A Call For An Uprising

Published on 10 Jun 2018

drsest (edited)
Why didn’t you include the pic of her and her son dressed in their magical robes? That’s one of the most damning pics on her Instagram. She has “Do you know where your children are?” written on her ceremonial robe, out in plain sight admitting to child trafficking.

Kattila The Hun (edited)
Her father, Dario Argento, was a famous Italian horror/slasher film director and producer back in the 70’s and 80’s (my roommate was a huge fan back then before being saved)..Dario used to cast his own minor daughter Asia in some of them, and had her character play the role fully NUDE. He also used to read her his horror movie scripts as bedtime stories when she was little. What kind of sicko perv does these things with his own daughter?? I would bet anything that she was sexually abused and brought into the occult as a child/teen. Which would help explain how sick, dark & twisted she has turned out to be. I mean, she claims Weinstein raped her in the 90’s, but then she continued on for 5 years after that in a consensual sexual relationship with him..very disturbing..

Virginia Dare
terry turner Weinstein I believe is a literal sacrifice to their dark lord. They get them plumped up successful as they can be, then they pluck one of their own. I’m sure there was some type of ceremony first, to dedicate his fat goy ass to satan.

Transition Point
terry turner Weinstein is a sacrifice. He’s mega-wealthy. He’s taking one “for the team”. He won’t face any real charges. It will be years before he has any real convictions due to litigation… Hollywood was being exposed for being part of a massive trafficking and pedophile network. What we are seeing now is all managed statecraft to diffuse the tension and limit exposure…

Transition Point
Kattila The Hun Wow. Great information. There is a pattern with many of these horror/ slasher directors and producers. I recommend you read the works of David McGowan, especially Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.
I have no conclusive evidence, but these circles usually are involved in drug trafficking, the distribution of child pornography and snuff films. Very dark…
Feel very sorry for her. She must definitely was exposed as a child to the sick, occultic underworld…


Published on 9 Jun 2018

Monday 11 Jun 2018
Anthony Bourdain’s brave daughter, 11, performs tribute show wearing the chef’s special gift
Anthony Bourdain’s brave daughter, 11, performs tribute show wearing the chef’s special gift

10 June 2018
Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade; The Clinton Body Count; and some strange Instagram photos; and even the Obama’s? A week to remember!

Caroline Elise Twitter


ALEX JONES (HOST): I’m here, ladies and gentlemen, covering undoubtedly some of the most dangerous information I’ve ever covered on air. …

Anthony Bourdain, Tony Bourdain is one of the most popular TV hosts in the world. He’s the only successful thing on CNN. He dominated Netflix. He has a little nine-year-old daughter. He just got remarried. And then he dies in a crappy hotel room in Paris, and CNN’s Brian Stelter is the first to tell us that he died of suicide hanging himself.

Now, I knew he’d been critical of Hillary. Said that she shouldn’t have basically defended [Harvey] Weinstein, said it was shameful. I knew he talked about — joked about feeding Trump hemlock. And I thought a lot of these rich, powerful Hollywood folks commit suicide, and maybe he did commit suicide. But I said the fact that he had a lot of powerful enemies, it should at least be investigated, I said that in a tweet.

I got a call from my source who is even willing for me to now say who he is. But he was very emotional and he had already let me in on this a few months ago, and he’s actually even already talked about this on air. But I’m just not going to do that at this point. …

Here’s the bottom line: I was told several months ago that a bunch of other big people were going to start going public. And then, of course, you saw Kanye [West]. And then a few weeks ago, we said that even more big cultural icons, some of the biggest ones in media, some of the biggest people in culture were going to be going public. And so, this morning when I woke up and I had seen that Tony Bourdain had committed suicide supposedly, I went, “What is it about that? What was it in the news?” So I was sitting there, search engining for like an hour, “Well, what was it — why was it [unintelligible] Bourdain?”

And then, all of a sudden, the producer calls me about an hour ago, right after I got off air with you guys and said, “You have got to call this source, he is really upset right now.” And I went, “Oh my gosh, he’s talked about it on air.” Ladies and gentlemen, Bourdain was a powerful cultural figure, and Bourdain had learned about the big awakening that was happening, and he had met with Elon Musk, who he’s already very good friends with, in Morocco, in Marrakesh at a big solar farm, experimental farm, and I’ll just leave it at that. And they had taped an eleven and a half-minute episode of the upcoming TV series that he was wrapping up in Paris. This was two months ago, nobody knows this, and I’m laying these facts out so people understand. He was in Morocco on a big vista at a wind farm, and I’m going to leave it at that, and I’ve talked to folks that were there. In fact, I’ve been authorized to even tell you more. Maybe I just should, but I’m going to stop right there for now.

And Musk and them had a Kanye West event. And Bourdain was planning to basically do a Kanye West, but just about the whole global awakening, everything that was about to happen, and it’s believed that this is a message directly to Elon Musk, who’s been coming out talking about the mainstream media, the globalists, how they’re planning an AI technocracy takeover. So I can tell you, without getting into too much specifics, but I’ve specifically been on the phone with SpaceX and individuals at the center of the Musk operation in the last hour. So, I’m authorized to say that at this point, and I told folks, I said, “We have to go public with part of this, we’re all in danger.” And there’s a lot of stuff behind the scenes, some sabotage and stuff going on as well that we’ve become aware of, even inside of Infowars right now, they’re making big moves right now, ladies and gentlemen. And I want everybody to understand that this is real, this is for all the marbles, and it is just unbelievable. I mean, I’ve got like five, six pages of notes here. …

CNN and the parent company that sold it to him, his company, they’re now looking for pressure from the Zero Point Zero [Productions] company to not release the new series, but to make it a retrospective looking back on Bourdain. All so they do not have to release not just this episode, but once he decided to do this with Elon Musk — this was two months ago, they shot dozens and dozens of other segments — that he then began working in the whole awakening around the world, and Bourdain had decided to go the Kanye West route. That is 100 percent from people there with him, meeting with him, Elon Musk, the whole nine yards. Elon Musk is in complete danger right now. Again, if he hangs himself, it’s murder, ladies and gentlemen. Or if his jet crashes, it’s murder. …

The media will spin it and say — or try to ignore it probably and say, “Oh, Jones claims that Musk was murdered, oh look here’s Jones again” — not Musk, “Jones will say that Tony has been murdered, Bourdain.” This is how they operate, and it is just insane to be here at this moment. My wife just walked in here. Honey, I just got contact from SpaceX, just talked to them all on the phone. They definitely killed Tony Bourdain. That’s what they think, it’s a message to Musk. He’s going to go public, just like Kanye West.