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Comment At VC:  “Unfortunately I have a brother who was sucked into this and is sitting in prison right now doing 6 years for something he most likely didn’t even do or even if he was a part of was unaware of it at the time due to the mental state he was in as a result of the years of “treatment” and medications he was receiving. He has crazy stories that hes been a victim of experimentation since his birth (he was born in a military hospital as his father, my step dad was in the air force and was born with deformities on both hands as well as a brain tumor) and claims that the same doctor has been stalking him for years as well as men in black and aliens. It all sounded nuts to me at first but over the years Ive noticed there are thousands of similar cases and all with a similar background so something is definitely up!

Just don’t let them medicate you and convince you that you need to be on SSI/Disability cuz that’s how it all starts! “

Comment at VC:  “Vigilant, this reminds me of a movie i just watched a couple nights ago. It’s called “The Bourne Ultimatum” It’s about this guy who is a highly trained assassin, who has been on the hunt for three years looking for the agents (CIA) who stole his memory and true identity. Anyways the movie shows him being programmed some. And in this movie the training facility is in Langley, Virginia, just like in this article! When i read that, i automatically thought of this movie! Also the guy in this movie is played by matt damon, the same guy thats in “The Adjustment Bureau” Just thought i would point that out. This artricle really reminded me of it, cause he couldn’t remember what he had been doing for the past 3 years. Also “The Net” is a good movie to check out.”

Comment at VC:  “It’s very, very real. The McMartin school case was real… they did, indeed find the tunnels that the children were talking about. There’s many survivorship websites where you can read about people recovering from this… all from different parts of the country and all over the world. ”

Comment at VC:  “Thought about asking for your email since this is so long but I figured some others may be interested in reading it as well. Its a long story and it honestly makes me depressed/angry at whats happened to him and the little that I can do about it….knowing that he is sitting in a California State Prison right now for something he didnt even do is heartbreaking at times (that’s what i believe but I guess the court believed someones twisted testimony and he cant really speak for himself when hes unaware of whats going on and has no money for a lawyer). But I guess Ill go into a little more detail of what I mentioned.

Fact is when my mother was pregnant of him she had just married my step dad & we were living on Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson AZ. She somehow come into contact with Tuberculosis and so she was given medication by military doctors who said it was ok to take while pregnant and wouldn’t hurt the baby. She took it for a while but says that she felt like something wasn’t right and so she stopped taking them. When he was born he had deformed fingers on both hands and only has thumbs and pinkies that are normal. He also had a brain tumor that needed to be removed by the time he was about 2. I also should mention that my mom went to the hospital on the base to deliver him and it was a month before her due date, when she got there they did a sonogram and some tests and then sent her off base to a hospital in Tucson to have him, which was kind of suspicious but not so much at the time. Afterward for years he seemed otherwise normal and was an average student in school although he had some speech issues and wasn’t the smartest kid in class (both I and my sister born after him were straight A students and bookworms…he hated reading) he didn’t seem to have any mental issues or serious disability.

When I was about 7 my step dad got orders to go overseas to be stationed in Turkey and so we went with him. My mom was given all our medical records to transfer with us and that’s when she noticed some paperwork on my brother and its still a little blurry to me as I was young but I remember her crying and telling my step dad that the Dr who gave her the meds for TB knew it was harmful to give her while pregnant and somehow she found out that the meds had been tested on maternal lab rats and guinea pigs and they had deformed births as a result. So she was upset with the Dr. and the military health care in general and sought a lawyer to take legal action but had very little luck with it as not too many attorneys are up too the job of taking on the government or military and if so not for cheap. I remember hearing my step dad tell her to leave it alone as well and that he was getting told by his first sergeant that his wife was stirring up trouble that could reflect badly on him.

So for years nothing was done about this, I never knew how serious it was I just knew my little brother was different in some ways and I still cared about him and had to defend him a lot when other kids acted weird about his hands. Like I said he was pretty much normal and even got his drivers license and graduated High School although a year late since he’d been held back in elementary. Well after High School is when things got weird…I wasn’t living near him at the time but was staying in another town with my mom and by then she was divorced from my step dad…my brother still lived with him and his dad would call us and tell us he was worried for him cuz he was doing strange things like going outside at night and staring at the sky for hours. He was getting calls to the police by neighbors because sometimes he would be talking loudly to himself even yelling. He would be in his room yelling at someone as well. He was driving his car one night and for some reason took the face off his stereo and threw it out the car and when my dad asked him what happened to it my brother said that there was people tracking him on the radio and talking to him telling him to do stuff he didn’t want to do. He ended up getting into a few car accidents within a 2 month span once even hitting a parked car. As far as I know the only drugs he ever did was smoking weed, cuz where im from everyone smoked marijuana. I don’t think he ever did anything crazier than that but am not 100% sure.

It got to the point where he ended up being hospitalized and was in a mental facility in Sacramento Ca for about a month or so then was released upon being diagnosed as a schizophrenic with mild psychotic behavior....he was placed on meds and told to seek regular treatment and evaluations with his own doctor. I should also mention that while at this facility he “escaped” early one morning and no one ever knew how as he was in an upstairs room and the elevators were controlled by staff and no alarms went off for any emergency exits and there was no kind of evidence of his escape route. He ended up coming back on his own accord and said he didn’t remember leaving at all.

Well at the time he still had a military ID and my step dad was retired from the air force now but my brother, sister and him all still had military benefits and would use the hospital at Travis AFB for health care needs. So my step dad had my brother seen by military psychologists and psychiatrists and thats when the really crazy stories came out and later on I read some of the documentation on it.

My brother told a psyche that he was a military experiment and was being tracked by the government and a specific Dr that he named ( they claimed no Dr by that name existed in the Air Force or any government branch) and even while under treatment at Travis this Dr started to appear again and my brother had one instance where he was restrained and put under evaluation again because as he was leaving an appointment one day he claims that Dr approached him,followed him into an elevator and taunted him saying that he was right but no one would ever believe him! My brother also told a psyche that he had been abducted on several occasions throughout his childhood and even more so recently as an adult. He said that most of the time it was by alien beings but sometimes they had human companions with them and one time it was only humans dressed in black suits (men in black) and that he had been subjected to experiments and memory erasing and other weird stuff. He said they were trying to brainwash and train him to be an agent for some sort of mission and that he would be punished if he didn’t co operate or if he rejected the mission. He also said that he was really over 80 yrs old due to some process from space/time travel he had been subject to while abducted by aliens over the years and that they took him to another solar system where many different races of beings co existed and that a human government agency was there as well. He claimed to have lived there off n on for what seemed months or a year at a time and for at least 20 consecutive years at one time while being trained and that he learned psychic/telepathic abilities as part of the training, and that when he was returned to earth not more than a day or two had passed in our time.

All this was written off as delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic of course and he was heavily medicated with drugs like Lithium and Thorazine. Keep in mind that this is a mere synopsis of his story and the documentation I read of his psyche sessions went into deeper detail of his “experiences” and were really wild. Like I said in the beginning he wasn’t the smartest kid in class and hated reading. He never showed much interest in sci fi TV yet he seemed to have a great “imagination” of scientific capabilities and technologies. I find it hard to believe that he could just make this stuff up and when I did research a few years back I remember coming across a site with thousands of dedicated members who have all either experienced similar situations or have family members with similar stories. Some are extremely identical to my brothers story and a lot of them ended with the person being facilitated in a mental ward or prison. Some for many more years and some for life.

I myself am now a born again Christian and find some of the claims from my brother to be beyond Christian reasoning and can only blame demonic forces without stepping further outside my faith. Maybe he’s not lying and demons along with human assistance have made him believe this stuff or some of it may be based in truth if these Illuminatists really can travel to other dimensions in time/space but I’m not sure what to make of it. All I know is that he cant be just making this stuff up simply cuz he is nuts and thousands of other people are nuts as well with same story.

To add my own experience with the unknown, I have dealt with a condition called sleep paralysis my entire life with earliest memory of it occurring around 3 yrs old. I wake up frozen but can see and hear yet cannot speak or move. According to study everyone has experienced this at least once in their life but some people have it recurring often like I do. A lot of times especially as a kid I would see people, dark shadows in my room and hear lots of voices speaking to each other. Now combining this with my brothers stories and the fact that I shared a room with him for most of our childhood, I wonder if there is any connection? I myself dabbled with LSD and other hallucinogens as an adult and came to some crazy places in my trips and even spoke with Lucifer for a few hours on one occasion but that’s a whole other story of its own. Some of those experiences showed me things and I can see connections to a lot of things in this world I otherwise would have never believed in.

Of course the average professional would say I’m crazy as well and have done drugs, my brother is clinically insane and my mom was an emotionally distressed mother who had trouble dealing with her child’s unfortunate disabilities. That’s what they get trained and paid to say.

I warned you this would be long so sorry for the length of it. God bless! “

Comment at VC:  What did you talk about with him?

Reply: “I didnt talk about much really til I realized who he actually was and started to disagree with him and deny his offers…. remember this was an ACID trip so a lot of it had to do with feelings of intuition and visuals as well.

You see I made the all too common mistake of getting “stuck” in the bathroom while on my acid trip and staring at my reflection for way too long…. I became aware that my reflection was someone other than me and this person appeared very charming even beautiful you might say without sounding homoerotic, cuz it was a man but something about him made me want to know more about why he was now in my place as my reflection.

I noticed the background had changed behind him and was no longer my bathroom but a serene garden scene (Eden maybe?) and everything felt calm and peaceful about the place…..

He began to speak to me in a language I never heard before yet I somehow understood (Latin? Sumerian maybe? who knows?) and was telling me the most inner secrets of my own life and he mentioned how he’d been involved in it since the beginning, I then got a third person visual of myself as a baby, and more fast visuals of myself growing older all viewed in pieces of my childhood. He said I was special to him for many reasons one being my intelligence and more so my inherit ability of intuition and sense of feelings for people and my surroundings. He then used less than desirable moments of my life to sympathize me and I had visuals of these times as well….mostly of the dejection of a father figure, he showed me how my biological father didnt stick around or care about me, how my step father physically punished me to the point of abuse at times and how he abused my mother, and said he too knew all to well how it felt to be rejected and tossed aside by his father. He then demonstrated to me how my intelligence seemed to get me into trouble at times in school & such and how being a smart ass was looked down upon by my teachers and how fellow students detested my capabilities to advance in subjects quicker than them. How I was often right when others didn’t agree and that he too felt right but someone above him didn’t want him to be right.

Keep in mind up til this point I almost thought I was conversing with Jesus Christ himself….although not saved I was raised in a supposedly Christian setting and knew a lot of the bible. As his sympathies of my life grew more and more relative however I started to put the pieces together and realized who this really was I was facing. At the moment I thought the names Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub & such I seen a look on his face and he held his composure for a moment longer while waiting for my reaction I guess. I almost panicked but didn’t for some reason and fell into his trance again. He admitted to who he was “but thats not so bad now is it? Im not so evil as they say right?” and then he showed me some really sinister stuff that praise be to God I didnt agree with cuz had I been someone else I might of fell for.

He showed me a “future” in many degrees, he showed me my possible future and how successful I could be as a leader, a conqueror of sorts on the earth. How people would love me and want to be with me and around me. How I wouldnt ever want or need anything again in material matters for it would all be mine for the taking at my will. He then showed me how this would be and I noticed my future self surrounded by dark shadows, demons who protected me and obeyed my command. How anyone against me would fall quickly and fatefully. Then he showed my death, a funeral with thousands of people celebrating, crying, marveling at my life on earth. And then showed me rise from my grave to stand next to him as he handed me a sword and some armor and sent me in to battle with thousands of demons behind me, a background of fire raining from the sky and engulfing all that was there…..

And thats when I screamed at him and told him to get the eff out of my life this instant and leave me the hell alone cuz I didnt want any part of it. My cousin who was also trippig on acid came to the door and started whispering to me loudly for me to calm down and threatened to kick my ass if I didnt shut up cuz i was gonna wake up his mom. Thats when my reflection turned normal again and I realized where I was. I tried to open the door but it wouldnt for some reason. I kept unlocking it and locking it but nothing would work. My cousin was getting angrier and trying to not yell but he couldnt help but yell now. I heard an evil laugh echo around me and looked at the mirror and Lucifer was back although not so pretty this time and was in his angel form with wings and all. The bathroom got hot and turned orange and yellow like it was on fire. He warned me that it was my last chance or pay the price for denying him. I just shut my eyes and prayed to God that it would stop. And it did for a moment as I looked in the mirror once more he was gone but my own reflection looked strange and it appeared my skin was coming off me and revealing a reptilian/bug like entity underneath. I heard the laugh again. This time I prayed like never before and confessed to God that i was ugly on the inside and I was aware that I need him to change me and to keep me from letting myself become this thing I was seeing. Everything stopped, the door unlocked and opened and my cousin was staring at me like he seen a ghost.

A few more things happened that morning before the LSD wore off but bottom line is I havent done acid since!!!!!! I didnt come to God right away either I continued in sin and some things happened in my life after that I know Satan was still trying to bring me to him and he almost succeeded a few more times (I was heavily involved in the Northern California Underground Rap Music Scene as an artist and producer by the name of CcytzO and had many opportunities and met lots of well known people that I should of gone somewhere with it all) but I got the hell out of Cali and moved to Arizona and finally gave myself to Jesus in 08 and as of last year truly changed my life around to serve the Lord and now I understand things from a whole new perspective….hence the name New Creation! “

Comment at VC:  “Well this doesn’t surprise me at all but i don’t find this just as a mind control thing. From what i know of the truth this is an example of a person being demon possessed. Now plp can be demon possessed in many ways and one way is when a person summons a demon from hell which is what happened in Candy’s case. When she went to her meeting with the man she had noooo idea what he deals with or the things he does tor what he was going to do it to her when she accepted the job. So that person or as plp would like to say her “other personality” was a demon actually. This is why when her demon would awake in her to do the jobs required, Candy would not remember anything cause it’s as if her spirit was put to sleep. So yes plp mind control exists but it’s the demons who are the ones controlling the plp . Of course there are plp who don’t believe in these things such as psychiatrists and other plp who don’t believe in demons or know about such things existing. But they do exist plp and some may say that i am talking craziness but i know what i am talking about and i know the truth. And in the Caribbean which is where i live these plp who deal with demons are known as Obeah women or men. And to say for example I stole your pen and you want to know who stole it, you would go to the Obeah plp and ask them and of course you have to pay them cause it’s a business to them. The Obeah plp would summon a demon and ask the demon who stole it and that demon would say who it is.  Well why does the demon know it is that person?  Because that demon is around when plp do bad things. In fact all demons are around things that do bad things. Cause they encourage the bad things to happen. So just like the police want to catch a drug dealer they have to make a deal with one of the former drug dealers or with an accomplice who is working with that drug dealer. And there are more things to this plp. Demons exist and so does Satan. And God exists and so does his Angels. ”

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