Brand’s Real Agenda

Cleggosvitch has come out in defence of Brand.  That’s very telling.  There seems to be a lot of opposition in the AM.  PTB not expecting so many sheeple who are awake to Tavistock, Mind control, CointelPro etc etc etc?

Interesting Article Post Paxman

Brand:  I don’t back down but unlike Tom Petty, I’m not Petty.  How does he come to that conclusion?  Petty isn’t Petty Russell.  Petty is also a great guitarist and songwriter and he knows it.  He didn’t let tptb push him around. 
In 1987, Petty sued tyre company B.F. Goodrich for $1 million for using a song very similar to his song “Mary’s New Car” in a TV commercial.

Some Pundits offer their insights:

  • ‘It is a terrible thing to use people’s sense of compassion against them for the cause of a hidden political agenda. I remember reading many years ago about how people who had fled communist countries to live in safety in the West were becoming afraid because they said they could see the signs of what they went through under communism encroaching on the West. I was a live-in housekeeper and friend many years ago for two elderly women who had fled communist Russia, what hell they had been through, one of them had her feet mangled from her time in a forced labour camp, they had a map of the world on the wall with all the communist countries marked on them and they were terrified that it would one day take over the world, terrified they were, and this was many years after they had found safety in the West, I thought that would never happen or anything similar to it. We seem to be seeing the worst of capitalism, corporatism, de-regulation for corporations and over-regulation for the common people etc., combined with the control mechanisms of a dangerous form of socialism, centralization of powers, the police/military, government, private industry, media, healthcare etc.. all being further centralized along with the eroding of national boundaries etc.. it is not a good place we are heading to… this New World Order is real.. they weren’t lying about that.’


  • Now I listened to this talk that Russell Brand did with Daniel Pinchback and Graham Hancock at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder Colorado. In the video Daniel brings up the need to change the paradigm, they touch upon how Revolution is bread out of us. Russell Brand goes on to say:

Russell Brand: When you say change the paradigm how do we go about that? how do we sort of say well.. we’ve got these institutions in media, we’ve got these financial institutions, we’ve got the means of distribution, we’ve got the means of production, we’ve have all these Marxist maxims in place, we have the fundaments and structure, how do we alter the consciousness, the fundamental unifying field, how do we influence change on that level to alter the world.

David Pinchback: By using the techniques of marketing and propaganda and turn them around, maybe the same instruments and tools that have been used to keep people in slavery and ignorance to also be used potentially to liberate and awaken them.

Russell: Yes

David: That’s part of it, another part of it is there needs to be a civil society rebuilding process, we don’t have an alternative vision of what would be an incredibly awesome situation.

Russell: Yes because we’re deliberately relentlessly denied that opportunity, I think what Graham (Hancock) was saying earlier about this is that I am a recovering drug addict so this is not a subject I take lightly but I do agree that the criminalization of narcotics is the deliberate inhibition of human consciousness because they seem happy enough to release crack in impoverished areas and it helps them.

…he then talks about terrifying experiences while he was on drugs/hallucinogens and then goes on to say…

…but I do still hear this sort of echo.. this whisper of what it is at it’s core transitional beautiful access to different frequencies of consciousness, when reading their work (that of David and Graham) it’s like I am remembering something that I forgot…

then David goes on in a very positive way about natural psychedelics to (recovering addict) Russell Brand… Graham Hancock then chimes in about the responsible use of drugs and how it’s written out of the language of our culture, he goes on about DMT’s in a very positive way.

Russell Brand goes on to say that as a recovering addict to take DMT’S you need to take smack for the comedown and then seemingly makes a joke to Graham saying “it’s best to take the smack anyway Graham”…. Russell goes on about transmitting energy, how consciousness does affect matter, how he worked with David Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation Foundation and goes on about that as well as saying there clearly a relationship between consciousness and physical precipice illuminated discovery, there is a singular consciousness.

David: We are all characters in a play that consciousness is putting on to discover it’s own creative capacities.

Russell then talks about the time frequency that was brilliantly illuminated by Graham and through which we receive all our wisdom, we don’t need to know what goes on beyond time we need to know how to save the planet that we live on, to align our consciousness with the fundamental frequency from which all life comes.

The footage pans to someone in the small crowd talking about how you don’t even want to bring up consciousness in a communist psychology.

David: We’re trapped in one form of consciousness. Capitalist systems are breaking down and something has to emerge, we have to be the ones who create that new emerging system……….. and then David and Graham go on about the Mayans and the toil of the Mayans in a good way, also about the pyramids in Egypt etc.. more banter..

Russell: I’ve gone since the age of 14yrs thinking that I’m Jesus..

anyways that is a little bit of a rundown

I’ve nothing against and am very much for taking care of the poor, the vulnerable, the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled etc.. having healthcare available for all, housing that is affordable for people who are on low incomes and all income brackets etc.. but Russell and his friends strike me as Marxists (or posing as them) especially when Russell said and I again quote:

Russell Brand:

When you say change the paradigm how do we go about that? how do we sort of say well.. we’ve got these institutions in media, we’ve got these financial institutions, we’ve got the means of distribution, we’ve got the means of production, we have all these Marxist maxims in place, we have the fundaments and structure, how do we alter the consciousness, the fundamental unifying field, how do we influence change on that level to alter the world.


Now I think I shall do some background research on David Pinchback, Graham Hancock and David Lynch.


  • Why does Russell mention the Drug Addict thing all the time?

Answer:  Russel is genuine about his addiction. He knows the jargon and the facts too well. It takes an insider someone who has worked a 12 step recovery programme, a clean and sober person to understand. Its not something easy to fake.

Most everybody else is in denial.

As far as the kids go they mostly are all on drugs and alcohol, addicted to porn, sex, video games, texting, consumer goods, and brain dead with all the chemical crap they eat,drink and vaccinations they get. Have you not noticed?

Addiction is an illness that kills. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco overeating, sex, gambling. It wrecks the life of the addict and their families.

Addiction is also a means to control the masses. Its everywhere. Whats the first thing you encounter going into a shop, sweets and chocolates sugar addiction. Sugar is more addictive than heroin. Everywhere there is obesity.

Its as if people cannot be happy naturally, they have use some type of chemical or fix to alter their mood. To escape the reality of their emotions


  • Yep and once he’s served his purpose im sure he’ll return to the drugs and this time not do so well.

papers will read “russel brand found dead after accidental overdose” and because of his openess about his past housewives all over the country will be heard saying “no wonder really, he’s always struggled with it you know” ” yeah hes always had a drug problem, i read that in the papers”

case closed !!


  • He is talking about his drug addiction but they are clearly imv pushing the use and are very much for the use of natural hallucinogens (DMT’s) in the interview, basically saying pharmaceutical based hallucinogens and drugs are the problem not the drugs themselves in their natural form, this is what is being promoted and it is an odd stance for someone who says he is a recovering drug addict but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Sure it can open up a portal into another realm but that realm is not always a positive one, there are negative spiritual entities at work in this world and it is dangerous to encourage the use of psychedelics (considered natural or not) to young people en masse.

Who created and promoted and in many ways provided the drugs for the counter-culture sixties ‘revolution’?? it was the intelligence (including military) agencies, Jim Morrison whose father was the commander of the U.S. Naval Forces and as Admiral was behind the Gulf of Tonkin incident which played it’s part in setting off the Vietnam War while son Jim was placed to influence the youth (knowingly or not).

The majority (if not all) of the musicians who mysteriously showed up in Laurel Canyon and went on to become famous celebrities/musicians of the sixties revolution had direct or indirect ties to military intelligence, it is very well explained by Dave McGowan in his series: The Strange and Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation and of course that was not known at the time and the majority of the population still don’t know.

….it is fascinating reading and yet disturbing at the same time and the implications are tremendous…. the drug culture of the sixties was planned and largely implemented by the intelligence agencies and they were also pushing the use of ‘natural‘ and not so natural psychedelics, if people think that was (or is) for our own good, that they did (or do) this with positive intent then they are naïve.


  • Psychos have quite a specific MO. I’m not calling RB a Psycho, he’s clearly Narcissistic, but the system he is apparently trying to change is packed with them and has been created over a very long time by them and for them. History has shown them to be hugely manipulative, particularly of people’s beliefs, these days hugely influenced by the Media and Celebrity Culture.

The Psycho MO initially involves telling potential victims what they want to hear. It’s a classic confidence trickster technique, find out about the victim, their preferences and insecurities and try to make a bond with them. Act as if you are their new best friend. Psychos see emotion, compassion and well-meaning as weaknesses, gullibility to be taken advantage of. They are risk takers, getting a rush everytime they get away with it, the bigger the better. They take huge liberties with the victim’s resources and when their betrayal is in danger of being uncovered the first tactic will be to shame the victim for even pointing out the possibility of something so deceitful. They will undermine the victim’s confidence in their ability to judge the situation with the limited visibility they have of it.

Eventually the Psycho will be unable to continue hiding their activities and confrontation becomes likely. They select victims that are poorly equipped to deal with such situations – they will actively isolate those who are often already quite lonely. The avoidance of confrontation will be taken advantage of to push the scam as far as possible. When it comes to a head they will massively traumatize the victim, so that they are paralyzed to take action within the window available. In extreme cases this continues over an extended period of time, traumas of the past are recycled and extended and the victim is unable to admit to themselves or others how bad the situation actually is.

Bearing the above in mind, I think we are being fed what we want to see and hear. That is, there is a charismatic hero, a Saviour archetype, speaking out for fairness and freedom and all we have to do is have faith. The vast majority of what he says makes perfect sense and is designed to make us feel we know him and he is our friend. I predict those who criticize, point out inconsistencies and dangers will be deemed cynical and isolated. Initially the Revolution will appear to be in the interests of the people. I suspect they will bring in a Global Admin on the grounds of tackling tax havens and the Fair Sharing of resources. However, at the critical time, when people start to question the reality, they will be massively traumatized by the untimely death of their saviour. I predict a Lennon style execution or something that links in with the crucifixion narrative. People will then be too traumatized to pursue their freedom and find TPTB have once again strengthened their position by putting in further control systems.


So I recognise in myself the capacity for selfishness, for lustfulness, for egotism and because I recognise these qualities in myself, I would prefer a culture that didn’t celebrate, exacerbate, stimulate the most negative aspects of our species; inculcate them, reward them financially ’til we get to a kind of cultural hysteria where we’re destroying the planet. So its not like I feel Tories are Evil, I feel it is an Evil System and that System shouldn’t be advanced and if it continues to be advanced we won’t have a (little) planet (to live on).I wouldn’t want to exist in this political system because its inherently corrupting and I think it’s just administration. I don’t agree with that system of leadership; I think it should be interchangeable and well regulated so we don’t have cult of personality and cult of leadership. Its shouldn’t be regarded as Power, it should be regarded as Service…and politicians should regonise that they are officials that work for us, that work for us, they don’t have power over us.

Telling us what we want to hear. Refreshing, yet somehow obvious. Articulated a little too well if you know what I mean (a trodden path, used previously?) This question (@ 47 mins) seemed like a stooge…

– In terms of your Humanitarian views (and you believe that under-priviledged people the other side of the world should be able to have resources that we have, in terms of Distributive Justice) Cosmopolitans (and schools of thought like that) think that Superstate Institutions (so outside of just the UK, US) are the way to achieve that; do you agree or how do you think it would be best?
– What kind of institution? Just to be a bit more specific, are you referring to some specific institute?
– Things like the EU etc, but bigger, larger.
– Oh, like some big globalized New World Order – they’ll love that! Errm, well I think given that many of our problems are global it would be good if we had a Global Agenda and a Global System. My view comes primarily from a visit that I made to Kibera, the slums near Nairobi where I witnessed this sort-of devastating poverty… We all know there’s suffering all over the world everywhere, but because people aren’t promoting those ideas, except in a very particular way, within a very particular charitable philanthropic paradigm, which is presented as sort-of insoluable. We don’t think about it, but World Poverty could be resolved by $40 billon of investment! Oh my God; that’s not that much! Not compared to the $50 trillion in the hands of American Millionaires. Not when you consider the 7 heirs of Walmart have as much money as 140 million Americans combined. These problems need to be – we’re not talking about National redistribution of wealth – we’re talking about International, Global Redistribution of Wealth and Resources. So yeah, a necessary component of that would be some sort of Global Institution, you’re quite right, Mate, but Jesus Christ I don’t know how to set that up, it sounds double-double complex. I’d struggle for an hour before I put this F’in jacket on. [laugh]

The question itself, seemed quite Common Purpose. There was a meandering anecdote about attending a Celeb Fashion show after experiencing poverty in Nairobi that I’ve left out. It seemed like a way of getting people into a low place emotionally, before light heartedly popping in a solution. Nobody in the audience questioned, asked for clarification or seemed concerned at the proposal’s possible abuse and there was even a little chuckle at the final quip. Another leading question (with Dark Arts slip)…

– You’ve got people talking about politics who would never want to discuss this sort of thing. You have, whether you like it or not, become a Political Leader (of sorts). Are you here to stay or are you gonna sort-of drop some of these ideas and leave us to make our own minds up? Or are you gonna use that Celebrity for the Positive and actually turn the Dark Arts into something good?
– I try my best, Mate, I’ll try my best. I tell you, because I’ve been both sides now. Like the Lady said, I’ve been to glitzy parties, I’ve been in movies, I’ve seen it up close, it’s nothing to get excited about, it really ain’t. So yeah, I think this now, but I gotta like, y’know, I’m just a bloke aren’t I, so we can all just be in it together and just contribute our own little bit, but yeah I ain’t got nothing better to do in my remaining few months on the planet Earth.

Note the “We’re all in it together” @ 1:07:32 Also a worrying premonition slipped in at the end. A bit like this one from earlier.

I’ve had this feeling my whole life that something dodgy is going to happen, something bad is gonna happen to me.


I trust him about as much as his ex-wife who’s a Monarch-programmed/controlled sex slave.  <EDIT> he’s a cultist too, for anyone who doesn’t know what AA/NA is all about – look it up.


You know I’m very skeptical about this. The powers that be are great propagandist and it wouldn’t be nothing for them to make a video, featuring there flunkies. I mean it has Oliver Stone in it. This is the same man, who directed a movie about George W. Bush. Which exposed absolutely nothing about him or his administration.  I’m not trusting this P.R. campaign.  (Seems quite likely Oliver Stone got paid a ‘special visit’ somewhere 10 to 15 years ago, his movies used to be rather good and quite damning of many things concerning MSM and the status quo.)

know what you mean but i keep thinking tptb are losing it and shooting themselves in the foot.

Whatever they do seems to backfire. Look at 9/11 and the awareness that has brought into the world of their agenda in the last 12 years.

November sees the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. I am expecting to see the internet flooded with truth about that.


I trust Russell Brand to do what’s best for Russell Brand.


I am pretty certain that the formless live through him or have taken over, or that he is a dark human soul. Either or; very few people give off vibes like that. He gives off the same vibrations that he gave off years ago; he has changed none at all like some are claiming. If your still giving off 3d vibrations after all the shifts that have happened; something is wrong.


t seems quite fishy that he has risen so quickly up the ranks and has featured in so many hollywood films. In fact, anyone who has featured in a hollywood film like Get Him to the Greek I am quickly to dismiss and a whore of the establishment, however he did say a while back that it was his intention to rise up the ranks of the establishment just so that he could attack and undermine it. Thus, it may just be his intention to feature in these various films so he can undermine the oppressive industries that make them up. Anyway, I fin what he says very interesting and enlightening and regardless of whether he is part of the powers that be, the fact that he is waking people up has to be a good thing. I did hear someone on here the other day call him a shill and a double agent jsut because he did not mention 9/11. I think we have to get to the point at which we realize all conspiracy publicity is good publicity


You have to look it at in the sense that people need to be split into demographics in order to market to them. There is an obvious market for 20 to late 30 year olds who need someone to look up to. You have one generation that looks to the Daily Show, while the other less cleaned-up would have someone like Russel Brand; blacks have Obama and Jay-z. Brand was in some of those Apatow-esque films with Hollywood’s new comedic team (franco, green); all those guys who tap into certain markets that ultimately lead to a new generation of consumers.

Julian Assange saw the market of the disgruntled youth that felt there were secrets to be known; yet years of Bilderberg meetings are not part of wikileaks (especially the years with JFK and Vietnam); yet Assange says 9/11 was NOT an inside job.

The second Brand stops saying Illuminati or some other catch phrase leading to something vague he will be done away with like everyone else in that stupid business: if there’s no market for it — good bye.


Whether Brand is a tool or not.

BBC invite him on,
BBC record the interview,
BBC edit the video,
BBC put it out to the public.

I think the question should be why the bbc put it out there?


Can anybody point to a Marxist revolution that was actually achieved peacefully and where equality and prosperity came as a result rather than more suffering, bloodshed and tyranny? All these Marxist revolutions end up doing is further punishing the majority while also further disproportionately empowering the minority. The Bolshevik revolution and the spread of communism throughout Europe in the 20th century anybody? Weren’t these revolutions also sold as ”peoples revolutions”… well look where they all ended up, the people lept out of the frying pan and into the fire! I think it’s time for some people to take their thumb from out of their arse! I would quite happily pick up my ‘pitchfork’ if I knew this wasn’t going to end like all the other ‘peoples revolutions’… where the idea of ‘equality’, ‘wealth redistribution’ and ‘communal living’ was imposed upon the majority against their own will, which turned out to be a form of collectivist punishment rather than equality and prosperity. ”

Very good vid danster- this is well worth listening to -esp whose who have fell the new ‘piped piper’…..

what Brand preaches from his multi – million mansion and bank balance is what the zionists’ want for us – austerity ( poverty) and as far as re-distribution of wealth – I don’t think he’ll be giving any away – now will the banksters / industrialists or their evil scum puppets. They want de-population and this always comes with ‘revolution’ but as we know they have all the other bases covered for the on- going soft kill too –
Brand would have done the world a much better service had he pointed out these – the zionist mafia big pharma – scream ‘don’t vaccinate’ anything but the same old worn out ‘revolt’ – seeing THAT is just what these sub-human zionist’s WANT


Yes there is some agenda here.
The truth is coming out, tptb are definitely not stupid. They will find a way to use this to their advantage.
I have an imaginary scenario.
Conspiracy becomes mainstream.
Western civilisation collapses under the weight of corruption.
China is waiting in the wings to save the day, with common sense, military might and a gold standard monetary system.
Problem, reaction, solution we are worse of than before. China being the most mind controlled nation on the planet. Then we got the evils of communism.
Just a thought.


fabian-socialist-wolf-in-sheep-clothingI never knew that the Fabian society crest is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why choose a wolf in sheep’s clothing as a symbol for what is supposed to be a beneficent organization representing the working class? The wolf in sheep’s clothing is a well understood sign to beware of false prophets! Do the founders view socialism is actually a wolf pretending to be a sheep?

Founding Fabian society member were self confesed Eugenicsists and Stalinists.
More recent members include Tony Blair, Gordon Brown.


Could Russell Brand be the new Charlie Vietch? Charlie, the plonker from “The love police,” turned out to be a schill, an obvious paid puppet of the establishment. People saw right through him in the U.K. now the little rabbit is in his home in Brazil, bullshitting those people with his rhetoric.


What does revolution go hand in hand with historically? Blood & violence?? To some, yes. Only real & lasting revolution happens by peaceful means. However, to the consciousness of the masses, TPTB want revolution to mean blood and violence, so they can justify & enforce their police state.
The issue in America is that people have not been as violent as they want them to be at the moment. When the media took the Trayvon story (they originally didnt want to) they wanted people to get violent and protest in large large numbers. We all know there is always another motive in what the news stations air. Their calculations were terrible and this even brought plenty of people together by peaceful means. Do I believe that Russel would promote violence? Not directly. Fueling the fire is more like it. Having people focus on the problems rather than the solutions. Like someone else said “he plays a good game”.

I am pretty sure he is a dark soul or entity, and no wonder you have this stuff about him being Katy Perry’s mk ultra handler coming out. Has anyone put the amount of relationships he has had in perspective? That this behavior with many women of power could make him a handler of many? I would not put it past him.


Pied Piper/Jester –


I agree, and violent revolution has worked in their favour every time. The ruling classes will just climb down a hole and pick up the pieces when it’s all over. I don’t think they really give a shit about people being violently murdered, or everything being burned to the ground and smashed up, in fact I think that’s exactly what some of these psychopaths want, including some of their ‘poorer relations’ (the marxist/commie army ants). In all fairness to Russel he’s not actually calling for violent revolution, however under the circumstances and in light of all the social tensions and anger that’s building up, what is the likelihood that it won’t spill into violence?


Freemason Grand Master HandshakeFreemason Grand Master Handshake.

Grand Master Top Hat

It could help explain the Worshipful Grandmaster’s Top Hat he wears quite often..

that would have been in 2007 alongside Pierce Morgan and Simon Cowell among others..

Worshipful Master Large Pet Bowlworshipful_master_large_pet_bowl


in-good-spiritsIn Good Spirits.


Like the Rothchildes’ saywe make our money when blood is running in the streets.


Let this Mason idiot strut and shag his way through his tawdry simulcrum of genuine existence. The man is a performer just putting on a show. If Icke let’s this guy too close he’s gonna get burned.

Masons can never be trusted because they do not act on their own volition, they do whatever they’re told to. Brand is gonna do what they all do in the end, a massive ‘about turn’ and leave everyone who trusted him looking like a chump.

And you know why he’s been dating all these odd and well connected women? He’s enrolled in the Masonic bloodline breeding programme! I seriously
doubt him marrying Miss Perry was his own, or even her idea. And he did not wish to breed with her so the marriage was dissolved.

Will be interesting to watch the man, he is the revelation of the Mason’s plans and thinking. Russell Brand is an inside job


They are attempting to control the narrative, as they have always done before. They know the “awakening” is inevitable, so they need to give it just the right suggestive nudges to keep it corralled within limits that conform with the overall agenda. Above all, keep people inadequately informed, give them the false-hope sugar-coated pill (after all, the messianic dude on teevee is saying stuff that hits all the right notes, the “revolution” must be happening, yay now I can go back to living my life and not worry about it), and DON’T let the REALLY NASTY SHIT you and yours are up to, take front and center in their minds.

Welp, what can you expect? I expect the revolution of awareness to NOT be televised, and NOT to take any predictable, pre-programmed path except in the most mechanical of minds… which still doesn’t bode all that well for the masses, but the fate of the soulless lickers of Satan’s shit is a much more certain consummation, devoutly to be wished.


such a quaint handy shake from a dapper dickensian tavistock character 2 a gotha german vampyre queen.
all smiles.
no talk of the missing children of canada.
no loose talk of dead bodies found on large estate.
no chit or chat of unkle jimmy and his cum ings and go ings.
no talk of his organ trading.
just smiles.
here here eye says.
keep your eyes wide shut lord rothschild’s new creature is here.
look at the eyes modelling a cockney jewish rasputin full deep bbc mi training.
and such a good mk handler.
arise the new unkle jimmy is dead long live king cock brand x

Brand is pushing Transcendental Meditation and Thomas Sheridan, author of “Puzzling People”, a book about Psychopaths, clashed with him about this.  Sheridan regards the pushing of the agenda of ‘mindfulness’ on young children as extremely dangerous.  Sheridan said the child must develop naturally through real life experiences of great variety so that the neurological pathways develop without ‘the psychobabbling interference from psychotherapist quacks.’  GovWatch trans there.

Sheridan said that tptb always use the same method but change the scenario ie “cycling on a different road but using the same bike” in order to manipulate us to their agenda.  We just have to know how they operate and then inform others about the agenda.  The future they have mapped out is harmful to us.  They don’t really like us and never have.  Thus their idea is to get rid of some and re-frame the minds of the rest.  Be wise as serpents folks.  Don’t fall for it.

Puzzling People The Labyrinth of the Psychopath Thomas Sheridan

Comment:   “Founding Fabian society member were self confesed Eugenicsists and Stalinists.  More recent members include Tony Blair, Gordon Brown.

They were founded around the time when genuine socialist movements like the co-ops, worker associations and Anarchist movement was making headway, which were hijaked by the unionist movement bankrolled by the like of the Fabians…

Given history and how the elitist money men subvert all revolutionary movements I think this is all relevant when analysing Brand?”

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  1. Russell Brand Busted In A Drug Deal – The Media Covers It Up

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