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A witness describes Andrew Breitbart’s final moments

ali brown
He knew about Podesta and Soros in 2012 and most people are just finding out now in 2016; it was enough to get him killed.

Podesta torturing little boy audio, video you cant see much. I think its Podesta, same accent, same lisp, same vocal tone, SAME GUY. OH and also the little boy SCREAMS JOHN after the MONSTER YELLS AT HIM “whats my name?” JOOOOHHHHNN!!! the terrified little boy screams. SAD, poor lil man. In the words of a great freedom fighter. “FUCK YOU JOHN PODESTA!!”

Gary Sellars (edited)
This witness has DISAPPEARED! NO ONE knows where he is. What does that tell you? The bright red is 100% solid evidence that Breitbart did not die of a heart attack and his coroner was murdered before he made a public announcement. What does that tell you?

8ElionAdvancing8 (edited)
sounds like cyanide poisoning,,, the mafia hit man called ice man tells ab how he would bump up against someone in a bar and poison them with cyanide and no one would suspect a thing,,,go watch what he says about what happens ,,,he said they just gurgle and fall asleep just like this man described,,,no one just drops dead out of the blue,,,the coroner also dropped dead after examining the body,,,probably bc it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that its cyanide that killed him

Breitbart, Vince Foster, Justice Scalia, Seth Rich…….some of the people taken out by the evil Democrat Party. Thank God they aren’t in power anymore.

+legend Like what Winston Churchill said “The fascists of the future will be the antifascists”.

Phil Schneider, Andrew Bretibart, BarryJennings, Dr Karla Turner, Beverly Eckert, Kenneth Johannemann, Dr Michael H. Doran, Bertha Champagne, Christopher Landis, and many Hundreds more of these so called “Conspiracy Theorists” have died Mysteriously, and under Strange, unbelievable circumstances, most of them were Witnesses, whom where about to testify before a Court of Law, in front of a Special CoMMISSION, AND/OR IN FRONT, OF Congress, or the US Senate! Coincidences I’m sure!!

Chrisli Durison1 year ago
I fully feel that obama had many ppl killed due to what they were going to say about his past. Breitbart and the coroner that was going to release vital info were both murdered. Obama has no right to be a US pres.,,he is most def not loyal to the US ! When he 1st became pres he claimed he was Christian,,then later ,hes muslim? He doesn’t even respect our military enough to salute them or call them by their proper titles! Also Why take soooo long to show his BC?? bECUZ ITS A FAKE THATS WHY,,AND THE WOMAN WHO HELPED FAKE IT,,SHES NOW DEAD! Alot of ppl have died to keep from exposing who he really is and where his loyalty lies.He has pics of him with his so-called grandparents on his mom’s side,yet u can tell they have been photo shopped becuz there are pics of him alone in the exact same pose and clothes as the ones showing his fake grandparents. Also,,now they r saying his dna does not match his mothers dna.So who the hell is he really?? We will never know becuz our gov never tells the truth about anything! I think the shadow gov chose him for a reason,,and thats to help bring about the NWO. Get a man who is well spoken and charming ,,and u can fool a nation into believing anything he says,,or rather ,anything ‘they’ want him to say. We know he is in the Masonic ,evil group becuz he wears the ring and does the handshake,and all the other Mason hand gestures.He is bringing this country down ,and that is what ‘they’ want in order to begin to depopulate .The elite want less of us so we r more easily controlled,,,just as Hitler tried to do. I was shocked to listen to a few speeches Hitler gave becuz they were almost identical to what obama spouts.Point is,,he’s not American !!! He is an evil puppet! The only reason i do not fear him and his plans is becuz this all was foretold in the scriptures by more than one prophet. I know how the story ends,,and it ends with satan and the evil ppl of this world getting their punishment one day .For those who do not trust in the Word,,,go read it front to back and u will see how obama fits every description of the anti-christ,, down to the letter! It even refers to the fact that he will not be a lover of God or of women. Well, he has made it clear that he is not a Christian, he mocks the bible,,,and he most certainly is gay. That is a known fact ! It calls him; the lawless one who changes the times and laws...well, he has broken many laws and he has changed laws that should not have been changed,,,our Constitution will soon be worth nothing ,,,he is making sure of that ! I could go on and on about how he fits the description. Add that with all the other things going on around the world that we were told about in scripture and it all adds up to him being the ‘evil one’! iM POSITIVE some one will try to debate me on this,,, don’t bother,, im stating what i feel is truth and no one will change my mind about it. I will say this tho–if u have not made peace with God, now is the time. What a shame it will be for ppl on Judgement day when they r standing before God.  Not one person will be able to say ”why was i not told about you Lord”/ and God will answer ”you were told,,u chose not to believe in me!!!!”

Andrew Breitbart Explains the Evil of the Democrats