“Belinda Mackenzie‘s been an obvious one.

Obviously Tony Farrel’s beyond obvious anyway.

Ian Puddick is for any one who’s dealt with him as opposed to simply watched him tell them some stories about how he became a target and how he needed to make a stand, followed by him showing very little interest in anything anyone has to say following the first contact which he’s very cordial and polite. He’s gathering names and what’s the point of this if you have no real interest in change?

I forgot to mention Veronica Chapman. Told Stan James she didn’t want to have anything to do with him as he wouldn’t arrest a judge—which would have seen him put in jail—but she’s not shunned by her best mate, Michael Doherty.

Commonly known as Dom, again, he looks like a Jew to me, just like Farrell who’s very insistent on being a Christian, whilst being an obvious Jew as well. He lies, cheats and scrounges. He wears a stupid hat and makes people think he’s cool. Some of them let him shag them. It’s not nice and shows that there’s a lot wrong with the minds of the female population of the UK, if you hadn’t already worked that out (the men are no better).

Ray Sinclair‘s not someone I’ve heard of for a while, but he’s a known con man, who may just be a criminal opportunist.

I know I’ve dealt sufficiently with Roger Hayes and Brian Gerrish as every day their moron hangers on call me names and use bad language. None have ever challenged a specific point that I’ve made. Probably this is the same reason why they can’t fill in a job application form.”  OOPS

Nick Kollerstrom is a National Treasure however.

DisInfo Agents DON’T attack each other – rule of thumb?


Comment:  “They try and herd all of the  ‘awake’  sheep into the same place to watch them and this has the other effect of getting them cross-fertilizing the real with the almost real with the ridiculable nonsense”


Mr Cahill sees a link to what happened to David Belamey and Bill Oddie.  Mr Belamey doesn’t believe in Global warming and Mr Oddie was talking a bit too much about the Savile problem and other related matters at BBC,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAi-kQr-yLs

Further good work by Mr Cahill regarding a Ponzi Scheme he was a victim of,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcqKr-srYAs


Aston Lloyd & Partners International Ltd  Whoops.

Shill List http://sharonkilby.co.uk/site/WAR_ON_SHILLS.php


26 Jun 2014

UK CointelPro: Puff of smoke with prima face cover story with bells on


1 Response to ‘t0mcahill’

  1. Ian Puddick says:

    Every thing Tom Cahill says is true

    Thomas has a rare gift of insight which enable him to expose the truth in such a gentlemanly way

    All men wish they could be Thomas

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