It’s not that as a nation we want to exclude anyone but we want to choose if and when we let them in and what rules they will need to accept to do so. That is what we mean by controlled immigration not rounding up of legal citizens.

EU wake up and realize we want to work with you but not be run by you or indeed the shower of politicians that only have their own agenda not ours as their mission.

Some people in certain parts of UK choose to live in enclaves and turn areas in to ghetto’s with uncontrolled behavior not even able to adapt to living in the west and all that brings.

Whilst they might not like it we do NOT want to become a third world country or a follower of Islam we are a western country not a middle eastern or african or asian one so don’t try changing that it won’t wash eventually the backlash will happen and you will see why we don’t take invasion well either by stealth or force.